The Best Investment With Bipolar You Can Make

=>PLEASE FORWARD TO FRIENDS, FAMILY AND LOVED ONES <= Hi, How’s it going? I hope you are doing well. Someone asked since I am in California,
am I on vacation.

Actually I am not. I have been working
harder than ever. We also have a bunch
of situations and problems that are going
on that has caused a bunch of stress.

Anyway, I was going to bring this up last
week. But…

Lately I’ve been working with
Dr. Dan Lieberman, who started a
website called There
people with bipolar disorder can go to
sign up for a F.R.E.E. daily email
where they can keep a daily online
mood chart. I highly recommend it
as a bipolar tool to help you or your
loved one manage your bipolar

Dr. Lieberman said something to me
that I want to pass along to you,
because I think it’s really important.

He says the best investment is an
investment in bipolar disorder and
its management.

Interesting, don’t you think?

So let’s talk about that for a minute.

Think about all the things that you
invest in:

You invest in your car – you make
car payments and insurance
payments. You invest in upkeep as
well. You even invest in repairs
when necessary. Why is this a wise
investment? Because everyone needs
good, dependable transportation.

You invest in your house – you have
a mortgage payment; you may even
have a land payment. You pay for
upkeep and repairs when necessary.
And you have homeowner’s insurance
in case anything should happen. Why
is this a wise investment? Because
everyone needs a home.

You invest in your children – at the
very least, you provide, food,
clothing, and shelter for them.
But you also invest in their health
care, education, sports, hobbies,
and other activities. Why is this
a wise investment? Because
everyone wants their children
to grow up to be responsible

You invest in your education
(if you choose to) – These days
Most people go to college after
they graduate from high school.
Why is this a wise investment?
Because in order to get the higher
paying jobs or a good career, most
employers are looking for college

You invest in your career. When
you do land that higher paying job,
you will probably continue your
education by taking CEU’s
(Continuing Education Units).
Why is this a wise investment?
Because it will help you advance
in your career. (Some jobs
actually require it.)

You invest in your own self-
improvement – You buy self-
improvement books, join a gym,
take classes to learn new things
(like dance classes). Why is this
a wise investment? Because we
all like to feel better about

These are all wise investments.
But why would Dr. Lieberman say
that the BEST investment is an
investment in bipolar disorder and
its management?

I know that I teach about it in my courses:




But why would he say that?

Because if you’ve got bipolar disorder (or are
supporting someone who does), you
have to invest both time and money, and
you need to be prepared to make this
investment for the rest of your life. And
it IS an investment, just like the other
investments I just listed, and just as

You’re investing in your health (both
physical and mental), your stability,
and your future.

You’re investing in the disorder, and
the management of it. Remember,
although there is still no cure for bipolar
disorder, there is management of it.
This takes as much a part of the
supporter’s time and money as well
as the survivor’s.

Treatment for bipolar disorder is
expensive. It usually consists of
medication, doctors, and therapy.
If you don’t have insurance, you have
to pay for all this yourself.
Even if you have insurance, you
probably have a co-pay, and
that is still money out of your

Still, as Dr. Lieberman said,
investing in bipolar disorder
and its management is the
BEST investment you can make.

I have to run, catch you tomorrow.


Your Friend,


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  1. Hello, I am a Rapid Cycler BiPolar person. I have tryed fore years to get life ins. I always get turned down. Could someone Please help me. I would like to get some ins. to take the burden off of my childern.
    Thank you very much

  2. Help, Help,Help

    This has been a big month for me. I went from 1200 mg of seroquel to 200 and I am off my cymbalta. I received statements from my ins telling me I will only get half of both prescriptions the rest I have to pay cash for 🙁 My frame of mind is all messed up now. Then I find out I am a full blown diabetic from the seroquel ugh. I am 46 and I am loaded with arthritis..bulged discs…..I need new shoulders and knees so exercise is out. Does anyone know how lithium works for Bipolar?? I will have to be put on something soon and I dont want it to be another drug that does massive damage to my body.
    if you wish you can write to my eamil addy……

