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What’s new? Hope you are doing well. This is going to be our last bipolar news. Thank you for reading for all these years. Have a happy new year.

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Cannabis Has Unique Benefits For People With Bipolar Disorder, Finds New Research
DO> This study reveals some startling results.

Bad batches of bipolar and epilepsy drug are being distributed in Australia, study finds
DO> You will find these study findings shocking.

Religion and spirituality dimensions may be beneficial in bipolar disorder symptoms
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

Mother’s mental health impacts children’s school grades: study | UK NEWS TO DAY
DO>This study makes an important point.

Go ‘beyond the surface’ to reduce stigma around mental health – Purdue University News
DO> Very informative article.

Adolescents With Bipolar Depression May Have Increased Metabolic Syndrome Risk
DO> Important study, wouldn’t you say?

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