Another Incredible Bipolar Success Story


How’s it going? Yesterday I spoke with a person
that is yet another incredible bipolar success
story. This person actually started on my list
a long time ago. Way back when I first started.

Sometimes I forget there are actually people
who have actually been on my list for a long,
long time.

Anyway, this person started on my list and wasn’t
stable. He didn’t really have any supporters
because he had made them all mad. He said that
basically he started getting my f.ree mini course
which he told me kind of was a little “messed
up” because at one point I had to delete it all
and put new messages in and when I did that,
for many people it was out of sequence.

NOTE-When I first started this, I didn’t even
know how big it would get. Pascale actually helped
me and we put some stuff together and then we realized
that he had a lot more stuff to add to the bipolar
mini course. So when we went to add more material,
we realized we had to delete what he had already.
But then people missed a bunch of messages but
there was nothing I could do. It was a mess.
But eventually it all worked right.

Anyway, this person read over my mini courses
but couldn’t afford to get my course. He said
that although I didn’t send daily tips
I had a lot of great information he never saw
anywhere else.

He said one of the best things he did was try
to find a doctor that was good. He said that
he got ideas on what to ask the doctor and that
some doctors were bad. He eventually found one
and was totally honest with the doctor about
how he wasn’t doing well, his suicidal thoughts,
his violent thoughts and the fact he USE to not
take his bipolar medication right.

But he told the doctor he would follow his orders.
He said that they tried a bunch of stuff and
he didn’t feel really right but eventually after
many months he became stable.

He said that eventually he saved up and got
my bipolar survivor course which was it’s name
back then and now it’s the bipolar success course

He told me it was rather odd that when he was
at support group meetings that he never really
met any people doing well.

I don’t find that odd myself, I find that the norm.
Unfortunately at support groups, they attract the people
generally doing the worst. It’s sad but true. I volunteer
at a ton so I should know. I think the reason is,
the people doing well with bipolar disorder are busy
with their lives and they don’t “give back” and go
to the support groups. The supporters who’s loved ones
are doing well don’t give back either and the only
show up when their problems.

So generally the room is filled with lots of people
who have problems. It can kind of get discouraging.

If you ever think, “Are there any successful people
with bipolar disorder or caregivers?” The answers is
YES! There are lots of them but they don’t advertise
themselves. The most successfully you know may have
bipolar disorder. The thing is, if you have bipolar
disorder and you are a success, you are stable and
don’t look like you have bipolar disorder.

Anyway, I wanted to make this point about bipolar
support groups.

They guy did tell me in the survivor course, that
the bipolar success interviews really gave him
hope as to how well he could do.

I was really excited because that was the reason
I put them in there in the first place. I wanted
people to hear what success people with bipolar disorder
sound like and what they do. I knew for the average
person it’s almost impossible to meet successful people
with bipolar disorder.

Most people don’t have the time or money to go out
and find them.

Anyway, I was really happy that this person was doing
well and most importantly has been doing well. I hate
the I am doing well for a month but then I stop doing
everything I am suppose to and start doing poorly
stories. That really depresses me.




So in summary with this bipolar success story:

-He took action to become stable
-He made a decision to become stable
-He found a good doctor
-He was totally honest with his doctor
-He was patient with the bipolar medication to work
-He trusted his doctor
-He got information on how to manage his bipolar disorder
-He continues to invest in himself by getting more information
on bipolar disorder and paying for doctor, therapy and medication.
-He has a positive attitude

Those are the key things I pulled out of the talk with him.
I know that lots of people on my list are kind of down
because either themselves of their loved ones aren’t doing
well. BUT, there is hope. On my list there are thousands
of people doing well. I try to point out these stories
so you can learn from them.

Well I have to take off. Catch you tomorrow.


Your Friend,


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More on therapy and bipolar disorder


Yesterday I wrote an email about therapy and
bipolar disorder. I wanted to follow it
up with a few quick things.

I think the reason why therapy does so
well with bipolar disorder is because
it helps a person think properly about
the disorder.

A good therapist can help someone
with bipolar disorder:

Accept his/her illness
Not feel ashamed of it
Understand what thoughts are “bipolar” thoughts
versus real thoughts
Help a person realize they need to stay on medication
Help a person realize how hurtful the illness is to
people around
and many other things but that’s a “short” list.

