Another Big Warning About Bipolar Disorder Episodes

How’s it going? I have been thinking. I have two more emails
for this series about bipolar disorder and episodes. If you
missed the other emails, you can get the complete list of them
by visiting my blog. The link is below.

Today I wanted to tell you about something that I just really
learned in the last 30 days. Why did I just learn it in
the last 30 days? Well bipolar disorder is REALLY complicated
and so are the other mental illnesses. I am not all knowing
but learn as I go. I have a lot of knowledge but don’t
know everything.

Since I am actively supporting my mom, have 8 people
that have bipolar disorder who work for me, have at least
30 people that I do business with or are friends that
have loved ones with bipolar disorder, I am able to
learn a lot every day.

Well in the last month, I learned this and it was based
on my mom’s most recent episode. If you didn’t hear
or forgot, my mom went into a quick episode in the last
month or so. We caught it and it’s totally under control.

The entire ordeal took about 10 days instead of the normal
6 months in the old days. Because we have a tremendous
system in place we were able to catch the episode much
faster and then help my mom get back on track really quick.

Without a system, normally this would take 1 to 2 years.

Anyway, here is the big warning I was telling you about.
My mom told me BEFORE she started to go into the episode
she told her doctor and therapist but was ignored.

I didn’t believe her at first. Why? Well it’s because 50%
if not more of what she says during or closely after an
episode is not true. How do I know? I check and verify
everything quietly. Meaning if my mom says something,
I don’t run around and say “you’re lying” rather I
simply take it all in and go and check it out without
making a big scene.

Well I investigated her claim of telling the doctor
and therapist and it was true, she did. The doctor
was suppose to see her in 2 months and then after my
mom said she wasn’t feeling well wanted to see her in
2 weeks. The therapist at the time who was a new therapist
who was TERRIBLE, never changed his mind and wanted
to see her in 6 weeks. Which makes no sense to me.

Anyway, my mom pointed out that she told me that she
wasn’t feeling well either. I was thinking to my myself,
ME??? And I did nothing?” She said yes. Then I thought
long and hard and guess what…


I remember one day I can’t remember what day, my mom
told me like 45 minutes of information and in the middle
of the 45 minutes of information, she said she didn’t
feel right. She might have said this for 1 minute
of the entire conversation.

I missed it.

When I looked back on all my mom’s episodes and talked
to my dad and my mom’s mom or my grandmother. We all can
remember there were times my mom said she wasn’t feeling well.
And then went into an episode.

In her 2004 episode which was the big one you have read
about if you read my course/system descriptions, she
asked to be put in the hospital but the doctor
didn’t do it. She actually asked the doctor and he didn’t
do it. Although 80% of what she told me around this
time was not true, that statement was true. She did
ask but the doctor did nothing which lead to the
gigantic episode I have written about.

Here’s the deal. First let me say this, if you have
bipolar disorder and you are in and out of episodes
and wind up making things up, it really hard for people
to believe you with anything. Right now, I would say
95% of my mom’s friends and family will not believe
anything she says. It’s sad but true. She thinks
it’s not fair.

I have a system of being able to determine what is true
and not true. Generally my mom always will come to me
to get a message to others because she knows people
will believe me if I say it’s true.

NOTE-If you want to know what my system is, it’s hard
to explain and I can’t do it hear because that’s not
the focus of this email. Some have recently gotten mad
at me for holding back on things. Hmmm. Since I have
spent more than $20,000 producing all this free stuff
I would say that I haven’t held back too much :).

Not to mention I volunteer in THREE mental illness
groups and I provide more for free than all of them
do combined in a year. AND this is not because of me,
it’s because of the INCREDIBLE and I mean INCREDIBLE
team that I have. I have so many good people that work
for me it’s amazing. Super smart. Very good.
Way better editors than me :). When you look at what
you get from me, everything all the courses, all the material,
it’s because of a joint team effort. My team is the

So to be clear on what the warning is, it’s multifold:

-A person with bipolar disorder can go into an episode
and can let people know. You have to really pick up
on it. It’s tough. Like my mom, many people will not
scream and yell I am going into an episode call the
doctor but will say something that is subtle. You have
to pick up on it. I have a bunch of forms and checklists
I use to figure this out for myself. If you have my
course I use the same ones in my bipolar supporter

-Many doctors and therapists will not take people with
bipolar disorder seriously. It’s sad but true. So
if a person with bipolar disorder wants to be seen,
you the supporter may have to demand it. You may
have to get tough on these mental health people.

