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NetWellness: Natural aids to sleep during pregnancy
DO> Great article for those pregnant

Margaret Trudeau recounts her battle with mental illness
DO> Incredible must read story

Are We Overmedicating Our Kids?
DO> What do you think?

Asenapine Effective for Acute Mania in Bipolar I Disorder …
DO> Interesting concept

1 In 4 People Diagnosed With Depression May Have Bipolar Disorder, UK
DO> I have been saying this for years!

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  1. Having access to all of your work has been very helpful to our family. I am the Grandmother of a bipolar grandson and forward daily to the Mother. We all live in different locations, however, learning more of this disease gives much better understanding.

  2. I am currently prescribed Lamotrigine for Bi Polar. (I’m also Dysthymic – such a nice combination!) Does anyone know of a link between this drug and Gout?


  3. Hi David, the site on Asenapine Effective for acute Mania I believe is a little hard to grasp. I dont know how it would work on different degrees of bipolor1, but in the same I have bipolor2 what about the people like me? I guess we will see what steps they will take next.

  4. I live in Canada,And as a childI remember the news stories about the prime ministers wife running off touring with the rolling stones posing for playboy ect. It was a huge scandel,she just sort of self distructed.Iam so glad she is better and has the courage to talk about her journey and recovery I wish her and her family every happiness,you go Margaret!!! Heather aka heather2229 (innercircle)

  5. Dave! Such good news on this site! I’m happy to see such notorious, famous people admit to being bipolar; perhaps with them “coming out of the closet” so to speak, they can educate the public against the stigma that goes with mental illness. As it stands, though bipolar IS the “designer disease” of the Millenium, I am NOT proud of having it.

    It DOES define who I AM. Without it, I probably would still be in D.C., working in the Senate and married to a high-powered politician (which was my dream). For now, I am twice-widowed, and my life is more than half over. AND – what have I accomplished due to this disorder? NOTHING. I only live moment to moment, day by day, living in fear that the hypomanic monster will overwhelm me and I will be hospitalized AGAIN for regulation of my medication.

    Reading this week’s BIPOLAR NEWS has put me in an aggressive mood; I don’t like being here. But – I’m an OVERCOMER, and in about half-an-hour, I’ll be back to my “old self,” perhaps a bit more optimistic and hopeful. But – I HATE THIS DISORDER…

  6. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for over 11 years now. He is Bipolar. When I first learned of his disorder, from him, I brushed it off because I didn’t have enough knowledge of the disorder, but as time went on and the effects of his disorder started showing up, I began to take notice. I was 22 then. I am 34 now and feel that I am burned out on his illness. I get up everyday and try to live it to the fullest, but then I think what for? I am going to have to deal with him when I get home. I worry about whether he is happy today or sad. I worry if he is going to have a good day or bad. He recently started going to the mental health clinic and has been prescribed two meds. Seroquel for night time and Fluoxetine (Celexa) for the day time. I now worry if he is going to stick with this path or abort it like he has done ever since I have known him. He is also a drug addict. He is currently not using, but I suspect he still does. I have dealt with a number of heart crushing episodes over the years such as, stealing rent money, stealing my car, disappearing, lying, anger, his depression, his mania, but I have yet to deal with me. I know there is something wrong because I am not happy. I am tired alot lately and I eat constantly now. I don’t look forward to anything and I find it hard to concentrate on things for my son. He is 7 and is in school and of course with school comes alot of activities, but I don’t feel like doing anything, but hiding. All I want to do is hide and take our kids with me. My mother hates him because of what he has done to me and she makes the situation unbearable. He does not like her because of how she treats me because I am with him. I feel like my life is in complete shambles and I just want to run. I apologize for all of this, but I cannot keep holding this stuff in. I get angry when he goes to his psych appts and comes back and tells me that his psych doctor says he is severely depressed and he needs to stay away from any undue stress as much as possible. Then I start wondering what about me??? What about all the undue stress that I have had over the years, what about me??? Again, I truly apologize for my outbursts. I have tried for so long to seek help for myself, but I haven’t found the right type of help. I want to go to the family of bipolar support groups, but so far I have missed them. I even get tired of reading up and getting info on bipolar disorder. I feel that it is all a waste of time. I wished I knew why I am feeling the way that I do. That’s all for now .

  7. sorry scotter,I live more toadrws the west coast so I dont have an answer for you,but I hope everything will get better soon,take care and dont give in .fred Was this answer helpful?

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