3 friends “freak out” on me just like bipolar episode


I got a call from three friends yesterday. They freaked out on me.

Yesterday the stock market went “totally out of control”
according to my friends.

The New York Stock Exchange was down 415 points.

My friends were yelling and all emotional like the world
was coming to an end. They sounded like they were
in a Bipolar Episode.

They called me and say, “Dave are you going to pull
your money out?” I was like “huh, pull it out of where?
What the heck are you talking about? Dude, you know,
the market…aren’t you watching?”

I was like, “Oh no.”

Then they told me how the market is crashing and I was
like “I have no clue, I don’t look at that stuff,
I look at long term trends. Then I tell them to
stop trying to be stock experts and get back to

They get mad at me because I don’t go along
with the s.t.o.c.k drama.

One says, “Dude what’s wrong with you? You better do
something if you have money in the market.”

Notice how many times this set of friends use the
word “DUDE.” It’s kind of funny. Especially when they
call to tell me they called someone dude at work and
got into trouble.

Anyway, what’s this have to do with bipolar disorder?

For many of you, you’re like my friends–no plan and always
worried about the next disaster without any plan or system
as to what to do.

Are you constantly waiting for the next bipolar disaster without
a plan or system?

With bipolar disorder, without knowledge, a plan and a system,
things generally get worse and worse. Then you become terrified
all the time. You never know when the bipolar boogey man is
around the corner.

The reason why the people who freak out about stocks is
because they have no clue and no plan. I am no stock
expert but EVERY single investment guru says you can’t
freak out when the market goes down, even if it goes
down a lot.

I have a plan, and never worry when stocks go up and
down. My stocks went down after 9/11 my friends freaked
out they did all kind of crazy things. I didn’t do a
thing. I have a nice return over like 10% which is
average. I am happy. My friends lost money. They freaked
out because they didn’t have a plan and system.

This is just like bipolar disorder. You can’t freak out
when your loved one does something. For example, if my mom
get angry or looks depressed, I don’t freak out and go “OH
I don’t go into a corner and hide and hope for the best.
I sit and watch and monitor quietly.

I am not worried at all. Why because I have a system.

My mom goes into a manic episode I have a system
My mom goes into a depressive episode I have a system
My mom tries to go on a spending spree I have a system
My mom can’t work because she isn’t feeling well I have a system
My mom starts screaming at me I have a system
My mom’s medication gets messed up, I have a system
My mom’s doctor retires tomorrow I have a system
My mom’s therapist moves to Bulgaria I have a system

People call me and ask for “quick advice.” They say, “Hey
I just need 3 minutes.” They want me to tell him how to
setup up all these systems in 3 to 5 minutes? Sometimes
I am amazed they ask. How can I teach them in 3 to 5 minutes?

When you go through my course at

You see this is impossible. The system I teach is easy
and simple and handles everything but it can’t be explained
in 3 to 5 minutes.

Right now you need to start planning. I am not telling you
to get my system but start working on your own. Just
start making a plan for everything and a solution if something
goes wrong.

Make a list of EVERY possible situation and a solution or
system that will help you.

Hey I have to run. Oh yea, real quick. Tonight I am going to
meet the doctor to ask about why people with bipolar disorder
who are in episodes sometimes exaggerate things that make it seem
like they are lying.

I will get back to you tomorrow.

Your Friend,


  1. One of my best friends has bipolar. Somehow she got hooked up with you, Dave, and you have totally revolutionized both our lives. Thank YOu!

    I am helping her make a plan; I no longer stress out when she ‘changes’ on me; and I am helping her manage her money, time, and priorities. she is currently finishing her GED and doing well. I am so proud of her and the way she is using the information you have provided.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Dave Its me Roe, all that you say in your news letters is true, I know, been with someone with this disorder for 21 years. Dont let them get to you! I know thats hard I know cause It gets to me. You do good work, keep it up! you make a diffrence in peoples lives!!!!!!!!

    your friend Roseanna,

  3. Dave,
    Hi, I have been receiving your emails for about the past six to eight months and I always enjoy reading them. The one about lies is very interesting to me I have been dealing with this problem all of my life. I have always wandered why this happens to me and it has caused many MAJOR problems in my life I am not a vicious person and sometimes I wander why I choose to take this avenue. I have often thought about this thinking is it because I am ashamed of what I have done or not done? Anyway, if you could reply back to me about how your meeting went and if your doctor of $650 an hour gave you any info on this subject. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Nicole L Sacco

