Is Bipolar Worth It?


Many of us have heard the expression, “Anything worth doing is worth doing well.” But think about that…“Anything worth doing…” Have you ever had to ask yourself if what you’re doing is worth doing? Like going to school perhaps? Or doing the job that you’re doing? Or being in the relationship you’re in? Or training or keeping that pet? Or driving that car? Or living in that house? Or following that dream?

Now look back at those questions. Some of them, well, you just have to answer no to. Or, at least, you’ve had to answer no to in the past.

Some people have had to drop out of college because it just wasn’t worth it all that time and

effort to get that degree, when they could make more money in a lucrative career without

it (or start their own business).

Some people switched jobs because it wasn’t worth the hassle in the job where they were, or

it wasn’t worth the pay, or… well, for whatever reason, it just wasn’t worth it.

Some people have been in relationships that may have started well enough, but then got so complicated that it just wasn’t worth the energy they had to put into it to sustain that relationship.

Some people, and I know this may sound cruel, but for some people it’s just been necessary, have had to give away animals because it just wasn’t worth all the time and money they had to put into them to try to train and keep them, so they had to make that tough decision.

Some people have had to sell their cars (actually, a lot of people) because the maintenance on the car just wasn’t worth the money they had into it, and it was just cheaper to buy a new one, especially in this economy..

You know, the same can be said of computers these days, as well.

Unfortunately, many people have had to sell their houses, because so many things started going wrong that it just wasn’t worth it after awhile, and it was better to find another house instead.

And some people have even had to give up their dreams because it just wasn’t worth it after awhile to pursue them in light of reality, or in light of all the time and money and energy they had to put into making those dreams come true.

So how does all this relate to bipolar disorder?

After everything I’ve just pointed out, let me ask you to think about this question:

Is it worth it to continue to support a loved one with bipolar disorder, who may not be getting better? Who may be going into episodes, and you can’t help them? Or they don’t seem to even want your help? Is it worth it to keep hanging in there with a loved one who has horrible mood swings? Who has acting out behavior from their bipolar episodes? Where you have to deal with the consequences of what they do during their episodes?

I know what it’s like from what I went through with my mom. And I had to ask myself if it was worth it, too.

Is it worth it? Is it worth it when your loved one doesn’t want to take their medication? Or go to the doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist? Or sleep right, eat right, or exercise? Or do the things that will keep them stable with their bipolar disorder?

Well, it was worth it for me with my mom. And today she is stable, happy, productive, and


And so I challenge you: IT IS WORTH IT! If it was worth it to me, it can be worth it for

you, too. If your loved one can learn to manage their bipolar disorder like my mom did…

Then there is every reason to believe that your loved one can become stable, happy, productive,

and successful, too! Then it will all have been worth it! Just hang in there, it will be worth it.

Well, I have to go!

Your Friend,


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