The Truth About Psychiatrists


Right now I am at that seminar I told you I was going
to attend.

Listen to what happen to me.

Yesterday I was out walking around the hotel and bumped
into someone. I told him about my sites online and how
things were going well.

I then told him about the situation with my mom, how she
had a really bad episode years ago and is doing great.

Then I mentioned how great her doctor was. And that’s when
he kind of freaked out.

He said, “Oh those ‘shrinks’ they suck.”

I was caught off guard. First I HATE, HATE the word shrink.
You’re probably going to think that I am overly dramatically
but I can’t stand that word. It’s negative, it denigrates
a psychiatrist. It suggests the profession is not serious.
On and on.

Then I was thinking, “what do you mean they suck?”
So I asked why he would say such terrible things. He told me
a story how someone in his family went to one and they did
nothing at all, except, and I quote “Charge a lot of money
per hour for nothing.”

I asked some questions in a nice way and found that most likely,
he like so many other people I have spoken to, created his own

What do I mean? Well, his loved one was taken to the doctor. They
wanted instant results. They (the family) didn’t want to be
involved with the loved one’s care. He didn’t feel he had
to be involved and neither did anyone else.

They didn’t want the loved one to have take medication??
They didn’t want to pay a lot of money and thought that
more than $30 a hour was too much.
They didn’t want to drive a long way to the doctor?
They wanted the doctor to call and check in on them?
They believe that mental illness may not be “real.”
I heard this kind of stuff and was amazed. Then I cut him
off and said, “Frankly sir, you did everything wrong.”

You are blaming the doctor when you set him up to fail in
my opinion.
I told him all the things he could have done based on what I
teach in my course at:

This is why I have a TON of information on finding a doctor,
picking them AND working with the doctor.

He said, “Ummm, I guess you are right when I think about it that

I knew he felt dumb, which he should.
Then I said, $30 for a session?? I said, it’s a serious illness,
these doctors have gone to school. Do you expect a traditional
doctor to charge $30 for a visit? What the heck? $30 a visit?
You can make $30 working in a manual labor job that’s mindless.

Do you think a doctor should get $30 a visit when people make
$30 for doing work you don’t even have to think about??
I was like come on. Then I told him how he should NOT call them

I then said, and I quote, “In my opinion Sir, and I want
to say this in the most respectful way, but I fell compelled
to say it, your mindset along with your family’s is terrible when
it comes to mental illness and that unfortunately led to your loved one’s lack of progress.”

Then I had to go.

He actually thanked me for helping him get his head out of his

But boy, was I amazed with this conversation.
But he’s not the only one, there are so many other people that
think these same types of things.
I hear stuff like this all the time.

But bottom line is, I have found that most psychiatrists are
good people that want to help someone with bipolar disorder. They
really care. But the situation is usually stacked against them.
People have unrealistic expectations of how fast results will occur
People want something for nothing…they want f.r.e.e treatment almost
People don’t want to be involved with loved one’s care. They want to
“dump” their loved one on the doctor and let them take care of it.

My dad, actually admitted to me, that he did this for years.
I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Hey, I have to run and go catch some breakfast.

Have a great day.

Your Friend,


  1. Dave, I have been receiving your free newsletters for a year now. I have a friend who has bipolor and he had been jerked around in the VA Hospital system for years, in fact he had 5 different docs in 4 months. He has finally got a private physician, but she is not willing to work or listen to him on things that have worked for him in the past. He is trying to get his disorder under control so we can have a life together. We have both been married before and if we do this again we want it to work. He is on medication but he still is a rapid cycler. He has anxiety attacks, and has suffered in the past with agoraphobia. He has also been treated for ADHD, so he has a gambit of hurdles to jump. We love one another but know it could not work unless his disorder is more under control. He wanted to get your course but is just unable to purchase it. He is on disability so it all goes to just get by. I am working two jobs cause I have three children who are in school and it takes all I have to live also. I wondered if you could recommend a GOOD phychiatrist who would listen somewhere in the Sioux City Iowa area or DesMoines Iowa or Ottumwa Iowa area. Also I wanted to ask if there is anyway to get your program for a reduced price, I know you probably get approched about this all the time, but after a year we are desperate enough to ask you. Thank you for your time and God Bless.

  2. David,

    I need to find a support group in or near McHenry, IL 60050.

    My husband of 43 years (less the 2 we were legally divorced, when he ran away and I got one by default) – is not taking any medications, won’t listen to me, etc.

    To keep my sanity, I need to find some people who are coping with someone like my husband, so I don’t end up doing something drastic.

    I’ve come so close to just up and leaving him, but where would a 60 yr old woman go?

    Love your emails.


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