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Bipolar brain changes both state- and trait-dependent
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

OV Councilman Burns sentenced to probation
DO> Do you think this sentence was fair?

Psychiatric comorbidities predict bipolar disorder in ADHD children
DO> This study indicated some important results.

Multifaceted intervention helps bipolar disorder patients lose weight
DO> This study makes an interesting point.

Ferguson Shooting: St Louis prosecutor Robert McCulloch admits witnesses lied to Grand Jury
DO> You’ll find this story shocking.

Man arrested at home where bodies found has history of mental illness
DO> Are you surprised at this discovery?

Mental disorder cited as Spences Bridge man found not criminally responsible for shooting, other …
DO> You’ll find this man’s story interesting.

Co-occurrence of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) in patients with bipolar
DO> Important study, don’t you think?

Intriguing small molecule directs activity of key ‘clock proteins’
DO> This study reports surprising results.

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  1. My spouse has bipolar, i have been with her over 8 years but she was diagnosed before we met, she didn’t start having problems until she was in her 40’s, isn’t that very unusual ?

  2. I’ve had recurrent dserespion for decades, sometimes lasting a month or two, sometimes a year or more. The worst for me is how much my dserespion hurts on the inside, how much it makes me loathe and hate myself — but that’s the dserespion screwing up the chemicals, the neurotransmitters, in my brain and telling me lies. It really makes me feel hopeless, though, makes me beat myself in the head. The most recent episode, Depression led me to go shopping for a weapon because I just didn’t think I could hold on any longer. I decided to go into the hospital because I knew I would die if I didn’t. This was last year, after 3 years of worsening dserespion, despite meds and therapy and all. I’m healthy now. though, and glad I’m alive. It is, indeed, crucial to remember that you will feel better someday and that the negative messages your brain tells you are NOT true. And to keep asking for help when things are bad. Was this answer helpful?

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