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Lilly’s Zyprexa/Prozac Combo Approved for Depression
DO> Hmm. Interesting combo

Symbyax Approved for Treatment-Resistant Depression

DO> This seems to offer hope for those with
really serious depression.

ADHD Med Reminder Tool
DO> Do you think this will help people?

Cephalon: Seeking More Legitimate Patients for Provigil Follow-on
DO> What do you think?

Suicide Victim’s Family Wants Better Care for Mental Health Inmates
DO> This is a major problem for so many people. Great someone is speaking out.

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  1. I have gone to my family doc. for some time now and all he does is give medicine for my nerves medicine for to sleep and then he’ll change and give me something else. I had a heart attack in 2004 and had two stents so I’m already on enough medicine. Well I have migraines and he sent me for a mri the way i understand there were spots on the brain so he sent me to a urology she said i look depressed and started asking me a lot of questions so she put me on depakote 500mg my blood work showed my folic acid was low also vitamin d and b12 so more pills now i went back and now she is sending me to a psycholist dont know if i spelled that right but most people call them quack docs. she said i fall in the list of bipolar. I have been this about all my life now going on 51 it gets harder at this time i have no job i am about at the end of my rope i have to have money to survive and unable to hold a job. do you have any advice.

  2. dear david, i am a bipolar person trying to cope daily and your program sounds great, but for someone who hasn’t worked for two years, i couldnnot ever afford what you are asking. even a thirty day ‘free’ trial is never free. after taking lithium for 5 years i have developed high cholesteral, hypothyroisdism, high blood pressure and breast cancer. how about that? my husband is 73 , is retired but still works full time to support my two sons and i. i’m 49 by the way. what is your response to me?

  3. I just wanted to day to me being bipolar has ruined my marriage with my wife. It has got so bad the she don’t trust me or have sex with me and stuff like that. When we met each other i was flirting with women and when we got married i was still flirting with women, but I quit that a year ago. Now she thinks I lie about everything when I don’t. My marriage is almost done with. What should I do.

  4. Look at the stress factors that trigger the moods of Bi-polar. One might think that every day things such as shopping,cooking, cleaning are not stressful, but to Bo-Polar individual, getting up and knowing that one does not have a goal to succeed in is stressful. Look at the multi-factors which influence stress.
    A good way to cope with stress, I beleive is to write yourself a letter of who you are. Then mail the letter to yourself. When receiving the letter. Read it as your are reading about someone else. Then evalutate the information as to yourself.

    Living with someone Bi-polar is difficult, but allowing them to think they have control aides in the relationships. Yes not telling the person concerning the wareabout of all the money is a must. But what they do not know does not hurt them only helps the situation.
    I have been living with a person with Bi-polar for 16 years. Yes, at times it is difficult, but in time life seems to be getting easier.

  5. I need HELP some way some how to help get my mother some help that she really need’s. My mother is bipolar she was diagnosed with this at the age of 16 she is now 54. She has all ways been healthy and all ways done well with her bipolar disorder. But now she is starting to have bad kidney problems which led her doctors to take her off of her lithium which is what keeps her stable. In the past when she would get a new doctor they would take her off of the lithium and she would be really bad mentally and they would all ways have to put her back on it. So any way’s they took her back off the lithium and had been trying to intrudes new meds which lead her to go in to a mental facility. Then she ended up in the main hospital because she got really combative with the people there and had to be put in restraints come to find out the thyroid level got really high so they had to treat her for this. When she get medical stable they transferred her to another mental facility in which they released her way to early and I have told them that she would end up back there with in a week and she was. So she was there a couple more days and they released her too early for the second time. So they was not helping could not get the ER to have her admitted. So after that she went back home and then we had some meeting’s with her psychiatrist to talk about what’s going on with her and to adjust her med’s. So i asked if there was any way that we could put her back on her lithium and it looked like we was but he talked with her kidney doctor and tried her on another drug. Which she was doing really well for about a month then she got really really sick she started to fall and got to the point where she could not sit up so I called to try to talk to her doctor and could not talk with him I had to talk to a nurse that works for him any way I told her what was going on because if you are having problems with you med’s you should all ways talk to your doctor. She told me that I don’t need to be calling them that they can’t handle people calling them asking them questions like that. And I tried to ask what should I do should I take her to the ER she told me she can’t tell me that. So I took her in to the ER to see what was going on I all most had to carry her to my truck. We get there and get her in they took her right away because of her blood pressure was VERRY LOW. She got admitted in to the ICU unite there. The doctor that seen her was telling me that she must have an infection some where in her body that was making her blood pressure go way low. When she started to get better they moved to another floor to watch her and give her fluids. After being there for seven day they called me at work a psychiatrist that come in to she her asked me if it was ok to have her transferred to mental facility so that they can reintroduce her mental med’s. I said that it would be ok then he asked me why her psychiatrist put her on clozaril because it is a last resort type of med’s. And asked if he had tried her on abililfy and other med’s I told him no. Well they never got her moved that night they waited to late they could not get the issuance approved because it was to late at night and was wanting me to come and get her in that bad of shape I told them no I had to work. So they kept her over night and would try in the morning to get every thing done to get her transferred to a mental facility since they think that she was medically stable now. I got there at 8:00am some time during the day they doctor come in and told me that they think it was the clozaril that was causing her medical problems. And come to find out my mother and been laying in her bed with shit on the bed sheets and down her leg from 8:00am until 2:30pm. And my wife went a head and give her a bath and cleaned the bed for them they did nothing about it. At 7:30pm they finally got to go to a mental facility that was waiting on us. So I take her there to get admitted I go and give them they papers from the hospital and talk to them about her and the said that every thing would be ok. Well the next day they call me and told me that she need’s to get admitted back to the hospital that she was not medical stable and that she need’s medical attention. And know body knows what the hell is going on.

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