Before 2004, my mom never really went to therapy.
After she went into the big episode, I decided
that therapy was super important for her. I figured
this out because as I was trying to make a plan
to help her, I went to lots of meetings, found many
people with bipolar disorder, read tons of books, guide,
manuals, spoke with many doctors and experts in the field
and they all brought up therapy.

Once I saw that it was important, I strongly encouraged
my mom to go. My dad on the other hand was more difficult.
He had to pay for some of the costs and he felt that
therapy was an “expense” and that it was just sitting
around and paying someone to talk to you. Which isn’t
what it is but that’s what he thought.

So my mom started going and it helped for sure. It
changed the way she thought and it appeared to me,
that my mom had less ups and downs randmoly
throughout the week because of therapy.

Now at one point in the last couple of years, for
some reason, my mom decided to stop going to therapy
for about 6 months. She didn’t tell anyone. It was
when she was undoing all the things that I did to
help her with her bipolar disorder.

As a result my mom ALMOST went into another
huge episode but I caught it. If you got
my Course Avoiding The Bipolar Doomsday
Scenario, at:

That’s what the course is all about.

Anyway, after this event my dad changed his
mind about therapy and thought of it as an
investment not an expense. You can save money
on stuff with bipolar disorder but you wind
up paying 10 times more later. For example,
obviously therapy has a cost associated to
it even if you have insurance. BUT, this cost
actually is an investment that saves you money.

Many people simply don’t get this concept.

Through out my courses/systems at:




Success story after success story talks
about the important of therapy. I HIGHLY
recommend that you consider it with bipolar
disorder. AND, even if you are a supporter,
many people advocate going to therapy as
a supporter so it’s not just for the person
with bipolar disorder.

Well I have to take off for the day. Have a
great day and I will catch you tomorrow.

Your Friend,


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The Key Bipolar Secret Underrated

The Key Bipolar Secret Underrated


How’s it going today. I got up super late today. I
have no idea. But it’s Sunday so I guess I am allowed
to get up late.

Anyway, I have to really make this quick because I am
going on a 9.8 mile hike today in the Delaware Water

Anyway let’s jump into today’s important bipolar
disorder lesson.

Last night I was interviewing a person by the
name of Bob. Oh yes, you might be thinking
it’s sad that I am a) working on a Saturday night
and b) interviewing people on a Saturday night.
I guess it’s kind of sad but it’s for a good
cause :).

Okay so Bob had about 10 years of really difficult
struggle trying to get stable with bipolar disorder.
Eventually after 8 to 10 years and 6 different doctors,
he found on that helped him get on the right Bipolar
medication which led to him being stable now for

During the interviewing Bob was faced with numerous
challenges like having an alcoholic dad, a mother
that didn’t know what was wrong with him, teachers
that didn’t know what was wrong with him, a drinking
problem himself, a drug problem himself, violent
thoughts, suicidal thoughts, attempts of suicide,
and doctors that fell asleep while he was talking
to them, one doctor that basically said he was a
lost cause and there was no hope, a doctor that
just didn’t care at all or really help and many
other major difficulties.

The thing is, Bob was his own supporter. Unlike
many people on my list with bipolar disorder,
bob didn’t have a wife or kids that were trying
to help him. I must say, this is the first interview
of it’s kind that I have done.

Most people with bipolar disorder have supporters
of some kind. Now they may have alienated them
but they had or kind of have them. Bob on the
other hand didn’t have any one really.


I was really amazed at Bob. I must say,
I was thinking, “With everything that
Bob had going against him, he should
have been dead.”

I have heard of many people who had far less
going against them and they had wound up
dying in some way. These of course are people
with bipolar disorder that were not stable.

So I was thinking, “What made the difference
with Bob? Why did Bob hang in there until
he found a doctor to help him become stable????”

I was waiting to get the answer during our interview
and then……

IT CAME!!!!!!

Bob finally said the key or the secret. Guess what
it was??????? First take a guess and see if you
can guess it and then scroll down for the
right answer….

