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Children Who Lose Close Relative at Risk of Mental Problems: Study
DO> Important information for you, especially if you have children.

Cortical thickness may distinguish bipolar from unipolar disorder
DO> Important study, don’t you agree?

Outcome good for patients with dual alcohol use and affective …
DO> Interesting study, don’t you think?

Attentional biases toward emotion help characterize bipolar disorder
DO> Don’t you find this to be a valuable study?

2nd man pleads guilty in N. Ind. store shootings
DO> Don’t you think this is a shame?

Deeds Continues Push for Va. Mental Health Reforms
DO> You’ll find this video interesting.

Nashua man credits Harbor Homes for finding him home, saving his …
DO> This man’s story will move you.

Continuity of care protects mental health patients
DO> Don’t you think this is an important study?

Doctors to carry out enforced Caesarean on bipolar mother-to-be, 25 …
DO> Do you think this was right?

Simple hypomania checklist detects bipolar II disorder
DO> Good information for you to know.

Pa. woman charged with killing newborn is depressed, suicidal and …
DO> This woman’s story will shock you.

A shock to the system: Electroconvulsive Therapy shows mood …
DO> You may be surprised to find out this information.

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  1. Oh but you should see where I live. It’s in a very exclusive area with “intimate friends”. Me and all my girlfriends were discussing our pattern of attracting Men with Problems!!!!!

    It feels so fulfilling as a “free woman” Like OUR MOM taught us well to be and be able to “take care” in areas where we may be well suited. In life one has to be careful what they wish for. Me an my girlfriends had wished for “one” individual that would “need help”. Boy, did we have a gift for attracting those of the opposite sex with just that condition.

    The good news is that it feels good when “willing” to be of Service. Service is the “Rent” we pay for “our place” on this Earth. How wonderful it is to feel this “free” to be able to “choose” what bills you want to pay. Many should be able to “elect” this option. After all in a past life, we were deeply greatful for attracting men that did very well in “taking care” of business. So it’s very liberating to be able to “choose one’s own poison” “choose what and who you are willing to suffer for” “choose who to be with come what may in the long run” it feels good when you have something of value like a house, child, family that you want to take care of.

    Nice smile from Earth to Heaven

    nothing but free choices from this point on.

    Just want to be ready when “the woman with many problems surface” hopefully she’ll read this story and drive by and know how to attract a solution (believe it or not) who is looking for someone to help!

    So in our case it wasn’t a child to take care of or a wief to take care but it’s “our baby” in any case.

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