  4. Hey, just read your recent email (3-1-7) regarding the lady that let you have it. Sounds to me like two possibilities exist with her. 1. She’s overwhelmed by her family members situation and, 2. She’s got her own issues. Welcome to the nasty thing called Bipolar disorder. I feel for her, I really do. Each case and situation is different yet the same. Don’t give up! Quiting, although very desireable, isn’t going to help your family. You may be the only one that can help her. My wife was diagnosed 1 yr ago this very week. Up to that point I went through the roughest times in my life, period. I packed my bags several times during this past year. If you let it, bipolar WILL beat you. Stay strong, find someone to listen to you. Don’t settle for just ANY answer. Educate yourself, use the internet, get involved in a good solid church. Don’t try to hold it all in. You’ll self destruct. I’m 39 yrs. old, married going on 18 years, together almost 20, 4 kids, business owner, small town. This thing rocked me to the core of my being. It doesnt make sense and it doesn’t care about you. You have to fight for your family. It’s not fair but you have too!

  5. Dave
    I read about you yesterday and was very interested in what you had to say. I unfortunately cannot afford your info and sorta understand the lady who was mad.
    We are constantly being told to watch out for con men and this does sound a little to good to be true. I have been diagnosed with bipolar after a suicide attempt in late Nov.06 You are right about the info you find on the web, it’s all the same and not helping me at all. I am on medication but don’t like the out of mind way I feel and am very discouraged with my support system. He seems to be waiting for me to “snap out of it”
    I will try your info some day soon, I feel like it’s got to be worth it, My other options don’t seem to be. thank you for your time. Carri

  6. I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar in 1993 though it is estimted that I’ve had it since the age of 8. My mood changes landed me into all kinds of trouble it/I was so misunderstood beatings with mood swings went hand in hand and I did very poorly all through out school eventually dropping out when I was 15. I was unable to hold a job and am currently on disability.
    I am a former musician and all of the friends I once had became invisable. My wife thinks she understands what I’m going through but she cannot comprehend the shear enormity of the beast. Moeny is like water the in which it flows through my hands although I have made some in roads in that area by taking command of 2 of my credit cards. However, in the early 2000s I became manic for about 6 weeks nobody noticed I proceeded to empty a bank account of $30,000 part of our retirement savings spending it all in that 6 week period with only a necklace and 2 taatoo’s to show for it. I’ve messed with my percriptions changing them and increasing them. There really isn’t much that I haven’t done mind you now and David might diagree these shenanigens were involuntary but I could see myself doing it like watching a movie or something but was powerless to stop it. I also suffer with migraine since the age of 10 only diagnosed in 1982. If you want to see a medicine cabinet over flowing take a look at mine. I’ve been scene by 5 psychiatrist beginning in 1983 and misdiagnosed by the first two and one of these guts is now head of psychiatry at 1 of our major hospitals. I have 3 doctors that take care of me and during the last 2 years I been relatively balanced but my meds are alter or changed all the time depending on my mood of the day. From 2000 to 2005 I attempted suicide 5 times because of the drug Prozac which I stopped taking on my own in January 2005 since then those thoughts those dark thoughts are gone. My disability is permanent at the age of 47 I had, had 29 jobs some of which were very good with the majority as bad as you can get. My attitude cut me down all the time and I’ve never held on to a position longer than 4 years. But I have managed to acquire through out that employment period 3 astounding positions for somebody like me but I lost those as well.
    There is no magic cure for Bi-Polar Disorder it is only recently that the medical community at least here in Canada refer to it as a disease. 1 in 5 Canadians has a mental illness 1 in 100 has scizophrenia also in Canada mental illness receives the very least amount of funding. I currently take daily 300mg lithium 3 times per day down from 4 just a while ago lithium is the most common of drugs used by Bi-Polar patients ultimately to establish that critical balance. I also take Wellbutrin 300mg per day just recently increased from 150mg. I also take Mirtazapine 45mg at bedtime and Clonazepam .5mg 3 times per day thta’s just for Bi-Polar it does not include my migraines. Its hard but treat yourself well believe it or not treatment works best when you have a hobby of sorts. Though you may not want to go for a walk allow yourself to accept some responsibility nothing great at first start small. Remember I said earlier about handly 2 of my credit cards I’ve been doing that for 2 years now without missing a payment. I receive an allowance I pay my bills and whatever is left over is mine. If I can see the world differently unlike before with a new look with hope starring right back at me in the face you can too. Don’t give up on yourself it really is not a difficult thing to do.