DON’T CHEAT 🙂 Guess then scroll


That’s right it was therapy. Even though
Bob didn’t have the great doctor when he
got on his journey to stability, he did
go to therapy and did involve himself
in the church which gave him a kind of
therapy. He did a lot of therapeutic

That was the key for Bob. So Bob had
enough therapy that when he was faced
with difficulties he could work through
it so he could eventually get to the
right doctor.

I was really excited and then I was thinking
“Hey I need to email you guys to let you know
this.” Why? Well because therapy is really
underrated. I am not sure why.

Many people that are dumb or “meat heads” in weight
lifting talk, think therapy is for woman, wimps
or weak people. This is NOT true.

NOTE-“meat heads” is a term used in weight lifting
and football. It’s big rather dumb people who
talk in simple terms and define everything in
terms of it’s level of masculinity/strength. For example,
the “meat head” says to the person with a good
job, family and career, “Dude I am stronger than
you.” To the meat head, therapy is for woman
or weak men. But the meat head doesn’t get
far in life :).

Anyway, I interviewed Bill a couple of weeks ago.
Bill is like 6′ 5” 270, multiple black belts and
he can kill a person with probably one finger but he doesn’t because
he is a really nice guy. BUT he could if he
had to defend himself. Anyway Bill is a “man”
and he said the key with his stability was therapy.

I am not sure why therapy is not talked about a lot.
Now don’t get me wrong medication is super important
but I believe therapy is as well.

Everyone that I interview with bipolar disorder
in my courses/systems that does well goes to therapy.




Many supporters go to therapy as well and it helps
them become better supporters. I am not sure why
therapy is not talked about more often. BUT,
I will say therapy runs through 95% if not
more of the bipolar success stories that I

Hey I have to take off now. I have to get
ready for my hike. Tomorrow I will write more
on this subject.

DO ME A FAVOR. If you have great results
with therapy write a story at the link below.
Let’s try to “sell” more people on therapy
so we can help lots of people.

Your Friend,


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Bipolar Lesson Learned From Energy Drink That Made Me VERY Sleepy


It’s 8:39am and I am really tired. I have to head
over to the gym shortly. Unfortunately yesterday
was sick half the night because of “some”
natural energy drink that I had.

I drank it at 4:15pm and within an hour
I was sick. I felt terrible. I actually
had zero energy at all and felt like
I couldn’t do a thing.

I am writing you today an important message
about natural stuff and bipolar disorder.

Many people want either themselves or
their loved ones to use natural supplements.

You might know this about me or you might
not, buy I do take a lot of supplements. I
take really good ones that have been carefully
picked over the years. Occasionally someone
persuades me to try something new. Most times
it’s garbage. I do try a number of new protein
and meal replacement shakes however.

But yesterday’s product was terrible and it
got me to thinking about all the emails
that I get from people who have
bipolar disorder and:

took a natural supplement and it interfered
with their medicine and they went into an

took a natural supplement and it made them
sick because of the ingredients it had in it
and eventually led to them having a bipolar

took a natural supplement and it did nothing
for them at all.

There’s a ton of junk out there. Most supplements
are NO good. They are total junk. I know the
supplement industry VERY well. You would laugh
if you saw some of the owners of these companies
they are the OPPOSITE of health. They smoke.
They are way over weight. They aren’t healthy.
They come up with a product and they think
they can make a lot of money.

There are a few owners that are in great shape
and really put science into what they are selling.
You have to make sure they these are the companies
you are buying from.


There’s a big warning when it comes to supplements.
If you have bipolar disorder, you ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY
MUST talk to your doctor FIRST, that’s FIRST before
you take them.

Supplements of any kind can interfere with your bipolar
disorder medication. They absolutely can. No question
about it. Even if they are “natural.” Many scam companies
have ingredients that are even natural in them like
aspartame. Take a look at the back of many supplements
and you will find an ingredient that many people across
the world say is a REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, bad for human
beings. I personally agree and stay far away from aspartame.

Anyway, after I took the energy drink, it reminded me
that there could be many people on my list that have
bipolar disorder taking drinks or different supplements
and not running it past their doctor first. That’s a
big mistake and I wanted to issue a warning.

In today’s day and age, most doctors are into supplements
and won’t freak out if you take them. My mom’s doctor
has recommended that she take certain supplements as well
in addition to her medication.

