Here is the current Bipolar Disorder news.

Here is the current Bipolar Disorder news.


Here are SOME headlines:

Antidepressants Risky for Bipolar II?

Study: Bipolar Disorder Commonly Misdiagnosed

Jane Pauley: Tackling the Stigma of Bipolar Disorder

Toward A Test For Childhood Detection Of Risk Of Bipolar Disorder
And Schizophrenia

Man dies after hit from stun gun

Fry opens up about attempted suicide

and much more

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  1. hi, dave im a c-4 puad in a wheelchair for 20 yrs. i broke my neck. so i’m on a fixed income. just got back on internet a read from 2-26 to todays email in two days. everything dave sent and have been on all the sites in the emails. dave i would really love to know as much as posible on bipolar disorder that i can. i need to learn how to work with a loved one.
    i met a woman in aug. 2006 we fell in love. some people would say this is quick but on dec.30 we done a union of a relation, blessed through the church. we told each other in are hearts we’re like married and love one another. she moved in with her son in oct. she got of her meds and now she is living with her father. she left feb. 26. we’ve talk some and have seen each other4 times in just over three weeks. i know she loves me she shows it and tells me when we talk and see each other. i have learned her family knows nothing on how to help her i’m trying to learn but i can’t afford the books and courses.
    the one arm story i can’t get out of my head. as i said i just read it. i can understand about the why question. i’ve been quilty myself from this chair, and she tries to figure out why she is the way she is too.
    i need help, i love this woman. i’ve tried to be apart of her healing but she isn’t being to socialable. she is ( i feel ) hiding. she told me a week or so ago her councler said it was a good thing for us to be apart. so i’m i the dark right now and everything i’ve read so far she can’t do it alone but she says she needs to pick up the broken pieces herself. i’m trying to find a way to help both of us and her six years old son that started to call me dad, what a great honor. all that i’ve been told by some people is give her, her space or do you need this uncertainty in your life. all i can say is my heart said yes.
    oh, i only got part 1 and part 4 of your mini course.
    p.s. dave i hope you do read this. i need help.
    hope to become a freind. bob

  2. Hi David

    Hi Bob

    Just some friendly advice, I live with a partner the same and I’m sure his daughter is too she put her boyfriend through the same thing, they’re back together after we advised the chap to give her space and not get too clingy. They are fine for now but I guess its harder for women through their menstrual cycle too. I’ve painfully learned not to take things too personally (easy said than done believe me). I do know that its best not to argue with them in their episodes.
    Just like to ask an interesting question do you believe in the EPA ingrediant. I’ve put my partner on these Omega 3s and it seem to be helping with his sleep better and he is more chirpier! Quite scary really when I’m usually accustomed to his mad swings.

    Anyway take care

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