URGENT Bipolar Lesson, Man Threatens To Kill Me And Apology


I have to say sorry to several of you.

It’s been a tough couple of weeks. The volume of
this organization has grown way beyound what I have

Unfortunately, we have droppd the ball or fallen
short in a few areas-shipping and customer service.

If you ordered one of my three courses in Februrary
or early March:




There may have been some delays for about 5%
of the people.

On the shipping side, we had two situations
that have delayed orders. One was that our printer
didn’t get material to us in a timley fashion, and
secondly the services we have used to ship packages
have “lost” a batch of packages.

On top of it, when they “lose” a batch of courses
they do not offer refunds to me.

Also, I have spoken to many of you about customer
service issues related to delayed and lost packages.
I may have been short with you or not the most friendly
I am sorry. I am really stressed
and under tremendous pressure due.

I have used, 2100 minutes this week on my cell phone
talking to people.

Customer Service, a lot of which I do all myself has
been tough:

One guy threatened to kill me because he says that I
am telling people to go to doctors and doctors kill people.
Imagine getting a call and someone screams I am going to
kill you you stupid mother f@%$$#@.

Another woman called the Police and says that I stole
her c.redit c.ard from her house and placed an order
and sent it to her????? She obviously is really ill.

Another person called and says they ordered from
me and wants a refund. Problem is, have spending
hours figuring this out, they orderd a book from
the amazon.com bookstore which has nothing to do with me.
After HOURS of her screaming at me, she said, “oh
sorry” and just hung up on me.

You have no idea what kind of nonsense I have
to deal with from people in episodes and making
stuff up that I have to figure out or defend.

Then I have had several people want to hire me
by the hour and others want to fly me to their
house and have me act as a daily consultant–which
I don’t do at this point.

Anyway, it’s been a hard last 7 days so if anyone
felt rushed by me, I am sorry and I will
be more than happy to get back to you next week.

What Am I Doing To Fix This?

Okay, as of yesterday I have commited thousands of
dollars in new software, consultants and systems to
fix these problems and make sure they don’t happen again.

All courses that have been delayed and “lost” have
been reshipped at my expense. Anyone who ordered
in the last 7 days will have no problems at all. So
if you are interested in getting one of my courses
today, there are no shipping problems.

If you are missing one of my courses/systems and more
than two weeks has past, please allow a few more days
and then contact me at: http://www.bipolarcentral.com/contact.asp

The printer, shippers, cd duplicators and other people
who have been creating problems have all been spoken
to and have fixed ALL problems. I have double, triple
and quadruple checked this all day yesterday.

I have fired one person in my organization for failure
to perform.

I hired somenoe to handle made up accusations and will
be forwarding and threats or extreme lies to the proper
authorities. Just because one has bipolar disorder,
that doesn’t give them the right to say and do anything
they want even if they have a mental illness. That’s a
hard lesson for some folks to learn but they are going
to learn it from me that’s for sure.

I am sincerely sorry for this and I am currently working
16 hours a day to correct these problems. I am currently
not even taking any consulting assisgnments for Private Equity
and Investment Banking Firms until this is all fixed fully.

If you want to get one of my courses like:




It will be shipped on time with no delays. So don’t be afraid
that if you order, it won’t get to you. It will.


If you are supporting someone with bipolar disorder. Learn
this lesson from me. You probably have missed all kinds of things,
forgot stuff, not been yourself at work, or in things that
you are involved in.

I believe the best policy is 100% honesty. When my mom was not
doing well, I had to forget doing a lot of things. I couldn’t
help friends that needed it. I could do thing that I promised
I would do because something always came up with my mom.

I simply couldn’t do a lot of what I was suppose to do.

I was totally honest with people and NOBODY got mad at me. I know
that some supporters hide what is going on and I can see why. Maybe
they don’t want to say it’s related to bipolar disorder.

Here’s a tip: You can say your loved one has medical problem.
BUT, I have noticed if you are not honest, people will guess
or research on their own and either guess wrong OR find out
and then it will be worse.

So you may want to strongly consider the 100% honest and upfront

This is why I told you why there were customer service and shipping

When you are in the war against bipolar disorder, things happen
and you can’t control it. So my advice is to let people know.

