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Here is the current Bipolar Disorder news.


Here are SOME highlights:

Circadian Rhythm Linked to Bipolar Disorder

Police Seek Missing Westwood Girl

WARNING! Girl’s overdose death raises questions

Senate OKs expanded coverage for mental disorders…MUST READ.

Antidepressants May Not Help Fight Bipolar Disorder…BEWARE

and much more

Details, visit:

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  1. i feel bad that that girl died. those parents are (uhh don’t want to say) but i have a q? what about if both spouses or soon to be spouses are bipolar?

  2. dazzle said
    The girl should not have died. It is all because of the med. that the Dr. makes her take, also have problem with med. that daughter is taking,and am scared,risperdal 3mg
    and seroquel 400mg ,both anti psyc. med.has not got period in over 10 months took her to endocrinology specialist got brain sanned everthing ok checking for ,
    growth in brain protalin elaveted, everything ok said to take her off med. easier said then done , dr. wanted to lower dose .but I was afraid she wind up in hospital again, still on same dose terrible weight gain ,won’t do anything, can’t take care of son always tired.Is not fair what they did to that girl that died . my daughter is 32 and afraid of the same thing happing, don’t know what to to , dam if you do and damed if you don’t
    216 AM

  3. David,
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    Paula Grimm

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