Is Bipolar The “Worst?” I say no.


I got an email today from someone that said that I am
downplaying how bad bipolar disorder is. She said:

“You don’t know how bad this disease is because you
don’t have it. You act like it’s so easy to manage
and life can be great but it can’t when there is
ups and downs. You need to be honest”

I wanted to respond to this, first, I realize
there are many ups and downs. But I must say, a
person who is under the right doctor’s care
and following a treatment plan doesn’t seem to
have a whole lot of huge problems.

I have many people that work for me with bipolar disorder.
I work with them everyday and everything goes smooth.

In my materials, I try to point out how important
finding a doctor is for your loved one and making
sure your loved one follows the plan.

I don’t downplay how serious bipolar disorder is.
But I must say, when you look at bipolar disorder
compared to other illnesses, it’s not as bad.

You can control bipolar disorder with treatment.
There are certain illnesses that are guaranteed fatal
with NO treatment plans. This is not bipolar disorder.

I learned this concept from a person I interviewed
named Dimitri who is a great interview in my course

He is the one that told me this. He
had bipolar disorder and was thankful he had this
illness versus other ones that in his words, put
you in the grave right away with no hope.

He’s the same one that had some many problems and
then finally figured it out and turned his life
completely around.

In my opinion he is right. Many should stop saying
“I wish we weren’t dealing with bipolar disorder” to
maybe, “Well I am glad we are dealing with something
that there is plenty of information on and there is a
treatment plan and it’s not a guaranteed fatality like
other terrible illnesses.”

Hey I have to head over to my seminar. It’s suppose to
snow really bad so I might be stuck here for another

But that means I can catch up on some work so I am okay
about it.

Your Friend,


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