Great letter to the editor


My friend Nancy wrote this and got it published in her paper. I think it’s good:

May 9, 2005
Letter to the Editor:
There’s something rotten in Denmark. Changes in the Medicaid bill that are set to take place a year from January are going to affect the people who can least afford it—those people with disabilities such as the old and the mentally ill who are dual recipients of both Medicaid and Medicare. Medicaid will no longer pay for their medications. These will be turned over to Medicare, and will include a deductible and a co-payment. Many people on limited income such as Social Security Disability and SSI will not be able to afford this money and therefore will be unable to afford the medicine that keeps them well. This is a huge problem that will cause untold misery for many families, and finally will cost more money to taxpayers because of the disruption in family life that it will cause. People who have previously been able to live on their own and work part-time will not have the medicine that keeps them well. It is lucky that we have built more jails in the state of Texas, because that is where the most of the disabled will end up. This is NOT what a country that boasts of family values is all about! We brag about taking care of our own, but turning people who already are dealing with monumental problems and illness out into the street is not the way to do that. Please write your congressman or congresswoman about this unacceptable situation.

Nancy Fitz-Gerald Viens

  1. Please tell me this isn’t true. I am on SSI and bearly making it. I have lupus, fibromyalgia, CAD, bipolar and a host of other maladies related to these conditions. I am on 16 medications a month. I CANNOT afford to pay for those medications myself!

    I will definitely be writing my congressman! Thanks for posting the link!

  2. Ok I think I have this figured out guys. Sorry I am probably in a reply section that does not correspond w/any title.

    I originally tried posting on 5/23/05 and blog post never showed uip so I thought I was doing something wrong. (kind of new at this computer stuff.)

    Well any way Dave thank you your mini sessions and emails have been a great source of info for me!!!!

    Keep up the good work and hope you get to read this one 🙂


  3. I hope you are doing better today. You sure have gone thrugoh a lot this week. I don’t know why kids take up for their dads. As you know mine did also. The last aim conversation sounded like him. I hope your husband tells them to be supportive. That’s is all we need to be understood and love shown to us. It helps immensely. Why people don’t study up on our condition or they just get frustrated I don’t get. At least he sounds not to abuse you and call you names. Let God guide you give it all over to him. He knows what you are going thrugoh. Forgive all those that have wounded you. Ask him to help you he will answer. Once you get stabilized you will be better too. You are going thrugoh a lot right now. You are wounded and feeling abandoned. I know where you are because you know I have been there. I started to stabilize when I stopped taking abuse over the internet. I forgave everyone if my life for wounding me. I know I did not deserve what happened, but, it happened anyway.If you haven’t heard now there will probally be war in Lebanon. I guess God wanted me out before it happened. Now I will trust him to protect my family over there. It does not look good.Hang in there you are doing better than you think you have your BFF. She really understands and supports you and you have me and others that read your blog. Everyone has trials in life that will make us stronger if we give it to God to handle. We just have more because of our illnesses. You go girl!

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