  7. Dave, What little information that you have sent me so as lifted a terrible burden off me, for years I have dealt with my sisters vicious attacks, on me and my family, the lies she told on me and other family members creating situations that will never be resolved. Now I am not left wondering what I did or said to make her hate me so.
    After 50 years I am finally free of guilt. Thank you, and may God continue to bless you.

  8. I have BP . I live with my Husband and Daughter, I spend most of my time trying to control myself, figuring out what mood I will be in next and running the household. In the meantime my Husband behaves like he is the hard done by one,”Poor me” look at what I have to put up with, your moodyness and temper tantrums. He says he Wont put up with it any longer.Several times I have tried to explain to him about BP, obviously not good enough as he still thinks I,m just being a B*tch. What can I do to make him understand the true and real meaning of Bipolar.

  9. I am so sorry there are people who demonstrate such lack of understanding or more importantly appreciation for your extraordinary efforts in educating the Bipolar community. Your efforts clearly to me are based on very unselfish motives and deserve the utmost respect. We deeply thankyou for your consistency and courage in leading the way with your hard earned knowledge. Keep up the great work!!

  10. David, i totally understand where you and that lady are coming from. I have Bi-Polar II disorder. I am also a survivor. After all the hell I went through to get stable, I am finally doing what it takes for me to rejoin the work force. I started online schooling last week and it’s going great. But enough about me. You are right that you have most likely spent more on your knowledge then most of us could imagine. Having said that many of us can not afford to purchase your program. I know I can’t. On the other hand you are right about the free information that is out there and what you offer. Yes she and others like her should be greatful that someone is willing to share what they have learned to be successful strategies for living with this illness. If the people out there can’t afford to buy your course then they can certainly get he information from people like me who have and are offering what we know on our personal blogs. Yes I ahve a blog offering Bi-Polar Support. I believe it is my duty as a survivor to share what I have learned.

  11. David, I can understand both yours and the other ladies feeling about getting information for free. If your were simply offering it over the internet on a blog as I do, no it wouldn’t cost you anything. Therefore you could just give it away. Beings how you are offering this information in the form of a class experience with study guides and manuals, yes you should at the very least be re-embursed for that cost. I understand that some people can not afford to make one big payment for this course and that can cause some distress but that isn’t your fault. I know because I considered making the purchase without consulting my husband, you know those impulses that we have that get us in trouble. I do plan to purchase the full course. Although, I am already a survivor. I don’t think I have learned everything I can about managing my illness. Yes, I said my illnes. I have Bi-Polar II Disorder. Yes, my life was wreck before coming to a complete a total break down of my ablity to even function, even then it was another year before I got the diagnosis. I was crazy. They wanted to put me in a home for the mentally ill. I got lucky and had a supportive family that said no way. They (the treatment team at the time) also said that it was only expected for me to have minimal recovery. Through many of the techniques that you teach in your course that I had to learn on my own I am now in school so I can work in an enviroment that will caiter to my stress threshold. I think it’s great what you are doing. I wish more people out there would be willing to invest some of there time to helping others with this illness. I have my own blog where I give help and support to as many I can but I don’t have the resourses to make it widely know through advertising that I am here. So I aplaud you for doing it. Not too many would.

  12. I appreciate your letter and comments. I don’t sign up for the inner circle because i don’t do chat rooms . but aI do appreciate your advice ect and the news items.Because I am between jobs I never order what I can’t pay for which is most things that I want. Being that I have been dianosed as a bipolar level 2 I do have stronge tendencies/ urges I have fight. I tend to be in one cycle for a while then eventually i notice a difference in ny thinking and staying on my meds when I don’t feel they are doing much. but I do. I get overwelmed with too much going on around me get irrated quick and for a long time my doctor thought I was borderline but no longer thinks so. some days I have so much energy and nothing to do but run on the spot which my childern view a crazy , but I say better then what I could do if I didn’t try to be aware of my own tendecies. right, right.

