Important Update & Special Labor Sale


I wanted to let you know TWO things. First, we have a brand new catalog site that lists all the items that we have. Darlene worked hard to make it look great. I think you’re going to love it.

You can take a look at it


Secondly, we have special sale that ends 11:59pm EST Labor Day (September 1, 2008):

You can get 20% off ANY of my materials at the new site:

FREE Vacation!

If you purchase more than $350 worth of material you get a F.REE Vacation Certificate.

Spend 3 days/2 nights in one of 26 resort destinations, including:

You Can Visit:
=> Orlando, Florida
=> Daytona Beach, Florida
=> Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
=> Las Vegas,Nevada
=> Branson, MO
=> Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN
=> Atlantic City, New Jersey
=> Lake Tahoe, California

=> Maine Coast, Maine
=> Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
=> Nashville, Tennessee
=> Pagosa Springs, Colorado
=> Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania
=> Reno, Nevada
=> Sedona, Arizona
=> Scottsdale, Arizona

=> Williamsburg, Virginia
=> Aruba Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
=> Cozumel, Mexico
=> Dominican Republic
=> Hawaii
=> St.Thomas
=> Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

No salespeople to contend with! No funny stuff! No Strings Attached! You’ll love it.

It’s a $297 value!

So again not only are you SAVING 20% you also can get a FREE Vacation Certificate as well.

This sale ends Monday, September 1, 2008 at 11:59pm EST.

To start looking at what I have take a look at:



David Oliver is the author of the shocking guide “Bipolar Disorder—The REAL Silent Killer.” Click Here to get FREE Information sent via email on how and why bipolar disorder kills.

  1. I read this story and feel as though this kind of thing is happening way too much. My son was diagnossed Bi-polar last year. But not by a doctor,
    my cousin called her husbands doctor and told him my son was bi-polar.
    We made an appointment and after just a few minutes they had put him on meds. I tryed to exsplain to the doctor that I felt he needed therapy before a diagnoses was made because he has problems with adults and dose not like to listen and I felt there were deeper emotional issues.

    Since then he has been in a juvinial detention center where they did a compleat psch evaluation and told me he is not bi-polar, but opistional.
    Probation will not let me take him off the meds the other doctor put him on until I can get him in to see another doctor, and the meds I discovered are not even for bi-polar, even though the first doctor said they were.
    Zyprexa, & Prozac.

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