The First Step To Success With Bipolar Disorder


How’s it going?

You know, many people look at my mom’s story and ask, “What’s the secret? How did she do it?”

After thinking about this question for many months, I have identified the key to her success with bipolar disorder.

It was the fact that she accepted that she had bipolar disorder and she took the diagnosis very seriously.

I think that’s the first step to success with bipolar disorder.

You can’t do anything else until you first do what my mom did.
If you look at most people who DON’T manage their bipolar disorder successfully, you find they do not accept that they have this disorder.

You also find they do not take their Bipolar Disorder seriously at all. These individuals continually pretend they do not have Bipolar Disorder. They almost never learn anything
about Bipolar Disorder and how it is successfully treated.
This is a HUGE mistake!
From the tens of thousands of people on my mailing list all over the world, from speaking with the individuals that work for me who have Bipolar Disorder, and from talking to many people that I meet at all the places where I do volunteer work for those that are supporting people with
a mental illness, I have come to the conclusion that you absolutely must come to terms with Bipolar Disorder.

You must realize that you do, in fact, have the disorder and that it is not going to simply go away.

This is the only way you are going to be able to successfully manage this disorder
and your life.
In my courses/systems, I talk about how, at this time, there is no cure for bipolar disorder, but there are plenty of treatments that work — and work well when taken properly under the direction of a qualified doctor or therapist.





But you can lead a completely productive life if you want to. But not until you take the first step.
The choice is yours if you have Bipolar Disorder.
You can choose to accept the fact you have Bipolar Disorder or not. Once you accept that you have the disorder,
it paves the way for the next steps toward stability.
You can choose to learn more about it.
You can choose to follow a treatment plan prescribed by your doctor and/or therapist.
The choices are yours, remember.

You can keep following the steps to stability.

Keep learning – don’t just educate yourself, but educate others.

Keep taking your medication (without fail, no matter what), and seeing your doctor, psychiatrist, and therapist whenever you have those appointments.

Following the steps means doing everything you have to do to stay stable.

Keep a good sleep schedule.


Eat a healthy diet.

Stay productive.

Keep a mood chart or write in a journal.

Have a good social life, and do things that you enjoy. Spend time with family and friends.

Don’t isolate, because that can lead to a bipolar episode.

You know the steps you have to take.

These steps keep you healthy.

These steps keep you stable.
Unfortunately, if you choose not to follow this path, you will probably end up as one of the sad stories of people who wind up doing something really bad to someone or something or wind
up killing themselves.
Someone once said that the longest journey begins with one small step.

The first step to stability begins with accepting that you have bipolar disorder.

Now, take the other steps.

If you already have, never stop doing them.

It can mean the difference between stability and instability.

  1. Hi Dave,
    I have accpted and am always looking for more information on bipolar as well as other medical conditions I have. I also try to explain to others that you can’t just change your thinking from the bad thoughts to good ones because your brain chemicals are off key. Now here’s where I disagree with you today. You say to keep taking your medications with out fail. Yes I agree with that because it is that medication that is balancing your brain chemicals. What does one do when a medication is given that should not be given to you if say you have high blood pressure or something else. Do I continue to take it or do I risk the other alternitive of me harming myself? My psycyitrist claims to have given me everything (a couple of dozen meds) over the years and they either are not recomended for people with certain conditions I have or they put weight on that agravates these conditions. This leaves me to either having the chances of my dr. killing me or take the chances that I might in a unstable mode. Suggesting changing theripist and dr. isn’t a solution because the nearest one is to far away to travel to. Living in rural U.S.A. does have it’s disadvantages of not having help there for you around every other block. LOL

  2. TO….DAVE
    How can you accept bipolor if you have never been dianosed with it, Cos that means am just labbleing myself.

    Take Care Linda x

  3. Thanks Dave,
    You wrapped that up in a nutshell. You couldn’t have said it any clearer than that.
    I want to add something to that. In this day and age people no longer look at bi-polar as being something that is a hush hush thing anymore. Anyone who is a supporter knows this. When bi-polars are unstable that’s when things become hush hush, because they act out and its hard to explain to others, when you are a supporter. If your supporter is actively involved with the care you recieve, that is a good supporter and bi-polars should put their trust in them at all times. Follow their guidence and the person with bi-polar could avoid a lot of the tragedies that happen when you are unstable. Both of your lives would be so much easier.
    I want to say something to the bi-polar readers. Realize that you are a unique person. You are able to do things that many others can’t. Each of you know what you can excel in, no matter what it may be. You can create anything you desire. But your success lies in being stable, having a good supporter for guidence and putting your trust in them. For when you don’t have to worry about the little things, it frees you up to create anything you so desire. Being stable sets you free!