-If you have bipolar disorder, and you have told a number
of lies because you were in episodes, you are going to
find it difficult to get people to believe anything
you say. It’s sad but true. This is another reason
you always want to make sure you are staying stable and
doing EVERYTHING NOT just a few of the things you need
to do to stay stable. Pay attention to my stability
equation that I spoke about via email last week or the
one in my bipolar disorder success course.

-Don’t think the mental health system or people in
the mental health system make all the right choices.
Generally I have found, they don’t. So if your loved
one with bipolar disorder wants to been seen and
the doctor/therapist doesn’t have them seen right
away, don’t assume things probably aren’t that bad
because if they were, they would see them right
away. This is a wrong assumption. How do I know? We
assumed things like this all the time.

Keep in mind, my mom was suppose to be seeing her doctor
in 2 months when her episode first started. My mom contacted
her and she changed 2 months to 2 weeks. One might think,
well that make sense. In 7 days that occurred from the point
my mom talked, she turned into a completely different
person who was super angry, looked horrible, make
terrible threats, screamed, yelled, and created huge
problems in the family and made up the most terrible
things which people believe. For example, told my relatives
I was stopping her from going to church because I didn’t
believe in church. Imagine that.

There’s a lot to learn. I encourage you to do one of
two things. Either go out and really go and find
good information on bipolar disorder by finding people
who are good supporters, successful people with bipolar
disorder, talk to doctors/therapists, and learn a number
of these strategies and techniques. OR you can
take a look at my courses. I don’t want to push anything
on anyone. If you have the time and desire do it
yourself if not, you can get my stuff. It’s up to you.




Well that’s the warnings for the day. I hope you are learning
some things. Although these emails are not going to get
an “A” in English class, the content is what is important.
I work hard at this. I really do each morning so I hope
you enjoy them and they are helpful.

I have to run. I have a million things to do. Hey before
I go, look at this email it’s funny.

“Hi David Oliver, my name is danbi. I like your mails.
You help me with my sister. You information is very
good and helps me. You write like me and I like that.
Thank you and you are good friend.”

When I read this, I had to laugh. Danbi isn’t from
America and he thinks we write the same way I think
maybe I write a little better I hope :). LOL.

I really have to run. Catch you tomorrow.

Your Friend,


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Attention Students F^REE Offer For You

I have some good news today. I have been working out something
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I have had a number of them get my supporter course
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I have been thinking about this for some time. So I decided
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The Hipaa Law And Bipolar Disorder


Today I wanted to send a quick email about the
Hipaa law in the United States. This is a
super complicated law that virtually nobody
understands that is suppose to protect the
privacy of a person with a medical condition.

In the case of bipolar disorder, it creates
a situation where a doctor or therapist or
anyone else can NOT, and I repeat can NOT,
give a caregiver information about his/her
loved one’s treatment or condition.

So this law makes helping someone with
bipolar disorder tough. There is a quick
and simple solution that generally does
NOT work. That’s right, it generally
does NOT work but I will tell you anyway.

The solution is the Medical Information Release
Authorization which can be used with loved one’s
with Bipolar Disorder.

The Medical Information Release Authorization is
a form that one with bipolar disorder should have
signed in advance (when they are not in an episode)
and have on file, which gives you permission to
contact your loved one’s doctor (therapist/psychiatrist)
when they are in an episode, and get and give
information on your loved one’s condition.

That’s a really simple explanation of what it can do
for you and your loved one with bipolar disorder.

A Power of Attorney is another form that your loved one
with bipolar disorder should also have signed in
advance and have on file. It is a legal document
that authorizes someone you trust to take action on
your behalf. That means a designated person can sign
checks for someone with let’s say bipolar disorder,
help get Disability benefits started for someone with
bipolar disorder, make medical and financial decisions
for someone with bipolar disorder, and more.


The problem is, generally people who find my site
and get to me, have loved one with bipolar disorder
who are totally out of control and will not sign
any forms.

