Does Santa have bipolar disorder?

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Merry Christmas if you celebrate Christmas.

Hope you have a great day today.

I know that I have two groups of people.
Those doing well and those doing not
so well. So I try to write to both.

I received a call this morning from
someone I know will bipolar disorder.
He was VERY depressed. He said
that he was taking his bipolar
medications and following his
treatment plan BUT he had done
so in the last couple of years.

As a result, his wife left him and
he really doesn’t have a lot going on
this holiday.

He is stable and working hard to
do the things he has to do. But it
took his wife leaving and losing
it all to get him to realize what
he has to do.

With that said, we talked and
I basically said that all the can
do is look to the future and learn
from the past. He obviously has
learned the real hard way what happens
when he doesn’t take medication or
take it like it’s suppose to.

I then told him, he can go out,
be a better person and he will find
new friends and possibly a new wife
is he wants. We talked and he felt
better. He is determined to do the
things he is suppose to do from
now on. He said he could of but he just
wasn’t serious before.

I wanted to share that. If you are feeling
down today from past bipolar episodes,
remember your past doesn’t equal your
future. You can turn things around and you
can do it starting today.

In my courses/systems, I talk about how
to turn around bad situations to good
situations no matter if you are a bipolar
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I am going to be talking more about some
things you can do to make 2008 a great
year for you in my daily bipolar emails.

But, I can’t do it today because #1 I want
to send out my email about santa and bipolar
disorder and #2, I have to get ready to
go to my parents house. But I will send
this out before the New Year.

Okay, here it is Christmas, and I was
wondering, do you think
Santa Claus has bipolar disorder?

Really, think about it –

One of the biggest symptoms of
having bipolar disorder – mania
is having grandiose ideas, right?

Well, what is more grandiose than
the idea that you can make it around
the world in one night and deliver
toys to every single boy and girl?


And what’s this about the red suit
thing? He must’ve bought it on
his last manic episode, because only
someone in a manic episode would
think something like that would look
good on them!


Ok, and what about the reindeer?
He’s talking to these creatures (and
listening to them) and they are
going to “fly” him around the world
in his quest to deliver all those toys,
right? I’d say that is the psychotic
part of bipolar disorder, for sure.


Yep – delusions and hallucinations
for good ole Santa Clause there!

Now here’s the clincher – the man
goes around all the time saying,
“Ho ho ho,” like who could be
happier! Well, only someone in
a manic episode could be THAT


Still don’t believe me? Start
thinking of some of your own,

No doubt, you will come to
believe that Santa Clause has
bipolar disorder, too!

I know I’ve been a little silly
in my email today, but it’s all
in the spirit of the holidays, as
I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Catch you tomorrow.

Your friend,


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  1. David,

    I just read your e-mail concerning Santa being bipolar.
    I can not express my total shock and utter dismay that you would say the things that you have said on this subject.
    To attack St Nicholas in this manner is totally irresponsible and absolutly ludicris. Have you done ANY research what-so-ever as to the lore behind his red suit or his jolliness or any other aspect of him that you have so viciously attacked?? I think not.
    Am I to take it that if I were to go out and buy a red suit that I must be having a manic episode?
    The comments you have made are not the ones that I would expect from someone such as yourself. This really makes me wonder if you, yourself, aren’t bipolar; even though you have said several times that you are not. Seems to me that only someone having a manic episode would say the things you have said.
    It is my advise to you that you seriously concider the things you say BEFORE you say them as well as consider the effect those words will have on the people that will read them.

  2. Kevin,
    I just read your response to David’s post, and I can’t believe you would think that it was meant as anything other than in a humorous way. He even says so in the post! It almost sounds like you actually still believe in Santa Claus and that you’re defending him! 🙂

    I have bipolar disorder, and I take humor wherever and whenever I can find it. It’s hard to be so serious all the time. I hope if you take a second look at the post that you will see the humor in it as well.

    Remember God loves you and so do I,

  3. Michele,
    As you suggested, I did take a second look at the posting David left.
    The only thing David admitted to was being a “little silly”.
    I did not, and still do not, see ANYTHING silly or humorous about what he said.
    I am not bipolar, but cyclothymic, as well as being a nurse. I too take humor wherever and whenever I can find it; but, for me, I did not find it in this posting.
    As for your comment about me still believing in Santa Claus and defending him; you better believe I do. Not in Santa the person, but the spirit of him and what that spirit represents.
    I’m sure the majority of people who have, and will, read this posting found it silly and humorous, but I am also sure there are those that will, and did not. They just may not post a comment as I have.
    One of my triggers for a depressive episode is not speaking mind when something irritates or bothers me and letting it build inside so I have followed my plan of action in preventing them by voicing my irritation and opinion.

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