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Today I got a rather disturbing email from someone saying that somewhere on my site was pointing to a specific product that is sold for people with bipolar that is no good. I don’t want to mention it’s name but I HATE this product. I have banned all ads of this product on my site.

If you haven’t noticed, I have google ads on my site. Google.com is a search engine and you can list ads on your site to make some extra money. I do this to help support my site so I don’t go broke.

Sometimes these people, who I think are con artists, slip ads for this product through and my team catches them and bans the offending ads. If you EVER see something wrong, email me or better yet, call me on the phone and I will look into it ASAP.

Anyway, someone wrote me today about how this ad was somewhere on my site I am pointing to this product. I have no idea where. I have 800 pages on my site.

This person wrote me:

“Over a year ago I thought you were sincere and for real. Now, I think you’re an undiagnosed manic depressive person with a grandiose idea to make money.
Welcome to the club, my man. Now you’re thinking like a manic depressive!!! Rake it in!!”

I have a couple of questions for this person that I have emailed to her as well:

1. Where am I pointing to this site?
2. Why didn’t you call me?
3. Why do you think that I am a “undiagnosed manic depressive person” isn’t that an insult to people who have bipolar? In my mind, it’s like, something bad was done, well let’s call him a manic depressive. Does this mean that bad things are only done by manic depressive people? Of course not! I don’t even have bipolar disorder and this is offensive to me.
4. How am “I thinking like a manic depressive?”

Why do people who have bipolar disorder, love to say that I have it or that when someone does something wrong it’s because they have bipolar?

Sometimes I have stated a point on a subject. Someone has disagreed and then ended the conversation with, you must be bipolar yourself? It’s really strange. I am not sure if this makes people feel better or what?

This make absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

What do you think?


  1. Dave,

    As somone with bipolar disorder, I can tell you that somtimes and particularly when we are not in our right minds, we do and say things that we later regret. I’ll be honest when I was first learning about my condition, I felt the website was unhelpful because it wasn’t directed towards people like myself, but was more for supporters, you took the time to email me back and explain to me what your company does. I was impressed by your dedication and the way care for those you don’t even know suffering from this illness.
    All that aside Dave, I have to say the articles and info I have recieved from your website have been extremely valuable in my, recovery and stability and they’ve has also helped me sympathize with how difficult it can be for loved ones to deal with this illness.
    It’s pretty obvious you’re a dedicated person motivated by the fact that you have had to support your mother. I find what you’re doing to be truly admirable, and don’t think there is anything wrong with the fact that you have found a way to make this website profitable for yourself.
    In fact, isn’t that what everyone wants in life, to earn money doing something you’re passionate about? As for those who act before they think, well I think at this point you know that what you’re doing is the right thing, there is no other website on the net that has as much info about this disease as yours, it’s been a lifesaver, so keep up the amazing work!

  2. A couple of things:

    Thanks for explaining the Google Ads – I don’t really like a bunch of ads for things I don’t think work so I am glad you actively check them out.

    Second, I think in the world of bipolar disease there is a lot of black and white. So if something is “bad” than it is “manic”. I don’t agree with it, but that has been my experience. I have also learned not to take some things personally when spoken in anger. I have Bipolar Disorder Type II and I have learned that sometimes I say things in the heat of anger that I regret later. I find that a “let it roll off your back” approach helps when dealing with unwanted comments. I also try to apply that when dealing with my own emotions; but if I am having a bad day (despite the medications I take), well then, I will take things personally and over-react.

    I don’t know if this helps, but I hope it does.

  3. Hi David,
    I would like to thank you for trying to help people with bipolar disorder. Far too kind 🙂
    I appreciate what you do because I cannot find any appropriate resource to learn more about myself and the illness I am going through.
    Recently, I feel like I have no control over my life. I am not in manic stage. I am under medication and feel like a normal person. I am working as an executive assistant in a firm.
    However, there is something wrong with my feelings. I am an over sensitive person. I over react to almost everything. Every day, I begin a day saying that I will be calm, nice and cool. Of course it is not easy to control any kind of feelings.
    My love life is terrible. I could never have a long relationship. I am 29 years old now and I don’t believe that a guy would like to marry someone who is taking a lot of pills daily and have routine doctor control for the level of lithium.
    These are my feelings and thoughts of the bipolar illness I am going through.
    Thanks for your time indeed

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