3 friends “freak out” on me just like bipolar episode


I got a call from three friends yesterday. They freaked out on me.

Yesterday the stock market went “totally out of control”
according to my friends.

The New York Stock Exchange was down 415 points.

My friends were yelling and all emotional like the world
was coming to an end. They sounded like they were
in a Bipolar Episode.

They called me and say, “Dave are you going to pull
your money out?” I was like “huh, pull it out of where?
What the heck are you talking about? Dude, you know,
the market…aren’t you watching?”

I was like, “Oh no.”

Then they told me how the market is crashing and I was
like “I have no clue, I don’t look at that stuff,
I look at long term trends. Then I tell them to
stop trying to be stock experts and get back to

They get mad at me because I don’t go along
with the s.t.o.c.k drama.

One says, “Dude what’s wrong with you? You better do
something if you have money in the market.”

Notice how many times this set of friends use the
word “DUDE.” It’s kind of funny. Especially when they
call to tell me they called someone dude at work and
got into trouble.

Anyway, what’s this have to do with bipolar disorder?

For many of you, you’re like my friends–no plan and always
worried about the next disaster without any plan or system
as to what to do.

Are you constantly waiting for the next bipolar disaster without
a plan or system?

With bipolar disorder, without knowledge, a plan and a system,
things generally get worse and worse. Then you become terrified
all the time. You never know when the bipolar boogey man is
around the corner.

The reason why the people who freak out about stocks is
because they have no clue and no plan. I am no stock
expert but EVERY single investment guru says you can’t
freak out when the market goes down, even if it goes
down a lot.

I have a plan, and never worry when stocks go up and
down. My stocks went down after 9/11 my friends freaked
out they did all kind of crazy things. I didn’t do a
thing. I have a nice return over like 10% which is
average. I am happy. My friends lost money. They freaked
out because they didn’t have a plan and system.

This is just like bipolar disorder. You can’t freak out
when your loved one does something. For example, if my mom
get angry or looks depressed, I don’t freak out and go “OH
I don’t go into a corner and hide and hope for the best.
I sit and watch and monitor quietly.

I am not worried at all. Why because I have a system.

My mom goes into a manic episode I have a system
My mom goes into a depressive episode I have a system
My mom tries to go on a spending spree I have a system
My mom can’t work because she isn’t feeling well I have a system
My mom starts screaming at me I have a system
My mom’s medication gets messed up, I have a system
My mom’s doctor retires tomorrow I have a system
My mom’s therapist moves to Bulgaria I have a system

People call me and ask for “quick advice.” They say, “Hey
I just need 3 minutes.” They want me to tell him how to
setup up all these systems in 3 to 5 minutes? Sometimes
I am amazed they ask. How can I teach them in 3 to 5 minutes?

When you go through my course at

You see this is impossible. The system I teach is easy
and simple and handles everything but it can’t be explained
in 3 to 5 minutes.

Right now you need to start planning. I am not telling you
to get my system but start working on your own. Just
start making a plan for everything and a solution if something
goes wrong.

Make a list of EVERY possible situation and a solution or
system that will help you.

Hey I have to run. Oh yea, real quick. Tonight I am going to
meet the doctor to ask about why people with bipolar disorder
who are in episodes sometimes exaggerate things that make it seem
like they are lying.

I will get back to you tomorrow.

Your Friend,


Lies, Lies, Lies And Bipolar Disorder

I got an email from someone yesterday that asked me about lyingand bipolar disorder. She asked if people with bipolar disorder lie.

First, people who don’t have bipolar disorder lie, as evidencedby a number of people I know
that do not have bipolar disorderand lie all the time.

But seriously, I understand what this person is asking.

Let me tell you what happen to me.

When my mom was really sick, she would say stuff that wasn’ttrue. She said my dad did things to her that he didn’t do.

She said one day he threw a fork at her. He did NOT do this. Howdo I know? I was standing there watching. She said that I saidso many things about her that weren’t even close to the truth.

It use to drive me crazy. I would start spending hours defendingmyself.

You know in my course, I teach, don’t waste your timeon this. If only I knew this before I invested like 50 hours ofmy time telling my mom I didn’t say or do the things she saidthat I was doing and saying.

The bottom line is this is one of the worst symptoms of bipolar disorder. That’s right I believe this is a symptom of the disorder. My mom doesn’t lie, misrepresent the truth, leaveout the facts or whatever you want to call it, when she is stable.

But, I could really tell my mom believed that certain things happenwhen they didn’t. So is that a lie? If you think something happenand really believe it, and you say it happen is that a lie?
Well not really in my book. It’s more like not telling the truth.But hey, I am not a lawyer and don’t play one on TV so whoknows?

I just know that it happens and it’s so difficult to deal with.

I just know that if your loved one is not stable he/she could start imaging things, or saying things that are not the truth.

I’ve heard horror stories from people that have gotten into BIG trouble because a loved one said something was done thatreally wasn’t but “the authorities” thought it was.

