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The other day I sent out information on
my material titled:

“My Findings: Vitamins, Herbs, and Alternative
Therapies for Treating Bipolar Disorder.”


I had a lot of people who wrote me how happy they
were that I have information in this area. At the same
time, however, there were a bunch of people that
said that I was a supplement hater and just pushed

I am not a hater of supplements. I am a realist.

I sent out a message the other day about natural
therapies, vitamins and herbs for bipolar disorder.
Some people were telling me that I am a
hater of supplements. I am not.

I personally take a lot of supplements. My mom
does, too. But what I was saying is that you
have to be very careful about them.

I even body build non-competitively, which
requires taking lots of natural supplements.
And I have lots of friends who take natural

You have to be really careful with natural
remedies for bipolar disorder, though.
They may not go well with the other
medications you’re taking for the
disorder. You may have drug
interactions that you can’t anticipate.

That’s why before you take anything,
even natural supplements, you MUST
check with your doctor first, especially
if you have bipolar disorder.

Another thing is, don’t fall for the ads
for natural herbs, supplements, and
supposed “cures,” especially when
they’re advertising for “cures” for
bipolar disorder. There is still
no cure for bipolar disorder.
Remember that.

Again, I’m not saying that I’m
against natural things that you can
take to make you feel better. I’m
just saying to be careful.

You would be surprised how many
natural things you can take that you
would never think are natural.

For example, everyone knows that
fish is good for you as a food. But
did you know that fish OIL is even
better? You’d have to eat a lot of
fish to get the amount of fish oil
you need to be of benefit to you,
however, so that’s why there are
pills you can take.

You can find Omega-3 Fish Oil
in any health food store or on
the Internet. Fish oil is good to
reduce the risk of heart disease.

Coconut Oil is natural, too, and
is good for cooking with. It’s
cholesterol-free, and healthy for
you as well, because it’s good for your

Hemp is something that most
people don’t know about, but is a
very good herb for you because it
gives you an antioxidant boost.

For more information on

“My Findings: Vitamins, Herbs, and Alternative
Therapies for Treating Bipolar Disorder.”

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  1. Hi Dave
    I’m supporting a high performing bipolar person who has not admitted to being diagnosed, although he has said in the past he was once diagnosed with manic depression, and currently suffers from an internal body control disorder that causes bipolar-like symtoms. He is hi performance, so isn’t critically ill. However, he is adament that he sticks with natural remedies, such as diet, exercise and controlling his environment to prevent triggers. I respect this because I once had an eposide of anxiety where I found the medication helpful, but after a period I felt my quality of life was severely diminished by the medication. So I stopped taking it, and started to feel real emotion again. I want to help raise awareness of those who want to avoide chemical interference with mental illness, by following holistic treatments. I do support medication for those who need it, eg my own brother is bipolar and relies on lithium etc. He was suicidal for years until he found the right doctor. Here is a link to a talk by a woman discussing the implications of medication.

    I’m really happy I found you and all your resources and want to thank you for all the help I have received from you.

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