  13. PLEASE HELP-your site is great, as are your daily stories and comments–i don’t feel so alone anymore. QUESTION-I have been on meds for bp for sine years, but as I have aged, have become reactive to those meds.On mood stablizers, I gag and throw up so much I have to stay in bed or go home; oon antipsychotics, my joints hust so bad, I can’t walk or sleep. Dr. is trying to get “cocktail”, buit from first visit, wanted me to do ECT. I just got ssdi 2 days ago, and finally last night took a stabilizer for 24 hrs to think straight enough to stop my family from having me committed and taking over my payments by declaring mr incompetent (yes-I have REALLY spent money during episodes and my son has been handling my alimony check). Please help with ECT experience or any other. Thanks again to all. Sharon

  14. I have bipolar 2 and for a long time my doctor thought I was borderline personality disorder now she thinks differently. I try hard to be aware of the cycle I mihgt be in sometime alittle late but I try. most of the time I am down i do get disphoric type sympoms both up and down. some times I am so down my arm and whole body feel like wieghts are tied every where to hold me done.(try doing a typing test when you fingers are like lead) other time when I am up every thing gets done fast and no one keeps up to me I litterly have to run on the spot because i have so much energy which I have been told makes me look crazy. my moods are very unstable at times I can be cranky one min and joyus the next. my sister in law is bipolar 1 we grate on each other not unpurpose just happens. she is bad for not taking her meds and so does extreme things and then convienly for get them. we usally forgive one another but it it intense. I have come to realize that in my life course i have to take my meds kay they aren’t a cure all but they do help and I just don’t know why she can’t come to the same conclusiion.

  15. is anyone interested in working with me in some way to help dave with grants for getting this infomation to more people (like psy offices, hospitals, etc)? – and to be able to get this info to those of us who know it’s there, but can’t afford it? please let me know. Thanks-Sharon

  16. lies,lies and more lies… sad but truth. You are doing ok and I think you sharing your comments is wonderful, in my case my realationship with a bipolar loved one ended. We found oportunistic doctors who took advantage of the situation and got her hooked on all kinds of prescribed drugs, until it was impossible to be there or fight against the dealers. The only decent doctor was from New Orleans, a wonderful human being who really made progress, but she wanted pills so she decided not to see him anymore and that was it. Last time I saw her she was in bad shape, had no insurance anymore, and was a junkie, she cried and tried to manipulate me in to staying, but I called our doctor and when I told him what she was taking he very gently said get out now, you are in a no win situation and could get in trouble, she needs to go to rehab, and that is something only she can decide. Now she hates me and it breaks my heart but that is nothing knew the last years she would break my heart, insult me, accuse me, etc..in my hear she will always be a special part, but she was destroying me and there was no remorse in that destruction, she would turn in to a monster.

  17. Dear Dave,

    I just read your comments about the email you received from Mary. I feel really bad for her. She must be very desperate and frustrated to have left such a message. I plan on buying your course on supporting a loved one next month and I know it is going to help my family imensely. I also plan on buying your course for people with bipolar for my daughter when I can. Maybe Mary really, really needs help and can’t afford it. I would be willing to make a contribution toward a course for Mary.


  18. well dave. 1 of the medications for bipolar that i find works better than depakote and seroquill, is alcohol. The person who wrote that letter, would of had to be drunk, and having an eposode. I used to act like that also, and we all have to have an understanding what this disease may do to certain people. I cannot really believe that this person meant what she said, at the time she said it. She may not even remember.


  19. Hi Dave. Not sure if you got the other blog I posted. I need your website again and please tell me where I an find some of the free info in there? I wish I could afford all your info. I have read some books and talked to the doctors and the therapists and when I think I understand the disease I get blind sided by it again and just like that it’s over with. The cycle anyway. Just like someone flipped the lights back on. It’s bright and clear. I’ve stressed out so bad I have an ulcer! If anyone can give me pointers I could really use them. My boyfriend and I have been together for a 1 1/2 years and he cycles real bad where he needs to be hospitalized 2 or 3 times a year. He becomes violent sometimes and I feel like sometimes I spend my whole life calming him down. Thanks for listening.