NOTE: Let me be clear since we are taking about supplements
and medication. I am NOT and I repeat I am NOT a doctor
or even a lawyer, therapist, or professional. This is just
my opinions. You should formulate your own opinions and
carefully research what I say and check with either your
loved ones bipolar doctor or your doctor for bipolar disorder.
I just want you to be clear so I don’t mislead you.

Anyway, supplements and herbs are serious things. Be careful
with them. I took something natural yesterday at 4:15 or so.
Within an hour I had NO energy, I felt week, I could barely
walk myself out of the gym. I had to lay on the couch. I had
to cancel my meetings that evening. It was bad. I didn’t sleep
well all night and started feeling better about 7:00am.

My friends who called to check up on me were laughing saying
that I was a freak because I took an energy drink and it made
me tired. But I really have no idea what it was. I am going
to have my doctor friend look into the ingredients. BUT
I must add one thing. It could have been a fluke thing because
maybe I caught some 24 virus the same time I took the product.
I am not sure but I am not taking it again.

If you listen to any of the interviews that I have done
in my courses, you hear time and time again how people
made mistakes themselves or with their loved ones with
bipolar disorder when they started adding natural thigns
into treatment and not running it past the doctor.




Don’t let this happen to you or your loved one.

I will add one last comment. I know that tons of
people want information on natural treatments/
supplements/herbs and bipolar disorder. I actually
have a resource on this.
Take a look at it if you want at:

Hey it’s 9:15am and I have to take off to go to
the gym.

Have a great day. Catch you tomorrow.

Your Friend,


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Current Bipolar News


Here is the current Bipolar Disorder news. There
is some really interesting stuff. It costs me a lot
of money to put it together so I URGE you to read

Take some time now.


There’s some really interesting news stories this week.
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Your Friend,


Don’t Make This Mistake With Bipolar Treatment


How’s it going? Last night was volunteering at a group
that supports those with mental illness. When I was
there, I noticed there were a whole lot of people
off track. Even though I know that support groups
generally attract those that are least functioning
with bipolar disorder and those supporters who
are having a hard time, it’s always a harsh reality
to see it up close and live.

I felt bad for a number of people there because
they were suffering. Some were way off track.
One of the situations I saw there that stands
out in my head this morning was the huge mistake
people seem to make with treatment. I call it
treatment jumping.

What the heck is treatment jumping you might
be asking. Well here is what it is. It’s
when you or your loved one with bipolar disorder
gets on one treatment plan and then you jump
to another treatment plan WITHOUT following
instructions from a doctor. You wind up making
your own decisions because you “feel” it’s the
best thing to do.

The bottom line is that you have to give any
doctor time to figure out what to do and how
to do it. You can’t expect any doctor to come
up with the right combination of bipolar medication
in a few days or few weeks.


Now there is a balance between you right to get a
new doctor and request new treatment if it’s not
working. I realize that. BUT, many people simply
start one treatment. Then stop. Then jump to
something else like herbs or something. Then
they go to a different doctor. Then jump to
another doctor with giving him/her time
to find the right combination of medication and/or
other things. Then a person jumps to something
else and eventually months turn into years and
a whole lot of time is wasted.

There were MANY treatment jumpers in the room
last night. And it wasn’t just the people with
bipolar disorder. Many supporters were encouraging
loved ones to jump treatment. I spoke to one woman
who said, “We have been to 8 doctors in the last
year.” I said, “really? that’s a ton.”

She said to me, “None of them know what they
are doing.” I informed her how it took my mom’s
doctor who is great several months to get my mom
ALMOST stable. I went on to say if you have been
to 8 doctors in 12 months that’s 1.5 months
each doctor has to help your loved one. That’s
not enough time at all and doesn’t make any

I then said, that the person should spend time
to find ONE highly qualified doctor and realize
it’s going to take many months to figure out
the right combination of medication. I said
how you have to give it time and if you jump
from treatment plan to treatment plan it just
delays things because each doctor has to start
over and learn about the patient and that takes

The person got mad at me and walked away because
I wasn’t telling her what she wanted to hear.
Hmm. But she wasn’t the only one, there were many
others that all were supporting, encouraging or
actually personally treatment jumping. This is a
HUGE mistake I see people make time and time again.
I think it’s because people don’t realize that it
takes time to develop the right treatment plan.

