11 Letter Magic Bipolar Word


Today I want to talk to you about: AN 11 LETTER MAGIC BIPOLAR WORD!

Now, I know I’m always telling you there are no magic words when it comes to bipolar disorder, so before you get out the rocks and start throwing them at me, let me explain! You will want to hear about this word, believe me!

And you would never guess this 11 letter word, so I’ll just go ahead and tell you what it is:
CONSISTENCY. Bet you’d have never guessed that was the word, huh?

But this one word is magical in the sense that when it comes to bipolar disorder it carries a
lot of power with it. Just like the story of the tortoise and the hare, and the lesson that we all learned about “slow and steady wins the race,” we must then follow it with consistency.

Consistency in the thesaurus uses other synonyms for it, like: Symmetry, clearness, uniformity, agreement, connection, tenacity, and conformity. I think I would add another word to that list:

One of the definitions of consistency is persistence. So if you put all that together, you get
someone who is persistent in their goals…Who has a real connection and conformity to their treatment. You see where I’m going with this?

If you have bipolar disorder, you need to be consistent with your treatment to be successful
at managing your disorder. Actually, I’ll take it a step further, and talk to supporters – you have to be consistent as well, with your own “program,” your own regimen or routine, so that you can be successful as well.

Someone famous said, “If you believe it, you can achieve it.” But you cannot achieve it by sitting at home just thinking about it. You CAN achieve it by using CONSISTENCY and persistency, though!

Think about it. Everywhere you’ve gotten, you’ve gotten there by consistency. You graduated from school by consistently going through one grade at a time until you finally graduated.

Same if you went to college, consistently going through one course at a time until you finally got that degree.

If you are married (or in a committed relationship), you can only have a good, strong relationship
if you consistently work at it, like consistently communicating and things like that.

When you become a parent, the only way you can be a good parent is if you are consistent –
like with discipline and with listening to your child, or with going to school events, and
supporting your child consistently.

At work, you get promoted based on how consistently you perform your job and your duties.
If you consistently perform them well, you will advance in your career.

The same is true in friendships. If you prove to be a consistent, loyal friend, you will have many friends, because these are cherished characteristics in a friendship.

And if you have consistency in your life, you will stay balanced, and you will stay emotionally
healthy (or more emotionally healthy, if you have bipolar disorder).

The point is that having consistency is a good characteristic to have, as it will bring you many
good things.

Well, I have to go!

Your Friend,


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