Huge mistake made with bipolar disorder revealed inside

=>PLEASE FORWARD TO FRIENDS, FAMILY AND LOVED ONES <= Hey, How’s it going? I wanted to tell you a few things
before we got started on today’s
bipolar topic.

What a few days it has been. Since I got
back from my trip to California I have been
faced with a number of problems.

Fortunately I have an incredible team that
has been able to solve about 90%
of them in just a few days.

Here’s the thing, I have found that
for whatever reason the person who has
one or more disorders who is stable
is capable of doing incredible things.

I have a number of people who work for me
now that have everything from adhd, bipolar,
schizophrenia, depression, a personality disorder
former problems with various addictions.

These individuals when under the right
treatment plan can do very well.

I have concluded that having a mental illness
can be a huge asset if managed properly.

I have again seen hands down that people
with a mental illness have the ability to
do much more, faster and better than many
who don’t have one. It’s kind of amazing.

I actually have really bad “heat rash” which
is kind of like sunburn. I have no idea, it
wasn’t like I was hanging out on the beaches
of California. The only thing I did was do
my morning cardio on the streets. I guess
by walking for 1 hour every morning I got
too much sun. Now my neck and face is super

It takes like 2 weeks for this to go away.
It’s really annoying 🙂

One last thing until we jump into today’s
topic. I know, I owe a number of people phone
calls back. I am working hard to catch up
and get back to people.

A few people have filled out f.ree consultation
certificates that come as a bonus with this course:

And I have to get back to you. I will.

Also, I wrote the other day:


I am looking for someone who wants to
wo.rk f.rom home selling my courses to
people, organizations and various entities.

It’s a great job for someone who likes
simple telesales. You just need a phone.

If you or someone you know is interested,
please send your resume, write up with what
kind of sales you have done in the past,
how well you know my material and anything
else that would get me excited to hire you.

Please email to:

I am still taking applications. I wanted
to say it’s going to take a little time
to go through them. I will be writing
everyone back.

Thanks to everyone who already submitted.

Okay, today I wanted to talk about something
really important that people have a problem
with bipolar disorder.

I call it competing goals. I think it’s a
serious problem with most people outside of
bipolar disorder as well.

What’s this mean? Well it means when you have
one goal that competes or goes against
another goal.

Here’s why I was thinking of this.;

When I was out in California. I was on
a business trip. One person wanted to
play golf. I know all business people
are suppose to play golf. I never have
and had no interest. Plus my shoulder
hurt as well. So I was like, “hey I will
watch you guys” and tag along.

So I did. After the 2nd hole everyone was
like, “hey you should give it a shot and just
hit the ball.” After everyone kept asking
I was like “okay.”

So I did. I did pretty good. It wasn’t hard
since everyone else was pretty bad.

So I was like “okay, great.”

Afterwards, we were talking business
and a woman there said, “you really should
take golf lessons you are really good and
could be great.”

I was like, “I am not interested in golf,
don’t have the time and have other priorities.”

I know learning how to play golf takes
a whole lot of time. I have friends that
teach and play. Plus my dad plays all the
time and is really, really good. BUT, he
spends dozens of hours a week at it. I don’t
want to do that.

This woman insisted over and over and over
that I should train to be the greatest golfer.

After like 30 minutes of her going on and on,
I finally said, “well I know I can do well
at many things but it comes down to competing

Then I said to her how golf would compete
with my goal of growing this organization and
body building NON competitively.

She didn’t understand. I explained that if I
had to take 5 hours for golf, that would be
5 hours subtracted from something. It would
be either something related to mental health
or time at the gym and that wasn’t worth it
to me. I had goals related to this mental
health organization and goals related to
body building non competitively.

I explained that golf would compete and if I
tried to do golf it would cause the suffering
of my other goals.

She didn’t listen and went on and on.
Then I went to the bathroom and escaped
for like 20 minutes and then avoided her.

Then I was talking to someone out in California
that was telling me his brother has bipolar
disorder and is having major trouble. After a
1 hour conversation I learned that his brother
works in a job that has night and day shifts depending
on his schedule. He likes the job because the drive
is short. I told this person that the job is going
to make managing bipolar hard because it doesn’t allow
for a structured sleeping pattern. I explained how
his one goal of a short drive is competing against
this goal of being stable and high functioning.