Then when a person tries to call a hospital, doctor,
therapist, etc. about their loved one, they are told
they can’t get any information because no release
has been signed. Then people go around in circles
trying to get information and help their loved one
with bipolar disorder only to have their efforts

This happened to me in the beginning. I got super
mad about the fact my mom’s first terrible and lazy
doctor wouldn’t tell me anything.

Then I changed my attitude after talking to a friend
who actually has nothing to do with bipolar disorder
but he inspired me to look for loop holes in the

So I studied and brainstormed and found all the loop
holes in these policies so that I could talk to
my mom’s medical people even if no releases were

I must say, these strategies are complicated and
require study and reading. I can’t write it
all out here. Actually, I have a presentation
on it as well. It’s in my supporter courses.

If you need help do one of two things. Change
your attitude try to figure out “Work around”
or “loop holes” in the system OR simply get
my course if you want to because I cover all
of this.

NOTE-This is NOT legal advice or medical advice
because I am NOT an attorney and I am NOT a
doctor. Please understand this is information
and you should take every single thing
that I say and check with your doctors, lawyers,
therapists, etc.

You can get more information on my courses/systems




I have to take off for the day now.

Your Friend,


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Your Friend,


Another Mistake Supporters Make With Bipolar Episodes


I have a super important thing to tell you about concerning
bipolar disorder and episodes. It’s a big warning. I am
serious and not kidding.

BUT, hey before I get started. Thank you everyone who pointed
out the errors on my applications for people I am looking
to hire for paid positions with this organization. Also,
the deadline for getting in your application has been
extended by 3 weeks.

Also really quick. I got a zillion phone calls (okay
not that many and yes I know a zillion is not a real
number), saying our shoppingcart for our bipolar disorder
courses was not working. The problem was fixed last night.
Thank you everyone who reported it to me.

Okay, to the main bipolar disorder lesson.

This week we have been talking about bipolar disorder and
episodes that people with bipolar disorder have.

I wanted to add probably two more things to this series
of emails. I will be sending them over the next couple
of days. BUT I might think of something else so it
make run a few more days.

Okay, we talked about what Bipolar episodes are,
ways to prevent them, what the consequences of
bipolar episodes are on the person with bipolar disorder
and family members but there’s some other important stuff.

One of the biggest mistakes supporters can make when
dealing with a loved one’s bipolar disorder is trying
to argue with or figure out why a person in an episode
with bipolar disorder is doing and saying certain things.


What do I mean about this? First, let me remind
you that bipolar disorder is a MOOD DISORDER and mental
illness. So when a person with bipolar disorder, is NOT
stability he or she can say and do things they normally
would not do.

The Churching going older woman who never swears, curses
or drinks….COULD scream, yell and curse like no one else

The good wife who is normally loving…COULD cheat on her spouse,
scream, yell and hurl curses like she has never done

The good father that always provided for his family…COULD
stop working, demand a divorce, leave the house and vanish.

The person who just got married to someone with bipolar
disorder and everything was going 100% great…COULD find
him/herselves the target of massive abuse with statements
like, “You’re out to get me”; “You don’t love me”; “I
never loved you”; “I hate you’; “You hate me”; “I need
space”; “I want a divorce”; “I am not attracted to you”

NOTE-I have no idea how to separate all those statements
in a sentence, I probably will get 15 people email me
I should use semi colons, or I should but I did it wrong
and where in the world did I go to school :). Hey it’s
the info you want right? Okay back to the lesson…

The reason that people COULD find these things happening
is because bipolar disorder is a mood disorder and a mental
illness (hey isn’t he repeating himself?). So this means
if a person is not stable is not going through the
right treatment he/she can do and say stuff normally
not said.

Here’s where the supporter causes huge problems for
him/herself. If you are a supporter and you sit and
try to figure out why are these things being said
to you and what you did to deserve them, you will…
well before I get to that read on….

If you spend hours trying to figure out why stuff is said…

If you spend hours trying to figure out what you could have
done so things weren’t said….

If you try to bend and change to accommodate your loved one
during these bipolar disorder episodes…

If you spend time talking to others about why these
things are said to you and how you can be a better person
so that your loved one with bipolar disorder stops
saying these things….

You know what will happen???? Scroll down for the answer
but first take a GUESS. Don’t cheat.

SCROLL What’s your guess??


