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Bipolar Disorder Discovery at the Nano Level
DO> Important study, don’t you think?

Clinical Studies Show Fish Oil & Vitamin D May Alleviate Symptoms of Seasonal Depression and …
DO> Interesting study, don’t you agree?

Structure of neuron-connecting synaptic adhesion molecules discovered
DO> This study makes an important point.

Depressive episodes hard to treat in continuous cycling bipolar disorder
DO> This study shows some interesting results.

Quitting cannabis use during manic episodes improves outcomes
DO> This study reveals something very interesting.

Psychologist: Oliver was not aware of his actions during shootings
DO> Do you believe Oliver’s story?

Bipolar Patients at High Risk for Self-Harm Recurrence
DO> This study reports a surprising result.

Family: Sandoval Co. Jail’s failure to treat mentally-ill woman led to her suicide
DO> Do you think the Detention Center is responsible?

Wealth, power or lack thereof at heart of many mental disorders
DO> Good study, wouldn’t you say?

Abnormalities Found in Brains of Young Bipolar Patients Who Try Suicide
DO> You’ll find this an important study.

The Brains Of Bipolar Disorder Patients Look Different
DO> These results may surprise you.

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  1. In your section about Bipolar cannabis or any drug usage other than what your doctor prescribes alters the brain and is not safe not even alcohol when taking bipolar meds. You would have to be a complete moron to even think that you can mix street or other drugs with your bipolar meds. I have bipolar diagnosed as the worst type and in the past, many years ago I did mix/use street drugs all it did was make my bipolar much worse and I was hospitalized. So if there is anyone out there that is mixing/using drugs or alcohol please don’t, it will do permanent brain damage. I have experienced and accepted what I have done to myself and will never do again. seek help if you have an addiction, be honest with your doctor if your not than they cannot help you manage your cycles, etc. Stress is a big trigger for me that is when I find myself in a state of manic but it is not a complete manic as my meds help control the level of the manic state. We all have stress in our life but need to learn how to cope with it without self destructing behavor I am still learning and researching, speaking with my doctor and support group, as we all know our bipolar can be silent, for lack of other words and than it pops its evil head and we go into a tizzy. I’m trying to slow down focus more at work having trouble but most importantly recognizing my triggers and working on getting rid of them. Identifying your triggers are CRUCIAL to you mental state and control of it. Honestly experienced and informed from Maria

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