I took my mom about a solid year to get stable.
If you got any of my courses at:




You’ll notice I have a cd called “My mom’s story.”
This cd goes over from a to z how long it took
my mom to get stable. I included that cd because
I wanted people to get an idea of how long it
would take for stability to be gained after a major
bipolar disorder episode. I noticed that when I was
supporting my mom, NOBODY would give me an idea
of how long it would take. Without knowing I started
to think things were going badly after only 2 months
but then I just decided we must be on the right track.
I am glad that I did. If we started treatment jumping,
my mom probably wouldn’t be stable today.

Well, I have to head to work. Have a great day.

Your Friend,


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The most deadly thing with bipolar disorder


How’s it going? Yesterday I have an absolute
NIGHTMARE and I mean NIGHTMARE experience.
The entire experience made me realize how
fortunate we (you and I) are with our
situation of knowledge. I will explain

You might now know but I own several businesses.
In one of my businesses I got word from customer
service that there was a customer who was
yelling, screaming, threatening, and saying
“crazy things.” The person threatened all sorts
of things. My customer service said, and this
was several people, they have never seen anything
like this ever.

They said the person must be “out of their minds.”
Normally with this business, I don’t get involved
in customer service issues but I was told this
was an extreme case because the customer was doing
so many strange things and was saying that
they were going to tell other people.

Well I read the emails from the person. There was
like 30. Some were sent 5 times each. The emails
made no sense at all. They accused me and my company
of all kinds of things. Then in the same
email we were said to be great people.

It then made demands of money. Then there were demands
for me to call right away.
I figured that I might as well call the person and
see if I could work something out so they would go
away. Far away.

I called. It was incredible. First I called about 3 times
with 3 hours in between each call. I then got a call
back on my cell phone. I gave my cell phone out so
I could resolve it. That really wasn’t a smart move.

The person called back right as I was getting a report
from my mom on how her doctor thought she was doing.
I asked the person if I could call her back in 5
minutes. In a kind voice the person said, “oh absolutely.
The person was so nice I thought this was going to be
an easy call when I called back. Boy was I wrong.

I called back. I said one thing and the person freaked out
on me. The person yelled, made threats, accused me of
many things. Accused my company of many things. The person
then started attacking (NOTE I have no connection
to, she then attacked doctors, the UPS, etc.

It was totally crazy.

Basically the person wanted F.REE products because
we owed them and lots of them? Huh? We are in
the business of giving away F.REE products?

For over one hour I tried to explain it doesn’t
work this way.

As I was listening to a person rant and rave at me. I was
thinking, this person OBVIOUSLY HAS A MENTAL ILLNESS. Period.
You just don’t act like this. He was one mean person.

Then I thought how fortunate we are that we know about
mental illness. If you are on my list, you have some
idea that either you or a loved one may or has bipolar
disorder. I think this is great news. What’s bad news
is NOT knowing.

Imagine for years, I didn’t know what my mom had. FOR
YEARS! I just thought it was normal. I am not talking
about a couple of years, I am talking like 20 years.

So when I was dealing with the difficult customer
yesterday I was thinking, “What in the world is it
like for his wife or kids if he has a wife and kids.”
A total nightmare for them probably. This person
was clearly either undiagnosed with something or
many things and was NOT and I repeat NOT being
treated right.

I am NOT a doctor and can’t diagnose people but
I can have an opinion. In my head I was thinking
that based on how this person wrote and spoke
there’s no question he was paranoid, delusional,
and had scattered thoughts.

It was the strangest thing that I had ever had
to deal with. Then I was thinking, how scary it
is with all the people in the world that are UNDIAGNOSED
with bipolar disorder. So they have it but they don’t know
they have it yet. These people wind up doing horrible
things and saying horrible things.

I know you are going to think I am crazy. But I will say
you should be happy that you at least knew enough about
bipolar disorder to find me and other sources. Imagine
what life would be like if you didn’t know at all. You
just thought either your personal feelings if you had
bipolar disorder were normal or your loved one’s actions
were normal and you didn’t know there was anything
like bipolar disorder.