YOU’ll GO INSANE! You will drive yourself
totally out of your mind. If you are trying
to do any of these strategies to help your loved
one, you are totally on the wrong track. If would
be like if you are in Texas in the United States
and you want to get to Canada which is north of the
United States and you started WALKING south. You
wouldn’t get to Canada. You would walk into the
ocean and get wet :).

So many people do these things and it leads to
the supporters having a melt down themselves.
A melt down caused from a loved one’s bipolar
disorder and following a strategy that is not

You start spending time on the wrong things
and then you don’t have time to spend on the
right things.

How do I know???? Because I did this. And so
did all the other supporters I know. We all did
it and we all have concluded this is the wrong thing
to do.

When a loved one has bipolar disorder and is in
an episode, you don’t want to argue with him/her,
you don’t want to understand why they are saying
what they are saying. You need to get them
into treatment ASAP.

All energy must be focused on getting a loved
one with bipolar disorder who is in an episode
into treatment NOT focusing on what I talked

Back in the day, I would spend 5 to 8 hours a
day arguing with my mom or trying to explain
to her what she was thinking was not right.
It was a huge, gigantic, monumental waste
of time and energy. I thought that I was
going to have a stroke. I am not kidding.
The stress of trying to talk to someone
not in their right mind and reason with her
was destroying me.

You may need to read this email several times.
All this material is covered in my SUPPORTER

Anyway, if you need help in this area, check out
my courses. NOTE-If you don’t need help or
don’t want my courses, just don’t look at
them. I don’t want anyone to think I am pushing
stuff on them. I am just making my resources
available to you. If you are all set and have
all the plans and strategies you need, then
you don’t have to check them out.

But, how to get a loved one into treatment, how
to find a good doctor, how to deal with loved one’s
mood swings is in my supporter courses.




Your Friend,


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Did you know about this and bipolar episodes?

It’s 5:34 am and I have a ton of things to do. But before I take
off for the day I wanted to send you some quick information.

We have been talking about bipolar disorder episodes and things
you need to learn this week.

I get a lot of emails from people asking about treatment options
and preventing or helping someone through a bipolar episode.
This really amazes me because I say so many times I am NOT
a doctor. It’s a doctor who comes up with the treatment plan.

For some reason many don’t know this so I want to say it again.
Doctors come up with treatment plans and what medication a loved
one should take.

AND I will say, everyone should refrain from going and finding
people with bipolar disorder and asking them what medication they
take. It’s useless information because every patient is different
so therefore learning what some other person takes isn’t going
to really help your loved one.

What’s going to help them is getting them to a qualified good
doctor so he/she can get the RIGHT treatment plan. If you are
having problems getting a loved one to the doctor, keep reading.

Okay back to treatment. I want to tell you, and this doesn’t just
come from me, it comes from the National Institute of Mental
Health, they say and I quote:

“But in truth, many lives are ruined by this disease;
and without effective treatment, the illness is associated
with an increased risk of suicide.”*

I will add that in addition to increased risk of suicide,
those without treatment or proper treatment wind up destroying
themselves and others around them in every way possible. That’s
what happen to myself and my family.

I also wanted to add….

Psychological Signs of a Bipolar Episode:

Change in thought content (depression/elation)
Feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
Pessimistic/Overly-optimistic attitude
Suicidal ideologies/attempts
Impatient, intolerant, openly combative, aggressive
Highly demanding, violently assertive, highly irritable
Grandiose beliefs
Preoccupied with self/self-pity
Seriously impaired judgment/poor decisions
Difficulty concentrating

Okay, now before I get hate mail, and I will from people
with bipolar disorder that write and say…..


I will get something like this from a few people. Here’s the deal. I
have a list that’s like, well I don’t know right now it’s almost
over 90,000 people. I am trying to help everyone at the same
time giving everyone a ton of information and they can use
what they need to use.

It’s really, really, really, really hard to please everyone.
I can’t imagine if I was running for office :).

It’s important to let people know what the consequences of lack
of treatment are and also what the signs of an episode is. If
this doesn’t 100% fit you, someone with bipolar disorder, don’t
be offended. Realize this information is VERY helpful for
the vast majority of people out on my list.

There is so much with episodes I could go on and on which I have
for this entire week. I am trying to give you as much as I can
without sending out 40 page emails which actually I can’t send
out because of limitations with my software.

If you want more information on episodes….



