Bipolar Warning-Watch out for this?

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How are you? Well today is Saturday
and the weekend.

I am actually going to a Halloween
Party today so I have to make this
quick because I have a lot to do before
I go to the party.

Something happen yesterday that kind of
made me really mad.

I was talking to a friend of mine
who asked how the “bipolar stuff”
was going. I told him great.

Then he told me how he knows
some natural doctor and as soon
as he said this, I said, “oh
geeze, here we go”, that has
a natural treatment for bipolar

My friend is a well intentioned
person and sincere.

He went on to tell me how basically
in order for my mom to do well (which
she is already but I think my friend
missed that), she needs to take
this “amazing supplement” so
she could be “okay”.

My friend says that his natural doctor
friend says that it works so great
and has “totally cured people.”.

Every time I hear this, I kind of want
to scream. The last time I heard this,
the person who was suppose to be cured
of bipolar disorder by meditating and
eating a kind of “tree bark” from
some kind of place in South America
was in a mega super episode and
incomprehensible for our interview.

The person who told me said it was because
he didn’t take enough “tree bark.” I argued it was
because the person got off his medication
that was working.


These days there are tons and tons of people
making all kinds of claims of natural products
to treat and manage bipolar disorder.

I’ve heard it all: tree bark, shark something
or another, magic berries, magic water,
something from volcanoes, special grass,
special mud, etc.

Then there are the natural people that don’t
endorse natural supplements but doing natural
things to total control bipolar. Things
like “getting in touch with yourself”,
paying a ton of money for a person to
“cleanse your soul”, weird kinds of meditation
that are not free but cost $5000, etc.

99% of what is presented to me in regards to
natural is a scam. I use to spend so much
time working to validate things brought to me.
When it comes to supplements however, I get
a ton of people sending me stuff in the mail
and writing me about this and that. Most of
them are like h.ome business programs.

One was actually found
to have NO and I repeat NO nutritional
qualities at all and was essentially
“colored water.”

These days anyone can start their own
nutritional company and sell anything
just about. Also, note that there are
many legitimate natural doctors that
are like real MDs but have other degrees.
BUT on the flip side, there are tons
and I mean tons of con artists out
there saying they are doctors but they
are really not or got a degree from like
a NON accredited mail order/internet scam operation.

IF you are looking into natural supplements
and bipolar disorder BEWARE.

I actually put together a guide on this
if you are interested, it’s called:
“My Findings: Vitamins, Herbs, and Alternative
Therapies for Treating Bipolar Disorder”

You’d be shocked about the kind of nonsense
that I ran across. It really makes me super
mad when people try to make up natural things
to “cure” or take the place of bipolar medications.

Don’t get me wrong, my mom takes natural things
and also does natural things to work WITH her
bipolar medication. WITH. Please read that again
with her bipolar medications. They are complementary NOT
replacements. And she ALWAYS works with her
doctor. Also, my mom does natural exercises you
probably have never heard of at the advice of her
doctor but with her bipolar medications.

She doesn’t hide the fact she is taking it
from her doctor.

In my courses/systems, below:




you hear many, and
I mean many, horror stories from people who
got off their medication and went and took
some weird supplement or went to do some
kind of strange meditation or weird
form of “natural” therapy and went into
super episodes and created doomsday scenarios
for their loved ones.

To sum up:

Do NOT ever make any treatment without
taking to a qualified doctor first

Don’t believe outrageous claims about
supplements or weird therapies for bipolar

And no I am not a supplement hater. I take
a ton of supplements because I body build
NON competitive. I do it as a hobby. If you
met me, you’d be amazed how many supplements
I take but I still never would make claims
about bipolar stability and supplements.
Well I have to run, catch you tomorrow.

Your Friend,


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  1. Hi Dave!I’m sure that there’s a lot of people trying to use some natural stuff instead their bipolar medication. I use to take a piece of chocolate bitter to relieve my stress, but I still taking medication and working with my Doctor. It works for me. Thanks for all and greetings to your Mom. My best wishes!

  2. Good job on this one Dave. My husband is bp and he takes medication and has an excellent doctor. At one point he was really looking into the fish oil thing though. I really think he was trying to find any excuse not to take the medication. He did alot of reading and talking with our “natural” friends. Which made it “look like” he was taking care of his bp. Truly the only way to take care of this is by doing what you’ve said: good doctor, good medication, good support. I still don’t feel like we have a good support system. Too much is on me so we need to work on that.

  3. Well said, Dave! There arwe so mani snake oil salesmen out there … and some of them don’t even know it’s snake oil they are selling! Yeah! I know some folk who are trained hypnotherapists who think they can darn well cure just about anything! “It’s all in the mind … we can control our bodies if we control our mind …” Oh yeah? What if your mind is already talking to you, telling you to jump in front of a train?! What if you are so high you think YOU are the doctor, ready to perform miracles?!