You know, when I first had my course up, I didn’t really have a lot about lying and bipolar disorder. Then peoplestarted asking me for information on what to do about the lying.

If you got my course at http://www.bipolarsupporter.com/report11you notice that: FREE Gift #9 is “The Pattern Of Lying In Bipolar Disorder.”

In this report, I outline a strategy that I use to deal with thelies that come from bipolar disorder. I truly have an entiremini system of dealing with lies from bipolar disorder and fixingor cleaning them up.

I had to use the techniques myself because my mom wound up saying so many things that were not true that created huge problems for me.

Actually just thinking about it starts making me sick.

That report does NOT however explain why a person with bipolardisorder who is unstable may lie. I have yet to find someonewho can tell me this.

I was so confused about this issue, I have asked severaldoctors over the years why this happens.

NONE have given me an answer.

Actually now that I think about it, tonight or tomorrow I am meetingwith a $650 a hour doctor so I might as well ask him this question again. (I say tonight or tomorrow because I forgetif the meeting is today or tomorrow, I have to check the olddaily planner.) Nevertheless, if he’s getting $650.00 an hour, you would think he would know right???

Well I have to run. I will report back to you later on what he says.

Your Friend,

The shocking bipolar lesson learned from a lobster


You’re gonna think I am crazy but I’m not 🙂 I swear!
Lobster is not a typo. Keep reading…

Here’s what happen to me, I told you how I was at that
seminar learning new ways to reach more people with
problems from bipolar disorder.

Anyway, I was kind of surprised that not too many
people were all that friendly. Now I know why New England,
in the good old USA, has a reputation of not being
very friendly.

Okay, I met one guy that I spoke with and then
I met a woman from Bulgaria.

She had a REALLY REALLY long drive to the US for the seminar.
Just kidding, she is from Bulgaria but is in school in the US.

We went to dinner to talk over seminar issues
and stuff. Anyway I was starving because I missed
several meals throughout the day.

We went to a Seafood place. Don’t worry there’s
a lesson in this story, keep reading.

So I ordered some stuff and then she said I have
to get a “whole lobster” since this area is famous for
lobster. Plus it was on sale and I am a BIG fan
of sales and saving money 🙂

I haven’t ever had a “whole lobster” in a while. So I ordered

It came with a bunch of other seafood as well and I ate that first.
BUT, then I saw the lobster and well, I had no
idea how to eat it. I’ve had lobster tails, which
I know how to eat. I’ve had lobster meat and I know
how to eat that. But never a “whole lobster.”
I have never had such a lobster.

I was thinking in my head, “I have no idea how to
eat this lobster. Hmmm. What am I to do. Will I make
a fool out of myself? Will I do it wrong? Will I be
able to figure it out? What should I do?”

Now I did what I teach you guys to do. Asked for help.
Since Violeta (VEE O LET TA) suggested it (the person
I met at the seminar), I thought, she must know how to eat it.
So instead of pretending like I knew, or doing it the wrong
way, or hoping that some how the secret would pop into my
head, I decided to ask for help.

She was really happy to help. She didn’t make fun of me. She didn’t
say “Duh, I can’t believe you don’t know this.” She didn’t say, “
Figure it out yourself.” She didn’t say, “You moron, I can’t
believe you don’t know how to eat a whole lobster…I thoughts
Americans are smart???”

She was like most people, she wanted to help.
So, she gave me simple instructions on how to eat it.
(It was good by the way.)

What the heck does this have to do with bipolar disorder?
Here’s the deal. For many of you, you are struggling
to figure out a ton of stuff to be a good supporter.

How to cope and deal with your loved one’s mood swings
How to get your loved one into treatment
How to pay for treatment
How to find a qualified doctor
How to help your loved one get on disability (in some cases)
How to help your loved one find work.
How to help your loved one recover faster
And so forth.

BUT, you don’t know how to do many of these things. You
are confused. Some people just try to
figure it out on their own. Other people ask for help.

Here’s a real secret of my life. I ask for help all
the time. I am not shy as you can probably tell. If I need
help I am going to ask.

Much of my course at http://www.bipolarsupporter.com/report11
is the result of asking for a ton of help. I did a ton of
research but at the same time, I asked for help. I paid
it many times. Sometimes I got free help. Sometimes I had
to take people out to eat. I did want ever it took.

And you’ll notice that in my course at
A common theme in many interviews is, if I only
knew what I know now about bipolar disorder,
my life would have been so much different years

The real secret to helping a loved one with
bipolar disorder is knowledge. Even my dad
now agrees with that. He just lacked a ton
of information for over 35 years about my
mom’s bipolar disorder.

Anyway, right now, you can start asking for help.
Ask doctors
As people in support groups if you go
Ask people you know in the same situation
Ask hospital officials
Ask social workers
Ask people you bump into
Ask therapists
Ask financial people, lawyers, etc for things you are dealing with
related to bipolar disorder.