Well I really do have to run for the day. Actually I should
stop saying that because some people are in different countries
and think that means I am going to go running now. Actually
run for the day means leave for the day.

Have a great day.

Your Friend,



REVEALED! The Bipolar Stability Equation NOBODY Tells You

Today I am going to tell you a little known concept that I
guess I kind of invented. It comes from math. I am
really good at math. I am NOT really good at editing
stuff :). But the bottom line is the content is what
is important right?

Oh, don’t worry, you’re on the right list and I am not going
to start teaching you advanced math concepts.

I am going to teach you a secret that VERY few people know.
Not even doctors or therapists. And if they kind of know
it, they don’t really fully understand it.

This is a secret to helping a loved one stay stable
when he/she has bipolar disorder. It’s called, or I call it…

The Bipolar Stability Equation.

Stability is like a mathematical equation. Here are SOME
of the things that can make up the equation. NOTE- I am
NOT a doctor and this is NOT legal advice. Run this past
your doctor, therapist, etc. etc.

Anyway, here are some of the parts I found with my mom:

· Medication
· Therapy
· Sleep
· Eating right
· Exercise
· Reducing stress/low anxiety
· The right job (or Disability)
· A good Support System
· Hobbies
· Relaxation/Meditation
· Watching for triggers
· Etc.

Everyone has to figure out what their own stability equation is,
because everyone is different (so their own stability equation is
going to be different). One person may be able to keep their job,
while another person may have to go on Disability. One person
may be a “morning person,” while another person may go to bed at
midnight every night.

The things listed above are only examples
of what may be in your stability equation – other examples are
Light Therapy, reading, watching a video, sitting and
watching a sunset, walking on the beach/taking long walks,
Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Biofeedback, etc.
The point is, you AND your loved one will have to make your
own list! AND work with your doctor and therapist. I have
found that everyone’s equation is different.

One main thing about people with Bipolar Disorder is that they
need structure and routine to maintain stability. With my mom, I
have found that is just as important to her “stability equation” as medication.

Watching out for your loved one’s known episode triggers is also
very important and try to avoid these triggers.

The thing is, you have to work hard to figure out the equation,
and what to do if something goes wrong in the equation. I teach
this fully in my courses and systems:




Your Friend,


Another Warning About Bipolar Episodes


Before I get ready for the day, I want to give
you another warning about bipolar episodes which
will save you a ton of time and money. It’s
something that I thought of yesterday.

I must say, I wish I had this kind of information
years ago. I would have saved a fortune and so much

When it comes to bipolar episodes, many people
believe that all they have to do is get their
loved one to the doctor and that’s it. The
episodes will never come back. The doctor
will handle everything right? I mean
that’s what they get paid for right?

My dad use to think this way and so do many
other people. Doctors are important, so is
medication and so are therapists. BUT, you
as the supporter are important as well.

Doctors can’t look into your home where
your loved one is. They have limited time
to gather information when/if the patient
comes in. You have to be the person that
fills in the gaps and connects the dots.


You should always be on the look out for the
physical signs of a Bipolar Episode which

· Appearance changes (poor hygiene and grooming)
· Increased energy levels/Decreased energy levels
· Increased activity/Decreased activity
· Increased sleep/Decreased sleep
· Elated mood changes/Depressed mood changes
· Opposite behavior activity from normal
· Passivity/Aggressiveness
· Failure to take care of basic self-needs
(pay bills, go grocery shopping, etc.)

When you see the signs you must inform the doctor. PERIOD!
The doctor will not know unless you the support inform

HERE IS ANOTHER BIG ONE. It’s kind of complicated to explain
and I explain it in my courses/systems but once you know
your loved one well, you will know that there are certain
signs of an episode that might not even be picked
up by anyone other than you.

For example, with my mom, she makes random food. In
her second to last episode she made candy apples.
She hasn’t even made candy apples. When I looked
back over many years, most episodes were preceded by
the making of random food. That was one sign.

BUT, be careful. In her last mini episode we caught,
she didn’t make any random food. ONE MORE THING.
Her last episode was very complicated to figure
out because she didn’t display any of her old
signs that she normally did. It’s like her
episodes changes so the signs were different.

If you are new, you might be thinking, “Man Dave
this sounds so complicated my head hurts.”
It’s actually not. It’s a skill.