  4. When the dr at the psychiatric hospital called me into his office in 1977, he sat me down and told me I had “manic depression.” The reason I mention this is that it SCARED me STRAIGHT! I had, of course, heard about manic depression, but didn’t really ACCEPT that I had a definable mental illness. THAT happened to “someone else,” not ME.

    But I looked back on all the “symptoms” he described, and, sure enough, I had them – ALL. When the diagnosis becamse “bipolar disorder” in 2000, I just accepted it. AND – I’ve done everything possible NOT to have another recurrence of mania. Although I’m aware an episode CAN and WILL happen DESPITE doing everything RIGHT, I can at least recognize the triggers and get help BEFORE I go into a full blown episode.

    Unfortunately, I lack the most important thing in this equation – I don’t have a live-in supporter. My late husbands were VERY understanding, and treated me as if I didn’t HAVE bipolar. Thusly, I have no one to “bounce” off my feelings to, or to recognize mood swings that are “off the wall.” I CAN call the Clinic and reach a psychotherapist in emergencies, but what really constitutes an EMERGENCY? We all know we sometimes have more extreme moods than at other times; but they “run their course,” and they’re gone. I just figure – why bother anyone if I’ll feel better, perhaps, overnight?

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love us. May God bless you real good. I pray for my country.

  5. Dave you are absolutely 100% correct.
    Management of Bipolar begins with acceptance by the person afflicted, but I’d like to add supporters need to accept the diagnosis of Bipolar as well and find out all they can about it too – sometimes we ( supporters ) delay help for our loved ones by refusing to believe our loved one has bipolar and that adds to the problem -For instance we are unwilling or refuse to take the necessary steps to hospitalize them when they are seriously ill, we allow our loved one to have bad and bizarre events because we think they are just a figurement of our collective imaginations and anyway this whole thing is going to blow over and the nightmare will eventually end and we wake up or our loved one will come to their senses, these are really dangerous thoughts for a supporter to have. my daughter once said in one of her episodes that I was part of the problem- she was right but not for the reasons she gave.
    I refused to accept the diagnosis and ran interference everytime Rachel said she was ok and didnt need medication or help( even when she was indulging in some very bizarre behaviour ) I would support her argument and run interference between her and those that could help her-I held up real help for about 6 months to a year because I refused to believe that she had something very wrong going on and all the signs were there.
    I had this thing about the drugs and the damage they do and people shouldn’t take the drugs unless they are seriously ill and need the drugs to stay alive- what was I thinking!! So I would support her non compliance of the drugs she was suppose to take.
    I believe we could seriously impede the pathway of our loved ones to wellness by either being in denial ourselves or by enabling. if we don’t educate ourselves( supporters)we could very well be signing our loved one’s death warrant
    Once I accepted the diagnosis because nothing I had previously done ( enabling- running interference) did a blind bit of good then I became part of the solution – Dave’s emails helped instigate my change to becoming a supporter
    Thanks Dave

  6. Dave;
    Again I see further evidence of your working for the psych. trade, and the Drug Cartels they serve.
    The Genicide…
    You in the bit of this Mail I read state once again:
    Agree with the quach, take the Kryptonite…
    Have you read the Champie, Layer, Carpenter studies & or Reports?
    You see these people & many others World wide have PROVEN NON Drug treatments to provide FAR Better results & Far Fewer Re-admitions….
    It is also PROVEN ALL psych. “therapies” CAUSE Brain Damage. Which manifests itself in the Behaviours listed in the psych. SELF written Bible the DSM. ODD?
    Yes I had none of the “Disorder” symptoms, now nearly 9 Long Years of psychiatric “therapy” (DRUGGINGS) I show some symptoms. Medicaly Induced Brain Damage.
    How is BD of benifit to anyone?
    Professor of Psychiatry in the US states:
    “If you ever find yourself agreeing with a psychiatrist; you’re in big trouble.”
    OK in order to get out we MUST agree with these unmentionable organisms, & state for the record:
    “I was unwell…..I feel much better now….Thank you.”
    This is what keeps them in business.
    Another “success” is thus recorded.
    As found in “The Thud Experiment.”
    Lastly for today over 99% of ALL people to ever have seen a psychiatrist Never recover, mearly display further signs listed in their Bible of Geonicide; the DSM.
    When do we hold our Debate?

