1. Hi Dave,
    I put the wrong CC # when trying to order this and was told to call … Where do I call?

  2. Hi David
    I think I’ve duplicated my order – please rectify it for me.
    Thank you for this fantastic offer – very considerate of you…
    Jesus Blessings to you
    Malanie (Supporter)

  3. David, I don’t know if my order went thru or not because it kept saying there was a mistake and I did not find any mistakes and I reentered my info several times. Can you see if my order went thru and if it didn’t, explain what I have to do to fix it. I REALLY want your package. Thank you very much, please let me know before it’s too late. Sincerely, Debbie Moore

  4. David, I thank you deeply for this offer. I do not have an international credit card or a credit card at all, believe it or not. Could I send by snail mail the US $10.00 to have you ship this wonderful offer to me here in Colombia, South America? Would you hold one of the free offers for me until the check reaches your office?

  5. I have filled in the order for your wonderful free gift, But as I am in the United Kingdom I cannot enter State or Province. I keep getting error message saying no entry in the said box go back and try again. Does this mean I am not elligible for this offer.

    Best regards


  6. I would like to order the free DVD packs, but do not have a major credit card. I do not use them at all. Is there a mailing address that I could send the shipping and handling fee to?

  7. Dear Dave:
    I am very sorry for not accepting your valuable gift, but I have only time to read your daily mail, that is so useful, well thinked and friendly. As is not english my language, it will be a little hard to have a lot of more information, as is not so easy to put in practice some of your daily advices, how I will deal with a lot of it?
    Thank you very much, and God bless you

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