If you can swing it, take a look at getting
my courses/systems because I go through all
this from a to z. If you can’t get them,
keep reading, I put out a lot of info
but it’s broken up and not all together
because it’s via emails, articles, podcasts,
teleseminars and in person meetings.

Take at look if you want.




Your Friend,


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information for you:

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What’s a bipolar episode? Major warning


Before I head out the door for the day, I wanted
to tell you something. I have a major warning as well.
Read on.

First I just was talking to Michele Soloway
who writes for me and has bipolar disorder and
a few other illnesses. She is high functioning
and does VERY, VERY well.

Anyway, we were talking about how we really
need to make sure that we always keep going over
the basics of bipolar disorder. That got me
to thinking about something. I have gotten
a ton of emails about people asking, what’s
an episode.

At first I was thinking that everyone should
know that but I never knew what an episode was
after being around my mom for 29 years. We use
to call it “mom’s sick.” So, let’s talk about
what an episode is.

What is a bipolar episode?

Bipolar Disorder is marked by extreme mood swings.
There are times when a person with Bipolar Disorder
enters a depressive mood (extreme sadness), and
other times when they experience mania (extreme euphoria).

These are called bipolar episodes. Contrary to what some
people believe, a person with the disorder does not
continually go back and forth between these two
extremes. In between episodes, the person can go
months (or even years) with normal moods.

My mom’s episodes tend to be manic BUT for many
years when I was a kid she was depressed. I remember
my mom being in the bed for YEARS. I think from like
age 10 through maybe 13, my mom was always in the
bed in a dark house.

It made it strange for me because I thought that was
normal until one day a friend said, “where’s your mom?”
I explained she was always in bed and he said that
wasn’t normal. It was at that point I knew something
was wrong because all my other friends had mom’s that
weren’t in bed all day.

Anyway, next question…..

What Happens During an Episode?

Manic Episodes: Symptoms build up over time
with initial symptoms being mild. It generally
starts off slowly but starts getting worse.

When the episode ends, the person will either
enter a depressive episode or will return to their
normal mood. The main symptom of a manic episode
is seriously impaired judgment. Symptoms include:
less sleep, rapid speech, overspending, and risky
behavior involving sex, gambling, eating, drugs,
and/or alcohol.

In my mom’s manic episodes, she spent a TON and I mean
a TON of money. I have never calculated the total loss
but it’s way more than $500,000 that’s for sure.

Depressive Episodes: Many times, the person might
enter a depressive episode immediately after coming
out of a manic episode. Other times, they might go from
a normal mood to a depressive episode. Depressive
episodes are usually marked by feelings of hopelessness
– sometimes even thoughts of death or suicide. CALL
911 or the doctor if your loved one is suicidal.

Symptoms also include withdrawal from family and friends and not participating in activities that the person used to enjoy.

Mixed Episodes: In some cases, the person might
actually have episodes that include symptoms of both
mania and depression. These can be more difficult to
deal with because they are having some of the manic
feelings and some of the depressive feelings in the
same episode.


one worth a ton to you.

You have to develop a system to PREVENT episodes
and you have to develop a system of what to do
if/when an episode occurs.

You can’t say “let’s just hope one doesn’t occur.”
You can’t just leave it all in the hands of a doctor.
EVERYONE needs to be involved and on the same page
with the same plan.

This is what our family NEVER did. As a result
it created DECADES of problems.

Most people simply don’t plan and prepare, this is
both the supporter and person with the disorder.
For some reason, NOT planning is what people do
when they should be planning and preparing.

My mom started to go into an episode in the last
two months. It got rather bad. In the old days,
her episode would have lasted probably a year
and have done serious financial and emotional
damage to everyone around her.

BUT with proper planning we caught the episode,
and damage was minimal now she is back on
track. Without a system people are DOOMED.

Take a look at what I have, but I am not
pushing my material on you. You can do what
I did, go interview doctors, read all the books,
go to many conferences, meetings, workshops,
talk to therapists, meeting people with bipolar
disorder who are high functioning and make your
own system. One person told me on my list she did
just that because she had plenty of time.

Just do something right away.




Your Friend,


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in my material where you can get help doing this. BUT,
before a job is looked for, the person must be
stable. It doesn’t make sense to start a job unstable.

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