  7. Linda;
    Are you also a psych vicyim or servivour?
    If you believe you are a BP person, what have psych. labled you as?
    Who would know you better than yourself?
    Lots of Fish Oil, excercise, Sunshine….
    Though they (psych) label all differently even presented with the same scenario. As seen in: “The Thud Experiment.”
    They treat all with the same Mind destroying Toxic chemicals…
    They as a trade have not a leg to stand on.
    Be well & live Mate.
    Their are many of us doing all we can to better the mental illness industry.
    Perhaps take a look at.

  8. Nancy;
    Their is very little info about BP.
    All Dr.s’ I have seen tell me the Drugs do the exact opposite of what they do for a start.
    I was “diagnosed almost 9 Years ago, I still know very little about BP…
    To find out, join with fellow psych. servivours.
    I found much assistance at
    Have fun & live long.

  9. It took me along time to accept that I had bi-polar.I have no family support.They say they know something is wrong with me, but its not bi-polar, even though they no nothing about the illness, nor listen to me when I try to explain.I basically try to handle it on my own. I recognize my symptoms now, but I have my thearpist to call when it gets to bad.I have medicine that is making me stable now and I’m greatful.I don’t miss those episodes.I do my best to make sure I take my meds, sometimes I miss.I know that’s not good,but I do.I just wish my family would understand.I’m scared if I go in a espisode, they are not going to know what to do.At least I have my doctor and thearpist. Thanks for all you do.

  10. Nancy;
    The “Chemical imballence” Is merely another psychiatrists & Drug Cartel LIE.
    Same as they say: “It’s like Insilin for Diabetics.”
    Diabetics on indilin do not worsen their Diabeties. If that was the case Insilin would NOT be prescribed…
    ODD Elly Lilly Makers of Zyprexa: Zyprexa I know from personal FORCED use produces psychotic behaviour. It also CAUSES Diabeties.
    Surprise, surprise Elly Lillys’ second biggest earner (Zyprexa the 1st) are its’ Diabeties Meds. Odd?
    Do they do a 241 at the Drive through?
    Davo, the Debate Mate?
    You have my email address….
    WHY/HOW do I know About the Chemical imballence LIE:
    “The Chemical nature of a Living Brain cannot ever be assesed.”
    Many Medical & Psych Professors state this, as it is the Truth.
    Due for one to the CONSTANT Trillions of chemical changes I guess.Not hard to work that one out.
    Theirfore how can psych. or Drug cartell know what they are Balencing?
    They show every second to know NOT even what their Vile Mind destroying Chemicals do.
    Purely a Method of Punishment, Control, Genocide…
    None to do with Science NOR Medicine of ANY kind…
    Why not just hit me on the Head with a Hammer. Same thing possibly MORE Scientific..
    When I am Dead my organs will be fit for transplant…
    Dave you Know NONE about which tou claim to be an “Expert on.:
    Firstly as you personaly have NOT been “treated” as a “consumer”…
    Find another Barell of Fish to Shoot…
    Body Builders Monthly perhaps, the ovoidence of Shrinkage…
    If you knew the FIRST thing you would know Tranquilizers CAUSE Brain Damage. NOT hard to SEE!
    SECOND: You would have studied Champie, Layer, Carpender (Or ter) & MANY others World Wide.
    These People have proven World Wide NON DRUG Therapy has FAR Better Results, & FAR less Readmition.
    Even in the US of A.
    Have the REAL Book read to you:”Psychiatry an Industry of Death.”
    Stop spouting psych.Drug caetel propagander.
    You little one have been supposidly Brainwashed.
    “Brainwashed” A term invented by psychiatrists.
    NO you’re just out for a Fast Buck. As you where told we spend like their is NO Tommorrow.
    Sadly psych. render us “unemployable.”
    You are Killing People….
    One sick little Puppy indeed.

  11. I was diagnosed w/ Bipolar Disorder 4 years ago. I have done well accepting the fact and am doing ok with the medications I am on, although I dont feel they are the right ones for me I still take them everyday like clock work so that I dont crash. I am working w/ my PCP and therapist to find better medications that will work better for me but they are finding anything that will work right. My therapist now thinks that it is because I was miss diagnosed. I do not have Bipolar Disorder at all! I have come to live with a condition I do not have. I have changed my life around to support my disease, I have nearly lost my job due to side effect from medications and changeing medicaitons over and over. and now they tell me I may not even have it. They think I have soemthing else but they are not sure what that is yet. Possibly some sort of personality disorder or anxiety disorder. So now what do I do. I am starting over from square one. This is where I was four years ago, going nuts, feeling sick and no one knew what was going on or how to fix me. Once we all came to the conclusion that I had bipolar and there was no “fix” just solutions I started doing better w/ control. Now I feel like Ive fallen down a big tunnel and I cant get out.

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