Bipolar: In the Long Run


Lately I’ve been training, so I’ve been on this special diet, but I’m afraid it’s done more harm

than good. It’s sort of a “crash” diet, and it’s made me kind of weak and tired, and my memory seems to have even been affected. So I wonder if it’s really been good for me like it was supposed to have been. I thought it would be ok, since it was just going to be temporary, just sort of a “quick start” sort of thing. But you know…Sometimes you have to watch out for things like that. I guess I fell into the very thing I always caution you about. You know…The old “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” Besides, if you start off with something like a crash

diet, or something promising quick results, chances are they are going to only be temporary results and not for the long term. Because results that come for the long term are results that come with: CONSISTENCY. In other words, someone who goes on a crash diet may lose that weight real fast, but chances are they will just end up gaining it all right back. While another person who begins to eat sensibly and well and exercises consistently will lose their weight over time and keep it off because they’ve changed their lifestyle.

I saw it way back in college. I saw students who would cram for an exam. They would learn just what they needed to in order to pass the test. Then they would promptly forget it. There would be no real knowledge gained, no real learning going on. Then there were other students like me, who would study consistently over time, who would earn their grades, who would gain the knowledge necessary to really learn over the long run. We would retain our knowledge.

Someone with bipolar disorder needs consistency in their lives if they’re going to reach stability.

And you definitely need consistency in your life as a supporter as well. Because if you’re anything like I was when I was dealing with my mom and her bipolar disorder, one of the things that will drive you crazy is the unpredictability of your loved one’s moods and behavior. So one way to fight unpredictability is with CONSISTENCY. You not only have to be consistent in your own life, but you need to desire and even expect consistency from your loved one as well.

They may not have it right away, but it is something that they can strive for, at least.

For example: One of the first things they MUST do is to maintain consistency in the area of their treatment. They absolutely MUST take their medication consistently if they hope to ever achieve stability with their bipolar disorder. That’s a given. But they must also be consistent in going to all their appointments with their medical and mental health professionals as well. And in doing what they tell them to do. That’s all part of their treatment plan. Another thing, and this is very important: Your loved one should develop a routine to help them get stable.

Routine is very important for people who have bipolar disorder. It will help them to stay consistent in the long run. You could even help them with this.

Well, I have to go!

Your Friend,


  1. Hey Dave.
    just came across your blog. i know that having consistancy is the key to remaining stable. But what if the person the Bipolar individual married has Anger managment issues and isnt consistant or stable? I have Bipolar Disorder type 2. My husband is constantly angry and upset over things and it really does not give me support at all. I have resorted to flirtatious behaviors in chatrooms to meet emotional needs that are gapped between my husband and I. He had been too focused on his anger to care about what I had to say about his anger or lack of energy to spend time with me. Its super upsetting. I almost feel as though i would be Digitally cheating on him. You are a guy, so… what would you suggest?

  2. no more churches for me! I’m running to My man!!!!

    what does it mean to be a Child of God – no accept no bullying from adults, life partners or even family with bipolar. You set boundaries and accept their illnesses and hope they will accept your reflection of your ultimate Parent, Your Creator – who raised you up in a non abusive household and life and in the long run it works out!

    i’m on my way to the chapel, I found a man who has never been abused just like me!!! but we both worked with bipolar cases

  3. I found that change is hard to deal with know matter what it is I hve a hard time dealing with family changes its hard to cope sometimes

  4. Having a routine and consistently working it is so importan. I’m one of those people who lost there job. I don’t think I would do as well as I am with out the structure, keeping consistent. Don’t get me wrong I have a lot more to do, but I have the basics

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