“What are bipolar people like?”

Yesterday I was out and about. I was talking to someone yesterday and I was telling her that I write a lot on bipolar disorder. She asked what that is and I explained it to her. She said “What are bipolar people like?”

She asked if that is like being crazy. I told her:

People with bipolar are not crazy
Many people have bipolar
Many successful people have bipolar
Bipolar can be controlled and managed
and I went on and on and on.

At the end, she said a good friend of mine has manic depression is that the same thing? I said yes and told her to check out my website www.bipolarcentral.com.

One of the things that I think that is a problem is this. Many times, you only hear people with bipolar associated with maybe some bad things. You don’t get to hear all the good things that people with bipolar do.

I think this is because that the people who have it that do great things, don’t necessarily tell people they have it. For example, I have 2 people that work with me that have bipolar. I have known them for 5 years. They have done TREMENDOUS work. I haven’t ever noticed that had any signs or symptoms. These people are IMPRESSIVE. Anyway, I just found out they have bipolar this past year. I never would have known. So I could have gone through life thinking so and so is great but never knowing she had bipolar disorder.

People ask me all the time, what’s it like to have over 10,000 people with bipolar disorder on a mailing list having your phone number? I tell them, it’s no problem. I have more problems in another business with JUST 40 people having my email and phone number.

The most mean people that I deal with have nothing to do with my websites related to bipolar disorder. They actually work with me in a non related business.

My entire point is this, many people know people with bipolar disorder, there are many success stories, and I think the stigma would be reduced if more people had more information on what bipolar is and isn’t and also knew of many the success stories.


How to ask for help and do I like getting yelled at?

Someone asked me why I do all this. I really like to. I like helping people. Another person
called me today and asked me if I like getting yelled at and insulted. I told this person
that for everyone complaint, I get around 100 testimonials. I think I have only had 25
really mean emails sent. Maybe 26. Many people write one thing one day and then
write back and say they are sorry.

It takes a big person to say sorry. That makes me feel good.

I do however get a lot of emails. Some are a waste.

They are a waste of time for both the people
sending them and for me when I read them.For example, I got one that
said “My husband is driving me crazy. I can’ttake it. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!”

Or another one I got:”My job is making me sick. Help me.”

Here is my problem with these. I understand the genuine distress
behind them, and I sympathize with their pain, but there is nothing
I can do with that kind of “non-information.” If I wanted to help, you
know how much more info I would need to help!I really wish people
would be serious about asking for help.

I am a huge believer in asking for help. It’s the main reason that I
was able to helpmy mom. When she was sick, I asked everyone
for help. I had SPECIFIC questions.I asked the money people specific,
money-related questions. I asked thedoctors specific questions.
I asked the therapists specific questions.

I didn’t say”My life stinks, my mom is sick, help.” When asking questions,
ask specific questions. Don’t just make vague statements and attach the
word help and expect to get it.

I got another email from someone today saying my grammar is terrible and so is my
spellling. I don’t think my spelling is bad thanks for Microsoft. As for my grammar, who

I am really confident that people understand what I am writing. And when it counts, I get
everything edited. I don’t have things like my blog edited.

The Free Seminar My Mom Went To And Who Called Me A Scammer

Yesterday, my mom told me she went to a free seminar on how to sell yourself if you have a mental illness. I was really proud of the fact that my mom went to this seminar. I really believe in continous improvement and learning. I personally attend many seminars and read up to 8 books a week on various subjects.

Anyway, my mom said it was great and gave her some good ideas on how to talk to people about your mental illness and put it in the best possible way. I think this is great. I am going to encourage her to write up an article about it. So far, she hasn’t been writing anything yet because she is really busy working on catching up after being sick for almost 2 years. But she is going slow and not in a rush.

My mom said that at the seminar they talked about how to talk to yourself and that you shouldn’t think of yourself has mentally ill rather having a mental illness. There’s a difference. I have long preached that people have bipolar and are not bipolar. I don’t say bipolar people, bipolar mom or is bipolar. I always personally say, has bipolar, like my mom has bipolar.

For some reason, it’s personally offensive to me when people say a person is bipolar. I could write an entire report as to why this is but the bottom line is that the person is not the illness.

Yesterday morning someone wrote me:

“Dear David, Just some feedback on language of bipolarness. In your Part 8 of your mini course you state, “When you are supporting someone who IS bipolar..” We who HAVE bi-polar ARE NOT bi-polar, we are not our disease, we HAVE this disease. It is not merely a matter of semantics here. When someone has cancer they are not cancer, they have the disease. Same difference when having the disease of bi-polar. I take offense in being labeled bi-polar as being bi-polar. I have the damn disease, I am not the damn disease. Do you understand the difference? I hope this little note can be enlightening to you. Take care.”

SIDE BAR-That’s the first time I used color in my blog. I am a blogging pro now. Ha ha.

I don’t know where that person read is bipolar on my site but it shouldn’t be there. I have required everyone from my programmers, writers, my own mom, printers, web people, researchers, etc. to never speak like this.

It’s interesting that I spoke with one woman who said that I should stop worrying about things like that and focus on real issues. This woman has bipolar herself. Her life is a wreck. Her daughter has bipolar and she ran away. So maybe this woman might want to think about her own personal philosophy.

