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First proclamation in support of Mental Health initiative in the state of Tennessee issued

DO> Do you agree with this bill?

Bipolar Medication Doesn’t Impact Cognitive Performance

DO> VERY interesting article, don’t you think?

New guidebook on how to manage bipolar symptoms

DO> Sounds like a great book. Going to try to interview


MedicAlert expands to help the bipolar

DO> Interesting article.

Dr. Gott: Know signs of bipolar disorder

DO> You all should know already, right 🙂

No psychiatrist nearby? Turn on the screen

DO> What do you think of this concept?

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  1. The article about the tele-psychiatrist is frightening. I think that psychiatry, as it is now, is very impersonal. They ask how you are while writing a script. Psychiatrists don’t have the time to listen. I think teleconferencing will just make it one hundred times worse than it is now.

    So, my ‘family’ did NOT invite us to Thanksgiving this year. They don’t want me because I’ve been suicidal and they don’t want my mom because they don’t want to catch her breast cancer. Nice folks, huh?

    Maybe I should just be thankful that I don’t have to put up with the ‘family’ this year. It just HURTS not to be asked even though I would probably turn down the offer, anyway.

    The last time we had Thanksgiving at my aunt’s house (she’s really wealthy), they all started eating BEFORE we got there. Then, they finished before we did, so they all rudely left the table. They made it so uncomfortable that my mom and I left before dessert. No one saw us out and my mom fell down a flight of stairs outside. No one came to help her up. So, I guess I should be ‘thankful’ we are not going there this year.

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