So in my opinion, the most deadly
thing about bipolar disorder is NOT
knowing about it at all.


I really would like you to post a story
about what it was like to not know about
bipolar disorder at all versus now
knowing about it.

I have to run. I will write you tomorrow.

Your Friend,


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Do you have these kinds of bipolar disorder problems?


How’s it going? Today I am going to share
with you a really important lesson when
dealing with bipolar disorder whether
you have it or you are supporting someone
with it.

I have been talking about how I have
been moving for a while now. Well the move
didn’t go so well.

-No hot water
-No air condition
-Broken shower
-Cable setup wrong
-Phone number setup wrong
-Utilities setup wrong
-Lost furniture
-Broken furniture
-Lost clothes
-Lost papers
-Cable guy almost fought the hot water fixing person
and many other issues

The list of problems that I had was really long.
Now what did I do? Well I made a list of each problem
and then I prioritized and worked on as many as I could
starting from the top.

I learned this technique from helping my mom. When I
first started helping my mom, there were so many
problems I seriously didn’t even know where to
start. Untreated or not treated well bipolar
disorder leads to a long list of problems.
Problems like:


and in some cases but NOT with my mom


When you have “bipolar disorder” problems, you just
have to list them and then work on them one
by one. There is NO way to have them all fixed
in a day or two. If someone tells you that,
they are lying to you.

Just like me with moving. There was no way that
I could get everything fixed right away. There is no way
at all. It just wouldn’t work. It really gets annoying
however when you have a bunch of things that are
broken, not going right etc.

BUT hang in there, things will get better as long
as you keep working away at it. EVERY SINGLE
person that I interviewed that either had bipolar
disorder, was supporting an adult, child or teen
had lots of problems to deal with. This is TOTALLY




I get a lot of people asking me if their
situation is normal. When I hear their story
or visit them in person, I find that 99% of
the time, even the worst situations are totally
normal for bipolar disorder. People are often
amazed that I can almost finish their story
without ever have spoken to them before. How
do I do it? Because the course of untreated or
incorrectly treated bipolar disorder runs the
same for most people. All the bad things are
the same.

Anyway, I wanted to point this out so the thousands
of people on my list that are faced with difficulties
sometimes seemingly insurmountable, won’t give up
hope and they will realize that there are tens of thousands
of people on my list who are experiencing the same thing
and there are thousands that have worked through all
the problems and now are at great place–this is where
I am with my mom.

I have to take off now. Have a great day.

Your Friend,


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Amazing Bipolar Lesson To Be Learned From Me Taking A Shower


How’s it going? I hope you are doing well.
I have an absolutely incredible bipolar
disorder lesson to share with you and
it’s all based on me taking a shower
in my new place that I moved into.

Here’s the story. Okay I have
been moving for about the time we have
been in Iraq. Just kidding. It’s taken
me several weeks. I’ve had a number
of problems and obstacles but I am almost
all moved in ready to go.

Last week, I noticed that the hot water
did not work at all. It’s impossible
to take a totally cold shower so I had
to get it fixed.

So it’s fixed now. So yesterday I get ready
to take my first shower (NOTE I was still
taking a shower at the first place I lived
so I wasn’t not taking a shower for weeks :))

Okay so I get into the shower. And guess what?
Well I tried to adjust the water just and turned
the knob a little and OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! It
was SUPER HOT. I swear it burned my skin off.
I jumped back and almost hit my head and fell
down I almost had to dive out of the shower it
was so hot. I mean SUPER HOT. And the water pressure
was like that of a fire hose. Not that I know what
it feels like to get hit with water from a fire hose
but that’s what I would imagine.

So then I reached with my arm and adjusted a little
bit to turn it colder. Guess what? OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!
It was FREEZING. I mean like ice water. I thought
I was going to have a heart attack. So then I got
out of the shower almost killing myself in the process
because it was wet and I was like jumping out of
the shower for my life.


Okay so then I was like, “What the heck, I just
need to stay OUTSIDE the shower and get the water
right.” I used my hand to test the water and figured
if it burned off my hand or froze it solid, that
was just one limb not my entire body.

I noticed an amazing thing. The slightest dial of
the shower made the water super hot or super cold.
It was odd. But eventually I got it just right. I
have no idea if the thing is right. It seems overly
sensistive if you ask me. I have to call the
guy and ask him.