  3. It’s a HARD investment to manage my bipolar. For one, I have a co-pay for Zyprexa of $150/month. That takes a HUGE part of my Social Security Disability payment. I know at other pharmacies, it’s even HIGHER. But-in order to “maintain” with my bipolar, I HAVE to take it. Period. The other meds I take for bipolar ARE cheaper, that’s true; but they take a big chunk out of my monthly in come. Because I have such a high pharmacy bill, I’m forced to cut back on other things that I would LIKE to buy.

    Now – there are things you’d LIKE to have, and then there are things you HAVE to have. By having to change my lifestyle drastically lately, I’ve learned this hard lesson. I can’t just go out and subscribe to magazines I’d LIKE to have; I read them at the library. I can’t make monthly visits to my parents’ and brother’s grave 30 miles away, because of gas prices. AND – I can’t use my credit card to purchase ANYTHING anymore on the Internet. I broke down and bought my biological Mother something for Mother’s Day-but that is something that is IMPORTANT to me. I would LOVE to buy her something meaningful and expensive, but got her an inexpensive necklace that cost less than $10; NOT like the gifts I’ve bought her in the past – but I HAVE to cut back. It’s a matter-REALLY, of “life or death.”

    If you find your psychiatric treatment to be “too” expensive, think about going through a manic episode. That “costs” more than money. It costs in lost time, hospitalization, starting all over, etc. It is an UGLY proposition.

    I’d just like to advise you – from the “horse’s mouth” so to speak – from EXPERIENCE, that you have to make important CHOICES as someone suffering from bipolar disorder. I’ve had to learn the hard way, and, no, I’m NOT happy about it. But – I don’t want to experience another manic episode – so I MUST afford my psychiatric treatment; doctor’s bills AND medicine bills. And – if I WANT to stay “healthy,” this is the ONLY way to do it.

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love us. Please pray for Susan as she goes through a hard time. And save a little prayer for me, as I go through a CAT scan on Tuesday, that everything goes well. Thank you.

  4. Hi All,

    I am having a hard time controlling my anger tonight. My stepchildren and nephew were just down right mean to my 2 year old daughter. They were playing video games and they kept telling her to get out or they would grab something out of hand and yell at her and then she fell off the bed and hit her head. I am furious with all of them and I knew if i confronted them i would have started to yell at them so I didn’t go near them at all but told them that I was pissed at each and everyone of them and for them not to talk to me and that I would never trust them near my daughter again. My husband didn’t say anything to them and it drives me crazy because to me it seems like he lets them get away with everything and I was always the one who yelled. Not anymore because I promised him that when it came to his 2 kids (23 & 17) that i would step aside and let him do the discipling. It just never happens though. It makes me crazy but tonight was just to much for me. I am besides myself with anger about this, anyone have any good ideas how to handle this situation and how to destress me?

  5. suzannewa,

    Have you tried applying for prescription assistance? The drug companies (most of them) have their own assistant programs and of course there is the pparx one. Also, i don’t know if your doctor or therapists office offers assistance but they may. It doesn’t hurt to ask especially since you are on a fixed income. Find out who the makers are for your prescriptions and go online to see if they have their own plans, if they don’t go to and they will list the assistance programs that you would be eligible for.

