Pretending with Bipolar Disorder


Remember when you were little and played Let’s Pretend? You might have pretended that you

were a ballerina… Or a cowboy… Or that your dog was your horse… Or that your coffee table was your spaceship… Or that something handy was your gun to kill the aliens… Or you dressed up in mommy’s clothes and pretended to be an adult… Or any number of things.

That’s what children do. They pretend. It’s part of their growing up experience. But as they get older, they learn that Let’s Pretend is only a game. As they get older, they learn that reality is a serious thing, and that they have to learn to face it. Those that don’t, have serious problems.

You can’t just play Let’s Pretend when you’re an adult and you’re facing situations like those that come with bipolar disorder and think that they’ll just go away by themselves.

You’re not a child anymore. And this isn’t playtime – this is real life. You may see this behavior in your loved one. They may get so stressed out that they start to pretend that their problems just

don’t exist anymore. They just don’t deal with them.

Say, financial problems. They stop paying the credit card statements. So what happens? The statements keep piling up – they don’t just go away because your loved one is pretending that they don’t exist. And pretty soon you’ve got bill collectors calling you for the money you owe.

Let’s Pretend isn’t funny any more. You are in serious financial debt. Your loved one isn’t dealing with it, so what can you do?

Well, for one thing, you need to cut off the credit cards, or at least freeze them until you can get the balances down to a reasonable level. And make sure that your loved one no longer has access to the credit cards.

Keep one card for emergencies, and in case you need to make hotel or plane reservations or rent a car. Then destroy the other credit cards. This way you will be protected and your loved one can no longer use them if they go into a manic episode.

Then begin paying down the debt on those cards until you are out of debt and the balances are zero on those accounts. Then cancel those credit cards, just keeping the one for emergencies. This will keep you out of future debt.

This may sound drastic, but financial debt is one of the biggest problems that bipolar supporters face when their loved one goes into bipolar episodes, especially manic episodes.

Taking control of the finances may be hard at first, but you will see that it will make things easier in the long run. Eventually, you will become financially stable.

Well, I have to go!

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  1. Fortunately, I’ve never had the “card” issue however finance is very important. I find lack of Finance isn’t as bad as not having a mate for 1 and 1/2 Years (my face broke out badly from not having mate in fact, a woman in her fifties called me “bumpy head”)(i thought it was mean for an alleged child of god of that age to call name but that’s what children do…. – so while my skin never broke out and my hair never fell out due to lack of finances, i guess i can look at my finances situation as i would a mate….obviously the stress of “not having” was what was causing that condition – my skin is now very clear and my hair is in tip top condition because I had to “surrender” what i didnt’ have yet and i had to apply a principle that works – ………but I WILL HAVE and POOF!!!!! it worked – this is the same principle i apply for those that are financially challenged – THE UNIVERSE AND IT’S MOMMA IS SCREAMING “YOU KNOW YOU GONNA HAVE $$$$$$” so why be anxious????

    little by little, one can devise clever ways to negotiate a “i’m good for my word”, you’ll get paid but in the meantime nothing worth split ends over..right??? for example I asked God/Universe for a sign as to how I might devise a healthy retirement yesterday – today, low and behold i had 2 cups of cinnamon coffee and i turned on the news and they announced after playing lotto for 25 years, this man’s won — while i believe my winning will be this year or at least a whole lot sooner either in Ny or Florida —-at least i got an answered prayer…..and my skin is still glisteningly clear…so there you have it: surrender the current lack to the universe and accept the promise of a better tomorrow (BUT YOU WILL HAVE) read the testimony below:

    SANTA CRUZ, Calif. — A man who works three jobs to support his family — including one as a limousine driver — has won a $39 million jackpot in California’s SuperLotto Plus.
    he persevered he knew the secret was “but you will”

  2. Cancelling one credit card per year is ok on credit score,but I would be carefull not to cancell them all if needing a good score on your credit rating.You could keep them froze,then cancell one at a time each year.But I’m not sure how long you can keep a card with out activity.It is good to keep the one you’ve had longest(if years older)because it gives you a better score to have a long time revolving credit.I have one card that is 8.24%,but I still have to keep my other higher cards for overdraft protection and I’ve had one for many years so a Chase Bank employee reasured me that it gives me good revolving credit for my score.

  3. To be able to express all those diverse feelings and opinions at once, in several run-on sentences, is possibly an indication of manic behaviour. Just an FYI. Maybe you need help.

  4. Hi dave,
    One thing don’t cancel the cards pay them down or off and leave them open f u have had prolems and went into debt by canceling the cards it will lower your credit rating so hide them or put them in a safety deposit box so they can’t be used until you can build your credit rating up and when each card becomes due for the anual fees don’t renew it it is good to have at least one or two but that’s it I found this out when I went through a company to repair my credit and also found out that while collectors can’t take or garnesh your disability check they however can do what ever they want and take your whole check if they want once it goes into the bank and the bank takes $100.00 fee to let them do it also watch out for getting stuck paying off one thousand three hundred and fifty dollers for a six hundred doller credit card debt

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