I have to take off for the day. Again I am really sorry to those
who have had a delay in getting what they ordered AND those
that I have spoken to and I was rather short. Please forgive me.

Your Friend,


P.S. Check out my F.ree blog with copies of emails that I have sent in the past and lots of great information for you:

P.P.S Check out my F.ree podcast. Hear me give mini seminars designed to teach you information you can’t learn anywhere else.http://bipolarcentral.libsyn.com/

  1. i agree with beig upfront and honest with resect your illness or that of others. where as it does not give people the right to trample on others it does enlighten those who just thought you were being a jerk to perhaps give a little lee way or drop a dead end conversation.

  2. David, Take a deep breathe, you can only do so much at a time. And, frustrating yourself does not help anyone including yourself. Remember you are not a stomping post for others, if you are trying your best and being legit about everything, then it will work out in the end. You show an extreme amount of patience with others, try some for yourself, you deserve some also. Good Luck.

  3. Dear Dave

    I am so sorry to hear that you’ve received so much flack from people. Nobody deserves that; especially as you are working so hard to help people too. You are so right to be honest and open. My thoughts and wishes go with you.

    Sincerely, Debbi

  4. Hang in there. Growing a business is tough enough and having an accidental business that grows like crazy is really tough. You are going to have to stop giving so much of yourself away. I know there are zillions of people who need your help. The people who PAY for your course and DO WHAT IT SAYS to do are the ones that really want and value your help. Let the others fall to the side. Visions of people hanging on the struts of helicopers lifting off the roof of the Saigon Embassy comes to mind.

  5. Sounds like you have been having a really rough time lately Dave; which is not fair at all! You spend so much of your time trying to help people understand all the aspects of bipolar and I know it can’t be easy. Keep the faith and hang in there! I read everyone of your newsletters and have gotten alot of valuable info. from them. Take care!

  6. Ok, are u not used to being threatened and being sworn at ‘working’ in the field u are. As right now i am hating my psychologist and i’m being so-so with the psychiatrist. Those who help the most become the first enemy as its a sort of like ‘u dont understand’and then we go pout actually rage.
    I think also instead of running away from my doctor i see i have to go to hospital as bed has been booked and yet i keep on cancelling because i feel these little chats will help more instead of the hospital. i know i said last week i’m going to the hospital but its too much work to pack and to notify HR about my absence and being forced to get up everyday at the hospital is too much(in south africa we have human right commission so they cant discriminate by letting me go but it has impacted on being promoted and so i work hard which has made me hate my job). To take the meds is so much work even if u come up with a strategy;u wont understand what goes in the head. BAck to the killing threats i wanted to just share that i had also threatened to burn my mothers house unless she told me what made her say i was crazy and moody when i was young and did she know maybe that something was wrong with me as my father and paternal grandmother seem to have the same problem and the crazy label. So everytime they make the comments depending what stage i’m in i threaten to burn the house down or when i’m driving with the family i threaten to crash the car so we all die. But its just a threat.

  7. The most important thing you did here was to apologise openly. The most important thing your clients can do is to forgive you. It’s OK to make mistakes—It’s the only way to learn and move on! I hope your other bipolar subscribers are reading this carefully. This process of saying sorry and forgiving can actually heal us…

  8. Don’t quit, do not even frail
    for there is light, the end of the tunnel.
    Laugh and the world laughs with you
    come on guys LAUGH!! it helps you to keep going.

    Hi hope the above is appropriate, just interested to know that alot of publications indicate BD affects their speech sometimes, is this true cos my son suddenly stammers then doesnt then does when he was 18months old now he doesnt and is 6 yrs old with mood swings whilst eating for the queens soldiers!Food keeps him more settled why??

  9. Sounds like a typical day in customer service! Now you see why I don’t do customer service anymore.
    For Victoria: no, you’re not imagining things. Blood sugar and proper diet do affect mood disorders. Also, as kids go through growth spurts, they tend to regress a little. I have a kid with autism, so I know what you’re talking about.

  10. Sorry for your troubles, Dave. Everyone here has made great comments. Would it help to say years from now you’ll look back at this and laugh? How about, “This too, shall pass.” Keep your spirits up! ~peace~ Romy

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