I then said, “I am sure that there is another
job close that can be found with a better schedule.”

The person said he felt there was and that he was
going to tell his brother.

The bottom line is, many people who are bipolar supporters
and bipolar survivors have goals that compete with
bipolar disorder and managing it well.

This is a HUGE topic that I cover in ALL my main
courses and systems below:




Today, take some time to think about if you do,
think about what you can do. This is a huge problem
that I talk to people about all the time.

Let me know if this has happen to you.

Hey I just looked at the clock, I have to run.

Talk to you tomorrow.


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  1. your right dave I look forward to your emails you work so hard to keep it all together I would work for you for free because I have several disorders and know i am much more organized then some w/o disorders keep those emails comming try aotmeal plain oat meal on your face and neck for your rash

  2. Conflicting goals, as you point out, is the cause of of many failures. It’s so simple that it is most often overlooked. Thanks for the insight. We are a success driven and innovative society. It is the American way that is born of the frontier experience. As I think of it a lot of people think they don’t have anything going unless they have a dozen irons in the fire. That is a certain formula for failure.

  3. Hi Dave, My partner who is 25 has just last year been diagnosed with bipolar and we struggle day in and day out with his disorder. I’ve been with him since we were 16 and seen him change drastically and knew something was wrong. It can be quite scary when his mood suddenly changes especialy for our son. I’ve tried to explain to him why daddy is the way he is but it’s so hard. How do you explain something like this to a five year old?
    I have so many more questions for you.

    New Zealand

  4. Hi Dave,
    I am really struggling, my meds just changed-mini episode over the guilt of my daughter-learning latin root words + new meds = doasage modification = I feel I am headed for major brain-mush-bipolar. I am doing well in school, however the bipo management is diffently being compromised. Med school is hard I was in school for marketing 50, 60, Human Resources, business comm. prior to me throughing myself into medical asstiant program, total culture shock.
    Karen Patchen (ca)lol
    P. S. Next time you come out let me know I can hook you up with a hotel that has hot water!?

  5. I’m sure there are LOTS of part-time jobs, or even volunteering, that I COULD do, but they would COMPETE for time with what I truly enjoy – working on my computer for five hours at night. I answer surveys for cash; do mystery shopping reports; open emails for points; and correspond with my family and “cyberfriends.”

    I know I toyed with the idea of teaching “Computer 101” this year, but financial/physical and emotional problems started in February, and I feel I have to deal with ALL of them BEFORE I branch out in a new business. Just going to DRs appointments and therapy take up a LOT of time during the week, and I can’t concentrate on my new “business” right now.

    I know it seems strange that I would “give up” some REAL money for working on my computer – BUT – I type 121 w/p/m and it’s FUN for me. I ENJOY and actually look forward to the time I spend on it. I’ve even stopped going to my church’s Singles Group because it “competes” with my time on the computer.

    So – just figure out WHAT is your main goal, or what makes you HAPPY – and add up what it would take for you to start something new that would “compete” with it. That’s really VERY easy to do, and not hard at all. I have no regrets that my “work” virtually has NO competition for my time.

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love us. Please pray for Susan as she goes through a hard time. And save a little prayer for me as I face the many things I’ve got on me right now. Thank you.

  6. I certainly agree with conflicting goals will rarely ever get anything achieved but, unfortunately, throughout my life I have set goals for myself and something that could never or would ever be anticipated would happen and I would fall short of my goals. And it still happens that way today. My only goal in life right now is to live long enough to get my daughter set up where she can take care of herself after I am gone from this world. (perhaps I have another goal and that would be to kill my husband’s son-in-law but I hope I do not achieve this goal) lol Right now, among many other medical problems I am in the final stage of emphysema and I have no idea how long, if I even die from this, have to live and my doctor will not speculate because thee are too many variables and everyone is different! Sounds a lot like Bi-polar, doesn’t it?

  7. Dave,What make a human being to act?The actions flow of needs physiologic, like eat, have sex , or psycholgical.The psychological include the being’s ideals as learning, evolution, to help the other ones, improvement in all the senses( objectives long-terms).That usually influences our objectives short-time that regulate our dairy life.To choose among and objective that “compete” with other, we have to evaluate our REAL capacity. Lilian P.

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