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CU professor to pioneer new bipolar disorder study
DO> It’s about time ūüôā

Body clock signals bipolar relapse
DO> Great article! Must read.

Bipolar diagnoses in kids gain attention
DO> Interesting view.

Misdiagnosed? Bipolar diagnoses up; experts question it
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Professor tells her bipolar story to help others find hope
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  2. Can someone tell me if there has been a study or research about the affects of “pot” and BP? We are trying to get our 20 y/o to understand the importance of this bad habit and the impact TCH has on the brain.

  3. i just want you to know that I am supporter of 24 year old son who happen to have a bipolar and his also addicted on drugs like E or Hashish so it was sooo dificult to get him out of these stuff , I went to a Dr but i was not convinced that it going to work because I noticed that when he takes the medication his much slower but not better to cut the story short I decided to get him off the medication and with the heart of a mother i asked the Universe to help me and because I have great Faith in God and the higher worlds I took the chanlenge and it worked , it was the most difficult days of my life but the reward was great , now his much better then when i use to give him the medication because we are dealing with the bipolar not just covering it up so we have less symptoms , I know its not easy but in my case he only took the medications for 10 days and when i saw the effect of these stuff i did not want to continew i was sooo luchy to read the KIRAELs predictions for 2007 and he mentioned that at these times in hour lives while we are shifting into a new dimention in consciousness we have bipolar cases and its to deal with not to cover it up by medication im so happy now and i hope every supporter will learn how to deal with it with faith and love and patience .

  4. At first, I couldn’t relate to the mother in Bristol who killed her son, then I remembered that during my last manic episode leading to hospitalization (1977), I tried to run down my brother with my car. I honestly believe that if I hadn’t “come to my senses,” that I had the bullyishness and courage (or whatever you would call it), I WOULD have killed him.

    There was the occasion during this time, that I almost slapped my mother. She was talking hateful to my therapist, not even listening to what she was saying, and I raised my hand to slap her, but something stopped me – I just COULDN’T.

    I am normally a pacifist, benign sort of person. I have been in two physical fights with guys, one who attacked me when I did absolutely nothing to provoke him, in the psych ward I was in. It dislocated my shoulder – but everyone was looking, and nobody stepped in to stop him.

    The other time, a guy who was staying with me for awhile during this period, was leaving me. I was distraught, and angry, and tried to push his guitar down my front steps (22 steps), and he started to fight me. I fought back, strongly, and tried to put his eye out to stop him. He ultimately stopped – but continued to leave me.

    Though I remember these incidents with clarity, and how I felt during them, they are a bi-product of the illness. I KNOW I wouldn’t have done ANY of them in my right mind. Bipolar disorder changes people when they are in a manic episode; boy, do they ever. I look back on them, and don’t recognize myself.

    It was shortly after the fight on my front steps, that I realized I needed HELP. My brother drove me to a private rehab center, where I checked myself in. I was sooo “high” the first couple of weeks, and had messianic and psychic delusions at the time.

    In 1977, the new diagnosis of manic depression was treated with Lithium. They checked my blood level every morning. They also experimented with antipsychotics, and by the time I was ready for release, I was in a full-blown clinical depression! I stopped taking Lithium (too hard to have to take all the blood tests), but I think I continued taking Haldol. By the end of the year, I hunkered down and went to the Community Mental Health Center, where the psychiatrist put me on an antidepressant, which worked within a month! Since 1978, I have been a client of the Center, and have been closely and religiously following a treatment plan with medications, cognitive therapy, and seeing a Nurse Practitioner (who is allowed to prescribe meds), which has followed me through a lot of mini-episodes, and kept me out of the hospital.

    When you NEED treatment or hospitalization, you WILL know it. If you stay on your meds and follow a treatment plan, and truly BELIEVE you’ll act/be normal, you WILL. Right now, I feel I am a highly functional bipolar – yes, bipolar disorder DEFINES me, but it is also, I believe, a part of me. Without it, I wouldn’t be as creative or ambitious or have a vivid imagination as far as problem solving is concerned.

    I think I am as firm a believer as the blogger here who thinks that her son NOT on meds can be “normal.” Sorry, honey, but it just ain’t right. All the prayer and faith you can muster, can’t CURE bipolar disorder. Sooner or later, it will catch up with you and your son, and something grievous will happen. I’m no prophet, but you’re playing with fire…

    Thanks, Dave, for your compiling the BipolarCentral news this week. It had some real eye openers.

    BIG HUGS and God’s blessings on all bipolar sufferers and supporters out there. He cares – and so do I.

  5. En halua enää tätä postia koska mulla ei ole mitään bipolaarihäiriötä, tsekkasin tätä sivua vain uteliaisuuden vuoksi miten maailmalla edetään.

  6. Heh-heh! halpaan menitte ja pitäkää itte bipolaarihäiriönne mulla on polaarisuus ihan kunnossa ja ollut jo pitkään.

  7. Normally I love everything in the bipolar news e-mail but this time not so much. Anyone who didn’t know about bipolar would think it an illness that automatically leads to violence.
    Which is what people tend to think when they know nothing about bipolar except for what they’ve seen on the news or read in the paper.

    I find that it is hurtful to bipolars and to others with a mental illness because it perpetuates the belief that all people with mental illness are violent/or will be violent very soon. It promotes a stigma that isn’t very accurate. Those who do become violent are a very small percentage out of the amount of people who do become violent.pockywars

  8. PS I keep seeing people post asking for advice and help.

    Please consider ordering the courses David offers.
    There is help and advice. The courses aren’t too expensive and I believe you can return them for a full refund if you think it’s bunk. But you will never know until you try.

    There is help. Are you going to take it?

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