The shocking bipolar lesson learned from a lobster


You’re gonna think I am crazy but I’m not 🙂 I swear!
Lobster is not a typo. Keep reading…

Here’s what happen to me, I told you how I was at that
seminar learning new ways to reach more people with
problems from bipolar disorder.

Anyway, I was kind of surprised that not too many
people were all that friendly. Now I know why New England,
in the good old USA, has a reputation of not being
very friendly.

Okay, I met one guy that I spoke with and then
I met a woman from Bulgaria.

She had a REALLY REALLY long drive to the US for the seminar.
Just kidding, she is from Bulgaria but is in school in the US.

We went to dinner to talk over seminar issues
and stuff. Anyway I was starving because I missed
several meals throughout the day.

We went to a Seafood place. Don’t worry there’s
a lesson in this story, keep reading.

So I ordered some stuff and then she said I have
to get a “whole lobster” since this area is famous for
lobster. Plus it was on sale and I am a BIG fan
of sales and saving money 🙂

I haven’t ever had a “whole lobster” in a while. So I ordered

It came with a bunch of other seafood as well and I ate that first.
BUT, then I saw the lobster and well, I had no
idea how to eat it. I’ve had lobster tails, which
I know how to eat. I’ve had lobster meat and I know
how to eat that. But never a “whole lobster.”
I have never had such a lobster.

I was thinking in my head, “I have no idea how to
eat this lobster. Hmmm. What am I to do. Will I make
a fool out of myself? Will I do it wrong? Will I be
able to figure it out? What should I do?”

Now I did what I teach you guys to do. Asked for help.
Since Violeta (VEE O LET TA) suggested it (the person
I met at the seminar), I thought, she must know how to eat it.
So instead of pretending like I knew, or doing it the wrong
way, or hoping that some how the secret would pop into my
head, I decided to ask for help.

She was really happy to help. She didn’t make fun of me. She didn’t
say “Duh, I can’t believe you don’t know this.” She didn’t say, “
Figure it out yourself.” She didn’t say, “You moron, I can’t
believe you don’t know how to eat a whole lobster…I thoughts
Americans are smart???”

She was like most people, she wanted to help.
So, she gave me simple instructions on how to eat it.
(It was good by the way.)

What the heck does this have to do with bipolar disorder?
Here’s the deal. For many of you, you are struggling
to figure out a ton of stuff to be a good supporter.

How to cope and deal with your loved one’s mood swings
How to get your loved one into treatment
How to pay for treatment
How to find a qualified doctor
How to help your loved one get on disability (in some cases)
How to help your loved one find work.
How to help your loved one recover faster
And so forth.

BUT, you don’t know how to do many of these things. You
are confused. Some people just try to
figure it out on their own. Other people ask for help.

Here’s a real secret of my life. I ask for help all
the time. I am not shy as you can probably tell. If I need
help I am going to ask.

Much of my course at
is the result of asking for a ton of help. I did a ton of
research but at the same time, I asked for help. I paid
it many times. Sometimes I got free help. Sometimes I had
to take people out to eat. I did want ever it took.

And you’ll notice that in my course at
A common theme in many interviews is, if I only
knew what I know now about bipolar disorder,
my life would have been so much different years

The real secret to helping a loved one with
bipolar disorder is knowledge. Even my dad
now agrees with that. He just lacked a ton
of information for over 35 years about my
mom’s bipolar disorder.

Anyway, right now, you can start asking for help.
Ask doctors
As people in support groups if you go
Ask people you know in the same situation
Ask hospital officials
Ask social workers
Ask people you bump into
Ask therapists
Ask financial people, lawyers, etc for things you are dealing with
related to bipolar disorder.

And if someone people want lunch of dinner for help, get
it for them. If some doctors or therapists want to be paid,
pay them. It’s worth it. Don’t be a cheap skate.
Well that’s it. Have a great day. I hope you liked
my lobster story.

Your Friend,


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