BUT, here’s the deal. This all made me think of
what my mom’s doctor has told me in the past
and what many of the people in the interviews have
told me. The slighest change in medication can
make all the difference.

Many people think incorrectly that in order to help
themselves or someone with bipolar disorder
get stable you need HUGE giant amounts of bipolar medication
or if a person is not doing well a MAJOR GIGANTIC
change is necessary.

NOTE: I am NOT a doctor, therapist, financial advisor,
insurance agent, professional anything. This is just
based on my own person expereince with my mom and dozens
of people I know and work for me.

BUT everyone reports that slight changes to bipolar medication
can make a huge difference. This means a few things
if you ask me. First you have to get a good doctor
that knows what the heck he/she is doing so the slight change
can be done correctly. You can’t adjust your bipolar medication
or your loved one’s medication yourself. You need to
be working with someone who is trained and qualified.

For some reason the shower really reminded me of this.
My dad is kind of stuck in the thinking that if my
mom isn’t doing well, a huge change is required and
this isn’t the case. If you have bipolar disorder
and you aren’t doing well and don’t want to go to
the doctor because you fear you might have to take
a ton of medication, you might be surprised
with what it will take to get you just right. So
do yourself a favor and head on over to the doctor
and work with him/her to get your medication
just right.




Also I would like to add another point. Bipolar medication
can be tweaked or fine tuned by a qualified doctor BUT
only if the doctor knows there is a problem with the current
medication not working right. Many people with bipolar
disorder or those who are caregivers want the doctors
to be caregivers.

Well I have to take off for the day. I hope my funny
story of me screaming in the shower helps you remember
about bipolar medication.

Have a great day.

Your Friend,


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Do You Remember This Good Thing About Bipolar Disorder?


How’s it going? Hope you are doing well. Well
I am almost moved in to my new place. Seems like
it’s taken months but it’s only been about three
weeks. For all those that ask why the heck
it’s taken me three weeks to move, it’s
because a) I am not good at moving b)
moving is hard and c) I only really moved on
the weekends.

Anyway, with that said, I want to talk
about something really important. I get
tons and tons of complaints about
bipolar disorder and how bad it is. Supporters
say it’s a nightmare. People with it say
it’s the worst thing ever. When I bring
up the good thing about bipolar disorder
people think I am crazy.

Right now, I want you to ask yourself,
“What’s good about bipolar disorder?”

Think of something right now and then
I will tell you my answer.

Think of something and then scroll down


Did you think of something?


Okay here is the good thing about bipolar
disorder that many people forget. It’s manageable
and it’s not fatal like many diseases. For example,
let’s look at my old accountant. One day he had a cough.
That was on a Friday. He went into the hospital.
We had a Monday meeting. He didn’t show up. Actually
I never saw him ever again. He went into the hospital
and died of cancer.

Another story. A friend of mine. Father goes into
the hospital. Has cancer. Dies with a few months.
Mother now has cancer. They say there is nothing
they can do. It’s really sad.

As hard as bipolar disorder is, remember people
can have normal lives if they manage it correctly
and follow a system. There are lots of people who
follow a system and have a great life. Bipolar
Disorder is NOT fatal. People can die from
Suicide but that’s because they don’t follow
a good system.

Think of cancer. Some die no matter what they
do. It’s really unfair with cancer and other illnesses
but with bipolar there are many things that can
be done. I have found time and time again the people
who struggle do not understand the bipolar stability
equation that I have spoken about many times.

The bottom line is, I wanted to remind you
that although bipolar disorder can be a nightmare,
it can be managed. There is no cure. BUT, people
can have a totally normal life with it. I see
this with my mom and the many people who work
for me now with bipolar disorder.

I noticed in all my success interviews in my
various courses I have, people always remember
that bipolar disorder can be managed. That
gives people hope. It must be tough to deal
with illnesses where there is no cure, no
management and no real hope. That’s is NOT
Bipolar Disorder.




When you are annoyed about bipolar disorder
whether you have it or your loved one has
it, always remember this important point.
There are other good things that illness
brings like: intelligence, creativity,

Well I have to run. Have a great day.


Your Friend,


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