And if someone people want lunch of dinner for help, get
it for them. If some doctors or therapists want to be paid,
pay them. It’s worth it. Don’t be a cheap skate.
Well that’s it. Have a great day. I hope you liked
my lobster story.

Your Friend,


Is Bipolar The “Worst?” I say no.


I got an email today from someone that said that I am
downplaying how bad bipolar disorder is. She said:

“You don’t know how bad this disease is because you
don’t have it. You act like it’s so easy to manage
and life can be great but it can’t when there is
ups and downs. You need to be honest”

I wanted to respond to this, first, I realize
there are many ups and downs. But I must say, a
person who is under the right doctor’s care
and following a treatment plan doesn’t seem to
have a whole lot of huge problems.

I have many people that work for me with bipolar disorder.
I work with them everyday and everything goes smooth.

In my materials, I try to point out how important
finding a doctor is for your loved one and making
sure your loved one follows the plan.

I don’t downplay how serious bipolar disorder is.
But I must say, when you look at bipolar disorder
compared to other illnesses, it’s not as bad.

You can control bipolar disorder with treatment.
There are certain illnesses that are guaranteed fatal
with NO treatment plans. This is not bipolar disorder.

I learned this concept from a person I interviewed
named Dimitri who is a great interview in my course

He is the one that told me this. He
had bipolar disorder and was thankful he had this
illness versus other ones that in his words, put
you in the grave right away with no hope.

He’s the same one that had some many problems and
then finally figured it out and turned his life
completely around.

In my opinion he is right. Many should stop saying
“I wish we weren’t dealing with bipolar disorder” to
maybe, “Well I am glad we are dealing with something
that there is plenty of information on and there is a
treatment plan and it’s not a guaranteed fatality like
other terrible illnesses.”

Hey I have to head over to my seminar. It’s suppose to
snow really bad so I might be stuck here for another

But that means I can catch up on some work so I am okay
about it.

Your Friend,


The Truth About Psychiatrists


Right now I am at that seminar I told you I was going
to attend.

Listen to what happen to me.

Yesterday I was out walking around the hotel and bumped
into someone. I told him about my sites online and how
things were going well.

I then told him about the situation with my mom, how she
had a really bad episode years ago and is doing great.

Then I mentioned how great her doctor was. And that’s when
he kind of freaked out.

He said, “Oh those ‘shrinks’ they suck.”

I was caught off guard. First I HATE, HATE the word shrink.
You’re probably going to think that I am overly dramatically
but I can’t stand that word. It’s negative, it denigrates
a psychiatrist. It suggests the profession is not serious.
On and on.

Then I was thinking, “what do you mean they suck?”
So I asked why he would say such terrible things. He told me
a story how someone in his family went to one and they did
nothing at all, except, and I quote “Charge a lot of money
per hour for nothing.”

I asked some questions in a nice way and found that most likely,
he like so many other people I have spoken to, created his own

What do I mean? Well, his loved one was taken to the doctor. They
wanted instant results. They (the family) didn’t want to be
involved with the loved one’s care. He didn’t feel he had
to be involved and neither did anyone else.

They didn’t want the loved one to have take medication??
They didn’t want to pay a lot of money and thought that
more than $30 a hour was too much.
They didn’t want to drive a long way to the doctor?
They wanted the doctor to call and check in on them?
They believe that mental illness may not be “real.”
I heard this kind of stuff and was amazed. Then I cut him
off and said, “Frankly sir, you did everything wrong.”

You are blaming the doctor when you set him up to fail in
my opinion.
I told him all the things he could have done based on what I
teach in my course at:

This is why I have a TON of information on finding a doctor,
picking them AND working with the doctor.

He said, “Ummm, I guess you are right when I think about it that

I knew he felt dumb, which he should.
Then I said, $30 for a session?? I said, it’s a serious illness,
these doctors have gone to school. Do you expect a traditional
doctor to charge $30 for a visit? What the heck? $30 a visit?
You can make $30 working in a manual labor job that’s mindless.

Do you think a doctor should get $30 a visit when people make
$30 for doing work you don’t even have to think about??
I was like come on. Then I told him how he should NOT call them

I then said, and I quote, “In my opinion Sir, and I want
to say this in the most respectful way, but I fell compelled
to say it, your mindset along with your family’s is terrible when
it comes to mental illness and that unfortunately led to your loved one’s lack of progress.”

Then I had to go.

He actually thanked me for helping him get his head out of his

But boy, was I amazed with this conversation.
But he’s not the only one, there are so many other people that
think these same types of things.
I hear stuff like this all the time.

But bottom line is, I have found that most psychiatrists are
good people that want to help someone with bipolar disorder. They
really care. But the situation is usually stacked against them.
People have unrealistic expectations of how fast results will occur
People want something for nothing…they want f.r.e.e treatment almost
People don’t want to be involved with loved one’s care. They want to
“dump” their loved one on the doctor and let them take care of it.

My dad, actually admitted to me, that he did this for years.
I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Hey, I have to run and go catch some breakfast.

Have a great day.

Your Friend,