  6. is there any help with assistance on getting your books with valuable information, we need the information badly but cannot afford them with everything else that we have to pay for. there just isn’t enough $ to go around.This is all so expensive and you need all this vital information to have any chance with this disease.
    Thanks for all your help and info …………………..gary

  7. Hi David:
    Since you are still in CA I think it would be great if you could schedule a lay-over in Spokane on your flight back and let me know so I could meet you. That would so super fantastic! Thanks for everything, Helen

  8. Dear Dave
    I like your idea about investing in myself. BUT, I decide what I buy and when I buy it. I STILL DON’T HAVE ANY ANSWERS ABOUT YOUR COMPANY BILLING MY CREDIT CARD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. When are you going to start taking this seriously. For those of you who haven’t seen any of my blog postings this is what happened. My husband noticed strange charges on our credit card. They were from Leverage which is Dave’s company. I did not authorize them. I called the 800 number. I left a message (which is the only option by the way) I have spoken to someone named Barbara a few times. She has told me she has emailed me about this (no emails have appeared) She has told me she will speak to ‘Dave’ and call me back (no calls). IS THERE REALLY A DAVE. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS. PLEASE RESPOND.

  9. For venuskitty:
    I can assure you that David is a real person I have spoken with David Oliver and S**T happens and right now he is in CA so why don’t you cut him some slack until he gets home and gets this figured out and I am sure he is honest and will reimburse your credit card for all charges. You may be a Bi-polar but be a nice one for a change, ok? If you will look in today’s email there is an email address that goes to David and not to the blog. I do not know who is your email provider but I know for certain that Yahoo will not let certain emails through even with their address in your address book, this may be your problem. But please, for your own sake, calm down a little. It’s not good to be this upset for very long because stress causes health problems. So chill out, I know how frustrating it is to be charged when you don’t owe but give the man a chance to get home and figure it out.

  10. I just want to add being bipolar or not I would be very mad if someone charged my credit card without permission and I dont care who it would be.

  11. To meeps:
    I agree that I would be upset with someone charging mt credit card but i wanted to assure everyone that David is a real person but he is over 3,000 miles away from home and really can’t do anything about it right now but I am fairly sure he is a honest person and will get to the bottom of this because I didn’t notice the blog about this until he was in CA. I just didn’t want venuskitty, who is very upset, to keep getting more upset and possibly be a Bi-polar go into a full blown episode. Didn’t want to sound mean or anything, just wanted to try and get venuskitty to think about it before she/he got any more upset.

  12. To meeps:
    I agree that I would be upset with someone charging mt credit card but i wanted to assure everyone that David is a real person but he is over 3,000 miles away from home and really can’t do anything about it right now but I am fairly sure he is a honest person and will get to the bottom of this because I didn’t notice the blog about this until he was in CA. I just didn’t want venuskitty, who is very upset, to keep getting more upset and possibly be a Bi-polar go into a full blown episode. Didn’t want to sound mean or anything, just wanted to try and get venuskitty to think about it before she/he got any more upset.

    I’m sure everything will work out….thanks for writing 🙂

  13. Lorraine…as we spoke on the phone, we will gladly refund any item you purchased as you admittedly acknowledged receiving.
    We have no way to charge your card unless you give that information to us. I’m sorry your disappointed that we will refund only if you return your items.

  14. This is really getting ridiculous. You mentioned health problems. Well, the original issue came up with my husband and the charges on my credit card about 2 months ago. I tried to investigate but it is very difficult because there is no easy way to communicate with these people. Barb answered here, but still hasn’t called me back, or sent me the email she promised or given me the answer that she was supposed to get from Dave. She has my card number from a legitimate purchase. I entered a contest for the weight loss plan and they sent it to me, so I assumed I won it. I don’t know where it is now. They were charging my card monthly for idk what. What would I return for that???? I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!! btw I ended up in hospital for over 2 weeks and have only been back home for 2 weeks. Not saying this is the reason, but Im sure it didn’t help. There was a huge blow up with my husband over this because I promised not to use my card. Now he has taken it away again. I expected more from Dave and his organization.

  15. Venuskitty,

    It sounds like you have other issues at hand, like anger management. Grow up and quit your whinning, give the employees and Dave a chance to investigate what happend. Oh and btw if you mistakenly ordered something with a 30 days free trial and then your credit card will be charged then you are to blame, not Dave, it seems that you don’t read what you submitt to.

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