  20. Hi Dave
    You will never please everyone. You have certainly helped my husband and I. Since we bought your course my husband has got a job and attends his doctor regularly. In fact his doctor is eager to read your course too. So who knows how many other people you are going to help here in Bahrain.
    Thank you for everything you have done to help us.

  21. My 22 year old daughter had her first psychotic episode 3 years ago. She has since been diagnosed with bipolar 1 and generalized anxiety disorder. The free information I have received from you has helped immensely. Specifically, I went to a couple support groups and hated them. I felt worse after I left. After reading your opinion that successful people aren’t at support groups I understood why. What you say about support groups for people with bipolar is so true…they talk about what meds they are on and they should only be discussing that with their doctors. The other thing I’ve learned from you is to have a plan. My husband and I have a plan for everything in our lives now and how whatever situation might affect my daughter and what we will do to help her stay stable, or give her meds, etc. My daughter is just now coming to terms with having bipolar disorder. We’re hoping some day she will take her meds on her own as opposed to being court ordered and I have to give them to her every night. The good news is she is doing well right now and working part time. Since I had to quit my job last year when she had her second psychotic episode, I can’t afford to buy your course. But I’ve learned it’s not about money or the things you can purchase. It’s about education and there is a lot of free education. Being able to afford the best doctor would be nice too, but I don’t have the budget for that either. The mental health care system in Arizona is pretty good, and with my involvment in her care, she gets really good care and she has a doctor that we both like. I think…more so than money for the best doctors or paying for information, it takes a commitment to educate yourself and be involved, at least for a family member. For the sufferer of bipolar disorder, however, if he/she can afford to buy a course instead of having to do as much research as I’ve done, you’re offering an invaluable service. Thank you so much for the free tips and seminars you offer. I hope your mom continues to do well as I’m sure you hope the same for my daughter.

  22. Dave, first response ever. My son is bipolar and for awhile I just forwarded your emails to him. I didn’t push just put it out there for him to choose. Didn’t take him long to sign on for your free course. I would love to be able to afford your complete course and maybe in time we will be able to do that. For now, we are settling for your free course and I look forward to every email you send. There have been a few lately that have really put my dander up, and I have to think that maybe those people have just not been diagnosed yet…..Honey, you just keep on, keeping on, and try not to let them get to you. I know it’s hard, but there is no way to please every one. Thought you’d just like to hear from the positive end. Thank you so very much for your time and your trouble.

  23. Dear Dave,

    My husband is one of the high-functioning bi-polar sufferers you describe. He is currently working as a volunteer director/co-ordinator who does taxes for seniors and low-income people, and thereby helps them get the earned-income credit they would not otherwise receive. Thanks to hints you left on the free portion of your daily dialogue with us, I helped encourage him to stick it out when he was threatening to quit while going through the early, difficult process of recruiting volunteers to staff his service site. Now he is being lauded for the large number of people they have served, and the money he has been able to get for them. Through the tips and encouragement in your emails, indirectly you have helped many more people than you know. Do you understand why I appreciate you so much? XO, Carolyn

  24. I am here forthe first time, and couldn’t find the right thing to say, or how to shorten it all into a paragraph. I found alot of sense in the letter i got, and I’m interested in becoming part of “your community” I really am in denial. What is bipolar, and what is life?n Especially at 22

  25. I appreciate all you have done to reach out to others (like me) who are struggling to understand this disorder. Even though I cannot afford your course right now, the tidbits of information you have given me in your newsletter have helped me immensely, and I can’t thank you enough!

    I believe my husband suffers from bi-polar disorder, even though he doesn’t recognize it (but sees it in his own son, who is just like him!) – and sometimes I think I must have lost my mind because he tells so many lies and then denies having said any of them! So when I read your article regarding the telling of “lies,” I laughed out loud because I knew that finally I found someone who has been there, and can give me some much-needed nuggets of information.

    So, I want to thank you for caring enough to help those of us who didn’t know there was somebody out there who understands, and that we are not alone after all!