    And then there are those self-help gurus who teach “positive thinking” and Neuro Linguistic Thinking … Thery all promise a cure for everything to do with the mind.

    Now, don’t get me wrong – I think positive thinking is good for people who are depressed – it’s cognitive therapy and helps – just helps – us see through the fog a bit, where our illness causes us to think wrong. For example: Many people assume “everybody hates me/thinks I’m nuts…” etc. Well, I know a psychologist who did a study and found out that something like 5% of the people we know love us, about 3% don’t like us and the rest are completely ambivalent! So, everyone DOESN’T hate us! HOWEVER, this positive thinking stuff, this cognitive therapy, too, assumes that mentally sick people are rational when they are sick, that you can save them by talking them through the illness. Utter bo###ks! But the teachers of the hypnotherapists, etc, tell their students they CAN do it! And when they practice, they think they’ve done just that because the patients never comes back … So, when they become teachers they perpetuate the myth in all good faith.

  4. There are many kinds and many degrees of bipolar disorder, so some folks may be just fine using nature….
    That said, there are umpteen dozens of folks who wish to rip off the gullible.

    it IS possible to manage bipolar disorder without medication ONCE one is able to be in touch with one’s body and know the signs.
    ALSO one has to practice handling and living with bp in order for there to be success.

    I’ve been off my medication for several months now. All is just fine. I have to work a little harder now when I feel something creeping in, and am able to turn and maneuver without slamming face first into mania.

    This took much practice and determination on my part while I WAS taking my medicine.

    It’s getting too expensive for me.
    The medicine’s side effects were what spurred me to keep trying.

    And success.
    NO I am not cured. NEVER will that happen. I am just successful in living without medicine since I practiced.

    I DO NOT RECOMMEND this for everybody. I have friends who absolutely need their meds, and usually don’t mention I’m off mine. Don’t want to influence them in this direction.

    Thanks for all you do.


  5. hey dave,i love getting your finally getting the treatment that i need after 30+ yrs.drs always said she depressed nothing to worry would have thought they would have checked more into it since i tried two time to end my life.maybe if i had known i was bipolar like i do now.(9 months) i could have saved my son.not knowing what his ups and downs were.he hung himself 3 yrs ago.
    you are an amazing man taking pride in your work in helping your mother and strangers like all of us with bipolar.i am sure this will not just be from me but from everyone that gets your news letters.
    THANK-YOU for the bottom of our hearts.

  6. I’ve really appreciated the last few e-mails about how people complain instead of taking action in regards to BiPD. I don’t want to be hard on people, because life with unmanaged BiPD is hard enough… but it amazes me how many people don’t try and learn everything they can about BiPD, and endeavor to find solutions.

  7. hi dave, thanks for using your life experience with your mom to help other.i truly believe a good doctor, continous therapy, and taking your meds as directed,is key to balance the ex boyfriend is bp, he would stop taking his meds and going to therapy as soon as he felt better. he is in denial about his disorder and has been for the passed thirty years,i know a few people with bp and it seems as though they all think the same way.there is no quick fit to this disorder theres no magic possion that will take it away. get a good support system go to therapy and take the ,meds

  8. My wife left me and said she was moving to Calf and leaving me and our kids then a few days later she was staying down the street to stay close to the kids she was very cold for about two weeks than she would get close and act normal for a few days than cold again she has very mean to a few of her friend latly she said she is fine that everyone thinks she is crazy and that she is fine that she is self centered and that she really doesnt care for anyone but her self and than the next day she is hugging on me up and down so much Im so confused ,she was told by a Dr that she had bipolar about 7 year ago and refused treatment but this time it taring my family apart and our kids are starting to hate her I just want my wife back and my family together. Shannon

  9. i wasnt complaining instead of taking actions in regards to my bipolar.back 30 yrs ago bipolar was not a topic like it is were depressed and that was it.i am thankful that i have the right meds and the right treatment now.daily routine meds,doctors,planning….feeling good or not..i know it will be like that if i want a normal productive life.

  10. This e-mail really hit me I believe in alternative meds and use to use them. I do not have Bi-polar disorder, however my daughter and sister do. I would never recommend mixing say prescription meds and otc natural remedies.

