Where I got info on vitamins, herbs, alternative stuff and bipolar disorder


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A bunch of people asked me about where I got the information on: “My Findings: Vitamins, Herbs, and Alternative Therapies for Treating Bipolar Disorder.” Here’s the deal. A while ago I decided that I had to find out about everything “nature” that had to do with bipolar disroder. Why? I got so many people asking questions. So I decided to go pay a doctor and research team to find out what was real and not real.

I went out and located a doctor who had a research staff and contracted with them to search all the places where credible studies and clinical trials that had been conducted on alternative therapies would be located. Places like…

==> The National Institute of Health

==> The National Institute of Mental Health

==> Life Sciences Journal

==> Journal of Psychological Medicine

==> Advanced Biological Psychiatry Journal

==> British Journal of Psychiatry

==> American Journal of Psychiatry

==> Journal of Affective Disorders

==> Archives of General Psychiatry

I had this doctor and his staff analyze all the studies and write a summary on those natural remedies, or treatments, that have scientific backing and support. That’s where I got my information from. Want more information on “My Findings: Vitamins, Herbs, and Alternative Therapies for Treating Bipolar Disorder”?



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  1. I noticed your link to alternative therapies says, “offer expired.” Would you please send the link again so I can see it. I’m really interested in researching these strategies for my bipolar child. Thank you.

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