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Unsure if your loved one has bipolar disorder really?


How’s it going?

I wanted to write you about a new resource that I have.

Over the years, I have taught people kind of orally exactly how to help determine if someone has bipolar disorder.

For some reason, it never dawned on me to put together a resource. Actually Michele (who works for me) suggested it along with a couple of my subscribers that I talk to all the time.

I am not sure why I never thought of it before.

If you’re not sure if you loved one has bipolar disorder, or another disorder or nothing at all, you should check out this new resource that I have.

It’s titled:

The Bipolar Testing System

And you can take a look at it here:

Well I have to run. Catch you tomorrow morning.


Shocking Story And Lesson For Bipolar Supporters


I wanted to send out a quick story of something that just happened to me.

I was thinking of this story because of the resource that I sent out…

“How to Instantly Deal With Anger, Irrationality,

And Mania In Your Loved One with Bipolar Disorder”

Located here:

Here’s the story.

Okay, I had this person working for me. This person was doing a great job. I mean a great job.

All of a sudden this person started acting really weird. They would EXPLODE for nothing.

A few times they cursed me out. A couple of times they hung up on me.

It was disturbing. I kept wondering what the heck is wrong with them. It’s important to note this person is NOT a person on my staff that is known to have a mental illness.

Anyway, time went by and I noticed that the problems with this person went from me to others on my team.

It got worse and worse.

Each time, I tried to figure out how we could avoid making the person mad. Guess what? The more we tried the more mad the person became.

One day after being yelled at, I realized that my strategy of walking on egg shells and trying to keep the peace would not work and basically I was making things far worse.

I realized that I was violating my own rules.

So I decided to follow my own suggestions for dealing with someone that has bipolar disorder that is angry and manic most of the time.

I did and the results have been great. No more problems. It’s kind of odd that I forgot to follow my own system.

Well it’s not kind of odd, it’s easy to get caught up and forget what you have been trained to do with someone who is acting out in this nature.

I don’t know what illness this person has. I am not sure. But something is wrong so I went ahead and treated the person like a person who had an illness like bipolar disorder and was out of control.

The reason why I am writing this to you is because my situation reminds me of what so many bipolar supporters do:

-They try to keep the peace

-They walk on egg shells

-They try in every single way and many unreasonable

ways to avoid conflict

-They try to change themselves.

This is ALL wrong. ALL wrong. It doesn’t work. There are MANY strategies that work but these do NOT.

This will not work. I know there are thousands of people on my list making this mistake every day.

Don’t do it.

If you need help in this area, I have a resource titled:

“How to Instantly Deal With Anger, Irrationality,

And Mania In Your Loved One with Bipolar Disorder”


If you need it, get it. Nevertheless, I have to run and I will catch you tomorrow morning.

Have a good one.


Bipolar Supporter? Making This Mistake?

Hi {!firstname_fix},

If you are a bipolar supporter,
I hope you aren’t making this mistake.

I was talking to someone yesterday about
a problem they had.

They were trying to fit in more time on
a weekly basis for therapy.

I asked them why they needed so much

This person said so that I can deal with
my wife. I was like, “huh?”

This person was going to a therapist 2
times a week.

I asked the person to explain his plan
to me.

After like 10 minutes of really not
explaining a plan I said to him

“So is your plan to make sure that you
can cope and deal with your wife’s behavior
until she gets better?”

He said “yes that’s my plan.”

I asked him, “well what’s your wife doing
to get getter.” He said, “well nothing really.”

I said, “is she taking medication? He said
no, she takes it off and on.”

I said, “well there isn’t enough therapy
in the world to help you cope and deal with
someone who is not stable from bipolar disorder.”

I went on to explain that instead of spending
all his time trying to fix himself or better
deal with getting screamed at, yelled at,
threatened and having a steady stream of
abuse each and every day, he needs to
set a goal to get his wife to take his

He said, “yea that would be great but how.”

I said to him, “the first step is having
the goal. The first step in accomplishment
is to define what you want to accomplish.”

He said “that makes sense.”

Does this all make sense to you?

See how this person was off track and making
a huge mistake trying to figure out how to
better deal with a situation which really
is not going to magically fix itself?

See how this person didn’t have a goal
of fixing the problem? the problem being
that his wife was not taking medication.

See how, although something simple, he
really didn’t have a goal to get his wife
on medication. He had a goal to make himself
better be able to withstand his wife’s bipolar

Many people are searching for how to
better cope and deal with the bad parts
of bipolar disorder. Now these strategies
are important for the SHORT term.

But over the long term, you have to get
your loved one to take medication.

Does that make sense?

There are ways to do this. You can learn it.
I have a new resource titled:

“How to Get Your Loved One With Bipolar Disorder
To Take Their Medication.”

For more information, please visit:

Have  a great day.

Loved One With Bipolar Have This Problem?


I wanted to write you a quick note about a problem that many people have.

Their loved one refuses or won’t take their bipolar medication, or wants to go off their medication.

And they don’t know what to do about it.

If this is you, I have some good news for you.

First let me say that medication for bipolar disorder is REALLY important.


Awful things have happened to people with bipolar disorder who went off their medication or refused to take their medication.

The very least of which is that they got unstable and went into an episode.

Then there may have been terrible consequences of the things they did while they were in that episode.

They may have hurt themselves, or someone else, or have even ended up in trouble with the police.

You may see some things on the internet to suggest that it’s okay for someone to go off their medication or to not take medication for bipolar disorder or otherwise, but this is just NOT true!

There are just too many other things that you can see on the internet and read in the newspaper headlines about what happens to people who go off their bipolar medication or refuse to take their medication for bipolar disorder.

If you have a loved one who is not taking their bipolar medication and you need help, like I said before, I have some help for you.

I have a new resource titled:

“How to Get Your Loved One With Bipolar Disorder
To Take Their Medication.”

For more information, please visit:

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