  11. Hi Dave, Thank you! I have it, my 13 year old daughter-my baby, I have to get her back to the doctors now and when I do they are going to tell me she has it to, my son and my oldest daughter so far-no signs. Your mom and myself are alot alike in a few weeks I lost a good job and over the years racked up thousands of dollars in credit cards this time over $50,000. I do not like the medicine. I took it for the first time last night. I spoke with my son first, he said don’t freak because they have a name for it, you have had it the 24 years I have been on this earth. I told him we are so use to it I am afraid. He said, “Yeh, I especially like it when you are screaming at me and I go upstairs for two minutes, come back down, ask you how you are, and you act like nothing even happened.”. He added that in some places it is illeagl to date someone with bipolar. I told him I will always wear my fuzzy boots. Victorias Secret sells these fuzzy boots online, I have every color. I really do not like the medicine, I am getting that I am sick, I do not see it like the rest of the world. Thank you and your mom, without your website I would have been lost. The doctors did not tell me, not till she said she signed a medical release, I told her well I hope you came up with something good, she says i got you down as bipolar, and dr xyz has you down as bipolar, complicated with PTSD. When exactly they planned to tell me, who knows, good thing I asked. Online it was all the same couple of paragraphs. Your website is loaded, you are a hero, and thank you. Karen

  12. My daughter has bipolar or so her “nurse practioner” says so. And her husband will not let her “spend” money on a doctor who could really help her. Her in-laws gave me this tree bark for my diabetes and it was “horrible” and did nothing but make me pee alot. I`m with you Dave. I take a mulivitamin/multimineral and baby asprin with other pills with my doctor`s ok. Hope you did`t over do the party and my prayers for mom.

    You always hear the usual stories of pennies on the sidewalk being
    good luck, gifts from angels, etc. This is the first time I’ve
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    and a few cigarette butts Still silent, the man reached down and
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    He held it up and smiled, then put it in his pocket as if he had
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    Throughout dinner, the entire scene nagged at her. Finally, she
    stand it no longer. She casually mentioned that her daughter once
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    A smile crept across the man’s face as he reached into his pocket
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    “Look at it.” He said. “Read what it says.” She read the words
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    When I was out shopping today, I found a penny on the sidewalk. I
    stopped and picked it up, and realized that I had been worrying
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    It seems that I have been finding an inordinate number of pennies
    the last few months, but then, pennies are plentiful! And, God is
    The best mathematical equation I have ever seen:
    1 cross
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    That’s the whole gospel message simply stated. Take 60 seconds
    this a shot! Let’s just see if Satan stops this one.
    All you do is –
    1. Simply say a small prayer for the person who sent you this,
    (Father God bless this person in whatever it is that you know he
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    2. The n send it on to five othe r people. Within hours five
    have prayed for you, and you caused a multitude of people to pray
    God for other people …..

    her. I fill thier marriage is done for. My Lynn loves to talk and it`s got her fired from work. Any way, her in-laws are here from Bolivia and they have all kinds of cures. A tree bark they gave me is a cure all and wanted me to make a gallon of tea for my diabetes. The taste was horrible!!!! It did nothing but give me a terrible taste in my mouth. My regards to mom. Hope you didn`t over do it partying.

  13. Amen to that. I’ve been told about this before, Besides I can’t take herbal meds & some over the counter meds. because of complications i would have with my meds. And have to tell other docs what i’m on so there is no complications. people do need to be aware that it is a wise idea to consult your doc. first before taking anything new or suddenly stopping their meds.
    I also wanted to pass this site along to you. I talks about the seasonal pattern with Bipolar disorder.
    I appreciate your emails. And hope you have a great day!

  14. Hi dave.. Great work I’m one of the converted who was initially skeptical that you were running some sort of scam cuz i couldn’t initially believe anyone would be this generous without working some sort of angle.. ANYWAY.
    I’m bad bipolar type one but have had success with meds.
    BUT in conjunction with PROPER medication and PROPER psych support (i’m in Australia and it makes such a difference to have real health care system), fish oil does really help and NOTHING can beat being on top of your sleep cycle and DAILY aerobic exercise, preferably in the morning, of course in conjunction to taking your medication seriously and seeing a GOOD doctor regularly.

  15. My VERY best wishes to Graham; I like your statistics! Hope you have the ability to “float” through your “high” and come back to us. Could tell by your typos that you were thinking faster than you could type – this hardly ever happens to me – I type 121 w/p/m and can quite easily maintain my train of thought (before it gets derailed!).

    Thanks, Dave, for reminding us all that snake oil still exists, and that our best hope remains in TAKING OUR MEDICATIONS. The chemical imbalance absolutely REQUIRES that we take them for stability.

    BIG HUGS to all bipolars and those who love them. My prayers are with you. “In God We Trust.”

  16. Hi David. I agree with you about natural suppliments and BPD. It’s about the same with Diabetes or any other disorder: you just have to work with your doctor about these things. Hugs for your mom and dad, Cindy

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