  26. I’m diagnosed with Bipolar disorder and struggle with it day to day! I don’t take my meds like I should! I’ve been called everything from krazy to just plain faking the illness. haha if they only knew!I find that your emails hit home and are entertaining at the same time! Its nice to know that people like you Dave care how we handle situations with Biploar! I particulary enjoyed the 3 friends freak out email! Having a plan to all the things that can happen is a good thing! keep em comming Dave. Thankyou!

  27. NOT WHO I AM

    My life can be chaotic,
    so I have to take meds.
    Some days I fight to get out of bed.

    I cry,
    Night and day
    no penance for the price I pay

    Irritation is a rule,
    I learn hard to ignore.
    Can’t keep up to me they’re such bores.

    When everything is beautiful.
    Hard to control,
    To work steadily with out any goals

    My ups and downs are not easy,
    bipolar is a disorder perhaps a disease.
    A unique individual I am if you please.

    I love ,
    people, places and things,
    dream of creation and kings.

    I am a mom,
    daughter, sister, wife
    how I love to live my life.

    So please,
    don’t think you know me,
    until you have sat with me for tea.

    Patricia Manzano

  28. Spiral of my Mind

    I spiral up high..
    So much power I seem to fly
    floating, spining through time
    life is gleeful a joy to behold

    I spiral down low
    hitting the bottom fast
    living is painful
    the pressure builds
    agitation, loss, and despair
    I cease to be

    As a spring I jump back to the top
    spiraling at the top
    excitement and new journeys awaits
    I rule with radiant beauty

    What goes up must come down
    my high adventure crashes down hard

    An emotional spiral
    a tired lightening bolt I become
    up and down catch me if you can

    Where am I today?
    In the spiral of my mind.

    Patricia Manznao
    Author’s Comments:
    “a bi-polar view point”

  29. Dave, don’t worry about people calling you an ahole. People want instant cures for there bi-polar, but there isn’t any. I have bi-polar and went to your website and bought your info. on it. It has truly helped me in dealing with my illness. You have been more helpful than most therapists out there. Don’t get me wrong, I am still seeing my therapist, but your info. has helped me understand what he is telling me. Keep up the good work!

  30. Hi Dave,
    I apprecaite all the help and advice that you share daily. My daughter has bipolar but does not live at home. She is currently taking her meds, going to out patient therapy and attending AA meetings weekly. This illness is like riding a roller coaster, at times it is frightning and seems impossible but then you weather the up and downs. My daughter does has a real problem not with lying but with managing money -in fact she does not have any . She just started working after being uable to work for sometime. She was living with her boyfriend but now she called to say she wants to live on her own. I tried to tell her to wait until she had some money set aside but she became quite angry with me and when I asked her how she planned to do this she yelled at me and said that I never believed in her. I have always helped her in the past but I am now facing my own financial problems and I can’t. I just cleared most of her upaid bills. How can I have an emergency plan for her when she refuses to even talk about it? She gets very defensive and then when she does not have an answer she will try to blame me for her situation.
    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Your friend,

  31. Dave,
    this is Ebony and i have been a part of the bi-polars support group thing since you started it. In the beginning i had medical insurance and a doctor and a theropist and all that good stuff. Now I am divorced and I no longer have any medical insurance or a doctor or medicine or any of that good stuff. I have no ideal what is going on with me I feel like i m going crazier by the noment. any suggestions for me. I am at my wits end literially.

  32. Hi guys, I’ve never done this before. I’m 28 and have bipolar. I have been trying to self manage myself with meditation and doing alot of sole searching over the years but now am finally able to admit I need professional help!
    I went to see a mental health clinic today & have an appointment with a phyc doctor in a few weeks. I will proberly go on mood balancing drugs whilst I’m getting councelling to help me get balanced and stop having so many ups and down. I have 2 small children aged 5 & 7 and a supportive but concerned partner. He is not sure how he can help me and we have decided together that we need to get professional help. I tend to have vicious cycles of ups and down and I know I need to get help. The only problem is my partner really does not understand Bipolar or understand how to help me. I know this is the first step and hope that I may be on the road of recovery. Both my partner and I have signed up to your supporter online support club. I would like to talk to other people in a simular situation.

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