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Bipolar struggle harrowing
DO> Interesting article.

Victim’s kin seek justice
DO> hmm. What do you think of this?

The delicate line between genius and madness
DO> Great article, you must read.

Wave of bipolar over-diagnosis
DO> I think there is an UNDER diagnosis, what do you think?

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  1. Hey Dave,

    I might be in the wrong site to ask you this question. But what happened to your request for Success stories? I have responed to both of them. Will someone let me know if they were even received?


  2. Over diagnosis of BP? I’m not qualified to judge. However, I recently read an article by a psychiatrist, on the web – sorry, I forget – where the author claimed that Bipolar was too often diagnosed when the actual condition often Borderline Personality Disorder.

    Adam Boland… His approach is similar to that of the actor Stephen Fry, believing that treatment will destroy their creative edge. I am not sure this is true. A friend of mine used to be a prolific writer of poetry when in mania. Once her moods were stabilised she did find the creativity dried up. BUT she realised the creativity was still within her, just that it no longer had the BP windows to let it out. So, she found new ways to tease out her talent. I think both Fry and Bokland need to consider the research from Edinburgh University, which suggests there is brain shrinkage with BP episodes. The more you have the more damage is done, they say, and that must surely be an obvious consequence if you don’t take mood stabilising drugs. Obviously, if this occurs there must be a risk that they may lose that creative edge they prize so much.

  3. Dear Dave
    Well here I am again on your blog bringing up this same issue. I hate to do it, but it would appear I have no choice. Your company Leverage has charged my credit card with numerous unauthorized charges and I can’t get anywhere at all with the ppl I have had contact with in order to get this fixed. I think it is horrible that you would use your goodwill with the ppl your are supposed to be helping and then rip me off this way. My call was by by someone named Barbara in your office. She has told me on 2 different occasions that she has sent me email regarding this. No email. She has said she will call me back after she speaks with you. No call. She said I ordered something. I didn’t. I asked for some proof I ordered it. No proof. I will continue to speak out about this until I get my money back. Because of this, my husband has lost confidence in my ability to be responsible with credit cards again and now he has taken my card away. I want my money refunded and something in writing from you saying this wasn’t my fault. I worked very hard to earn that trust back so I could have a credit card in my purse in case of emergency, and because of your company now I don’t have it again. I can’t tell you how disappointed in you I am. I thought you were one of the good guys.

  4. Hello Dave .
    I think I show how to establish the peace in life.
    There are 2 important matter to establish the peace in life.

    1) To establish the mind peace
    2)To get satisfy by getting stuff.

    How to get.
    1) Plan the things and do by your order.
    2) working

    Then I think we can get peace in life.

  5. 鈴太郎 , I beg to differ.
    I agree that peace of mind is important, although I am not sure how far “peace of mind” when one’s moods get in the way of rational thinking. Where we differ is that I don’t think getting stuff ever satisfies. It is like eating sugary foods – they are enjoyable when we eat them but they make us crave for more. Our satisfaction is only transitory. So, we buy a good hi fi system, enjoy it, then crave for a better one … and so on until we die, have no money left or change our attitude towards possessing things. Some of the happiest people I have known own nothing! I think with BP, the simple way is best.

  6. Hi David and all:
    I just found time to read the news and found some very interesting and very disturbing items. I would love to have the money for the genetic testing (as well as the money to buy your info) for my daughter. If this has any accuracy at all, it could be so very helpful with diagnosing mentally ill patients because there are so many types of mental illness and require different types of meds and treatments are needed for every type. I did not agree with, I think it was from Australia, the earlier a child can be properly diagnosed with BPD the better. I personally belief that ADHD is a symptom of another mental disorder, more than likely Bi-polar Disorder, and the earlier a proper diagnosis can be made and treatment started the better. Might save a lot of people with Bi-polar Disorder tons of misery. Thanks, as usual, for all the info you provide us, Helen

  7. HelenM.
    I have a concern about the genetic testing. As I understand it, the errant gene associated with BP does not always “activate” and a person with it might never develop BP, hence BP sometimes skipping a generation. However, a genetic test would still reveal the gene in those people. Now, it would seem likely that any such test results would probably be demanded by any medical insurance or Life assurance companies. I imaginee, anyone with diagnosed BP will find it hard to get either! So too might those found to be “at risk” of developing BP even though it may never happen.

  8. Hi Graham N:
    I wish this wicked mental illness had skipped a generation for my daughter sake. I suppose that insurance companies could demand the testing be done but here in the USA they cannot deny you insurance on what might or might not happen and also because of current conditions. We have a lot of people here who have no insurance at all right now so I don’t see where this genetic testing would hurt anyone in the US but I have no idea what effect there would be in other countries. I just think it would be great to have this option and be affordable for people to use as a tool in knowing what to look for, how, and when to treat. Oh yeah BTW Remember you said that my Household would sometimes be like calling in the Marines because all 3 of us have BPD, well the County Sheriff’s Dep’t backed down the other night!

  9. Cury,
    If piece of advice was good he would not be given away.An adolescent, fifteen years old, by itself already is a problem, because they put in doubts the values of society and of the parents and accept the values of the group one that belong.But in case of BP you have to attend many others questions to soften your hell.First,you sits down so badly for you or your son?If for you, that you are thinking in the future, the boundaries that you must establish ,how to do that and if you really is doint the best.If you are thinking only in your son you are thinking in acting of the best manner.He really is BP?There are having many misdiagnosis and many characteristics of BP are found in HADD. He has a good doctor that is establishing with her a relation of empathy?Your son need to be hear and you don’t give up.If you don’t get to establish communication don’t judge and try to accept him, and if possible establish a program that he like.How he is going in the school? He has the necessary support in there ? How much can I say?I want you face everything for you and your son. God bless you. Lilian P.

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