I need some help

Today I got a rather disturbing email from someone saying that somewhere on my site was pointing to a specific product that is sold for people with bipolar that is no good. I don’t want to mention it’s name but I HATE this product. I have banned all ads of this product on my site.

If you haven’t noticed, I have google ads on my site. Google.com is a search engine and you can list ads on your site to make some extra money. I do this to help support my site so I don’t go broke.

Sometimes these people, who I think are con artists, slip ads for this product through and my team catches them and bans the offending ads. If you EVER see something wrong, email me or better yet, call me on the phone and I will look into it ASAP.

Anyway, someone wrote me today about how this ad was somewhere on my site I am pointing to this product. I have no idea where. I have 800 pages on my site.

This person wrote me:

“Over a year ago I thought you were sincere and for real. Now, I think you’re an undiagnosed manic depressive person with a grandiose idea to make money.
Welcome to the club, my man. Now you’re thinking like a manic depressive!!! Rake it in!!”

I have a couple of questions for this person that I have emailed to her as well:

1. Where am I pointing to this site?
2. Why didn’t you call me?
3. Why do you think that I am a “undiagnosed manic depressive person” isn’t that an insult to people who have bipolar? In my mind, it’s like, something bad was done, well let’s call him a manic depressive. Does this mean that bad things are only done by manic depressive people? Of course not! I don’t even have bipolar disorder and this is offensive to me.
4. How am “I thinking like a manic depressive?”

Why do people who have bipolar disorder, love to say that I have it or that when someone does something wrong it’s because they have bipolar?

Sometimes I have stated a point on a subject. Someone has disagreed and then ended the conversation with, you must be bipolar yourself? It’s really strange. I am not sure if this makes people feel better or what?

This make absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

What do you think?


Important update

My mom just told me that her doctor has a new office assistant. My mom really liked her previous office assistant who was very helpful and helped her fill out a lot of paper works he had to fill out for various issues.

My mom is concerned that the new guy might not know what he is doing so she is going to call him with a list of things to go over and to make sure he knows where everything is that goes along with her, and if he knows how to fill out paperwork that that has to be filled out regularly. She is also going to make sure the medical release waiver is still in place for me to talk to her doctor.

I think this is great. I just wanted to pass this along as a good example of being proactive and the fact that you have to stay on top of this stuff.

Great letter to the editor


My friend Nancy wrote this and got it published in her paper. I think it’s good:

May 9, 2005
Letter to the Editor:
There’s something rotten in Denmark. Changes in the Medicaid bill that are set to take place a year from January are going to affect the people who can least afford it—those people with disabilities such as the old and the mentally ill who are dual recipients of both Medicaid and Medicare. Medicaid will no longer pay for their medications. These will be turned over to Medicare, and will include a deductible and a co-payment. Many people on limited income such as Social Security Disability and SSI will not be able to afford this money and therefore will be unable to afford the medicine that keeps them well. This is a huge problem that will cause untold misery for many families, and finally will cost more money to taxpayers because of the disruption in family life that it will cause. People who have previously been able to live on their own and work part-time will not have the medicine that keeps them well. It is lucky that we have built more jails in the state of Texas, because that is where the most of the disabled will end up. This is NOT what a country that boasts of family values is all about! We brag about taking care of our own, but turning people who already are dealing with monumental problems and illness out into the street is not the way to do that. Please write your congressman or congresswoman about this unacceptable situation.

Nancy Fitz-Gerald Viens

Update on credit cards

I just called the company and basically got the run around until I put my foot down. Also, someone in my company did some quick research and found you can call this phone number
and get opted out of credit card offers.

According to the FTC:
“The credit bureaus offer a toll-free number that enables you to “opt-out” of having pre-approved credit offers sent to you for two years. Call 1-888-5-OPTOUT (567-8688) for more information. When you call, you’ll be asked for personal information, including your home telephone number, your name and your Social Security number. The information you provide is confidential and will be used only to process your request to opt out of receiving pre-screened offers of credit. “

My mom called me to tell me she is going to call and I will let you know what happens.


Annoyed At Credit Card Companies

My mom told me today that she got a credit card offer in the mail. She wasn’t going to take it
of course but wanted to let me know that I guess she fell off the no solitication list.

I am really amazed how dumb these card companies are. I spent a whole lot of time, taking my mom off these lists. She wants to be off and doesn’t want any credit cards. Credit cards have cost her dearly. She is currently paying them off but has in the last 5 years paid tens of thousands of dollars in interest and late fees.

I am going to investigate and get back to everyone on how to get off forever or at least for a few years.

One last thing. Before I get messages saying I don’t have the right to take my mom off credit card lists, she wants to be off and asked me to help her get off the lists because she is busy studying for a test she is taking on computer stuff.

Anyway, I am pretty darn effective getting my points across and welcome contacting these dumb companies.

I will pass long what I find as soon as I do.