Anyway, just think about this. And one last thing. I don’t say bipolar child. I think this is really really bad. I don’t even think it sounds right. Just say that and listen to it–bipolar child. I think saying this to your child labels them and creates problems. I have spoken to dozens of parents that agree with me.

Well, back to the seminar. My mom met someone who had her own business. And this really gets me excited. She has a profitable home business analyzing people’s handwriting. This is a great business. I personally know someone who built a million dollar business doing this and has been on many tv shows.

Anyway, my mom felt great that she met this woman and she was a success. I might be profiling her soon. But the key things are, my mom went to a seminar, took notes, met people who she learned many things from and now is going to practice what she learned.

While I am on the subject, someone I spoke to two months ago started a business teaching people how to run. Startup cost 0. In profit the first month. He will make $400 to $500 a month doing something he loves to do.

On this note, I got an email from someone that made no sense:

I”t appears that you ma be taking advantage of individuals with Mental Illness. Especially your offers to make money from home, etc., I am a social worker for the Public Health Department and seriously hope this is not the case, as I may be forced to report you to internet fraud/security.”

It’s really really annoying when I get an email like this. EVERYONE that works with me says “Dave you really have to ignore these emails.” I try but get mad. This woman, think I am running a scam because I talk of home businesses. I guess she wants people who have bioplar and and can’t find a job or have one that pays too little to sit home and maybe beg for money or try to live off of the little bit you may get from disability.

It annoys me when I hear from someone that want you to almost not try to help yourself. When it comes to disability, I have talked to the people that run the social security department and they have told me over and over and over and over again that they want people to go out and try things and not just sit at home and collect disability. This is why you can earn money and be on disability and not lose it. If you have questions, call them up locally to get the amount.

They want you to try to get a part time job. They want you to better yourself. I think there are tons of businesses a person can start and work from home at earn a few hundreds dollars a month. I guess for someone people that’s a scam but for the rest of us, people like my mom, a few hundred dollars is a lot of money.

Finally, I love the you are taking advantage of people. That implies that a person who has a mental illness can not think for him/herself and is easily manipulated. Just read what is implied. I will tell you what, I have spoken to dozens of really smart people with mental illness. They called me and asked about the businesses. Some people decided to try to get a part time job which I agreed with. They had their own brain and used it.

That entire email response was shameful and insulting to me and degrading to a person with bipolar disorder.

She is going to report me? For what?? Talking about home businesses? Isn’t it amazing the kind of things that people write.

Does anyone think I am running a scam? Would I take all this time, create a site like bipolarcentral.com, take phone calls, go to seminars, write emails, write articles, write a blog, put my address online, post my real phone number, meet with people, volunteer at TWO groups that support those with depression and bipolar, find writers to write articles on bipolar and pay them in many cases, etc.

What do you think about this???

UPDATE! New Writer For Children

I am contracting with a woman who is a great supporter of children with bipolar disorder. Write now, most of the articles have been written by Stacey Adams who is also a great suppoter as well.

Anyway, Kelly, the new writer, will be writing several articles on the subject based on her personal experience. She has a child who has bipolar disorder.

She has some GREAT tips and tricks for helping her child and specifically on helping her child become independent.

I think you are going to love this information if you are supporting a child.

My goal is to expand and get more and more perspectives for those supporting children, adults and dealing with bipolar disorder personally.

So far, I have contracted to pay Kelly for 10 articles and if all goes well, I will be paying for more based on my budget constraints.


Hard To Get Info

Today I am having a really really hard time ordering a bunch of stuff that I want to include
in my new report on finding legal help when dealing with bipolar disorder. I found these
fact sheets written up that I can order. The shipping is almost $10 if you order just one. Which is okay because I know that shipping costs a lot even if it’s small.

Anyway, I ordered a while ago, didn’t get anything. Finally I got my package last week. It was missing a bunch of stuff. I called to find out how to get the missing stuff.

I couldn’t even begin to figure out how to talk to a human. I had to hit 1, 2, 4, 2 and then leave a message. I called over and over and over again.

There seemed to be no way to speak to a human. I left several messages. No one called me back.
Finally I decided to call and keep hitting zero over and over again.

Finally I got a real live person who transfered me to someone in charge. That person wasn’t in and I had to leave a message.

I just tried a minute agao AGAIN and finally spoke to the woman. She is resending my fact sheets for my review.

My plan is to buy them in bulk and them make available to everyone so they can save money.

The one thing that I have learned is that there are a lot of places out there that can help
but I think they have such limited staffs that it’s almost impossible to get the information
that will help.

The good thing is with me, I pride myself in top notch service. If you order something from me,
and have any problems, I get right back to you. If something is lost, I resend it. I don’t fool around.

I am going to write an article on how to use a blog

Last night after I started my blog, I called someone who works with me and is SUPER smart.
I said “hey take a look at my blog.” She said, “What’s that? A blog?” I was surprised. I thought
everyone knew what a blog was. But I was wrong.

I got a lot of emails from people asking what a blog was. Then I realized, lots of people don’t know what they are. I am going to write up an article on what blogs are, how to use them, etc. This will be done in about 4 days.

Also, I have something on RSS which is even more confusing. That’s coming in about a week.

Well I have to run and go help my friend Rob out move some stuff around his new condo.