Dealing With Bipolar? What If This Were Up To You?


How’s it going?

I hope you’re doing fine.

What if the war were up to you?

I’m sure you would choose peace instead.

What if your financial situation were up to you?

I’m sure you’d choose financial stability.

What if your problems were up to you?

I’m sure you’d choose not to have any.

What if your loved one’s bipolar disorder were up to you?

I’m sure you would choose for them not to have it.

Unfortunately, in this life there are some things we have control over, and others that we don’t.

Some things we have to trust.

You have to trust that our President is doing the right thing to win the war.

You have to trust that, even though you’d rather not have them, that your problems have solutions to them.

You have to trust that if you work hard enough and are watchful over your finances, that you will have financial stability.

Only there’s something you deal with on a daily basis that you don’t have control over.

You do NOT have control over the fact that your loved one has bipolar disorder.

But you DO have control over how you deal with it.

That’s what my courses/systems are all about. Learning how to cope and deal with bipolar disorder.







If it were up to you, what would your life be like?

I’m sure you’d choose that your loved one would never have another bipolar episode.

I’m sure you’d choose that you wouldn’t have any problems.

And I’m sure you’d choose that your life would be a happy one.

But a happy life does NOT mean the absence of problems.

It means that you cope and deal with the problems that face you, and you succeed IN SPITE OF


That’s how it is with bipolar disorder, too.

You and your loved one can still have a happy life in spite of the fact that they have bipolar disorder.

When the disorder is under control, like when the bipolar symptoms are successfully being managed by medication, for instance, you and your loved one can enjoy long periods of stability.

You don’t have to let bipolar disorder steal your happiness.

Happiness is a choice.

That IN SPITE OF what comes against you, you will still be happy.

Nobody is without problems.

Everybody has them.

But there is a satisfaction that comes from having solved a problem.

And each one makes you stronger.

You can choose the same thing with bipolar disorder.

You can choose to wallow in self-pity and wish your life were different…


You can choose to be happy IN SPITE OF it.

It’s your choice.

What choice are YOU making?

  1. i’ve had bipolar all my life, but it took 30 years to properly diognose it and to treet it. i went through years of hell untill i receved the right meds, but i still go through extreme ups and downs. every day, its a chalange to try and stay level. i can’t have stress near me. i can’t go out in public because of my scitso manniea. i am a prisoner in my own body. i am to start a group to help me with some of my behaveural problems(being in public) and how to deal with people more. i’ll send you more latter, george

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