Warning! Bipolar Disorder Evolves and changes


How’s it going? I have to make it quick because
I am really behind today. I overslept. I’ve
been under a ton of stress lately.

Tomorrow I think I am going to tell you one
strategy that I use to deal with lots of
stress. Actually I will probably tell you

Anyway, things have grown so fast with all
this bipolar stuff it’s hard to keep up.
Not to mention that I run 4 businesses
in total.

Yesterday was most frustrating because I
received numbers threats against me
including one person that said that I
“was working with drug companies to
medicate and destroy bipolars.”

This person suggested that the world
would be better without me and he was
going to get me.

Oh well I know the person was in an
episode because half the conversation
he liked me and the other half he
wanted to kill me.

NOTE-I get some many threats on a daily
basis, it’s amazing and really annoying.
I try not to take it personal but sure
is hard because I don’t have a personality
that loves hearing and reading threats and
just looking the other way. But this
organization sure has taught me how
to improve this skill 🙂 There
have been some people that call
and write with nice things only to
threaten the next week.

This brings up an important point
with bipolar disorder. It’s a mood
disorder that impairs someone’s
judgment when they are not stable.

So you have to be careful even with
your own loved one. People not getting
the right treatment from a good
doctor and do something bad. That something
can be violent. My mom has taken swings
at me, spit on me, punched me sort of,
thrown a phone at me, etc.

If she is not stable I always watch
her hands and make sure I can defend myself.
I NEVER assume that my mom is my mom and
would never do such a thing. Why? Well
it’s because if she is not stable I
can’t assume that her motherly instinct
will override her instability.

With that said, I was speaking to someone
that said his wife was never violent in
any bipolar disorder episodes but then in the last
couple of years has become violent.

My mom on the other hand has gone the OPPOSITE.
My mom use to yell, scream, cry TONS. And I
mean TONS. But in the last year, that happens
less and less and less.

I was talking to Michele Soloway who has
bipolar disorder and she said she is not
violent but her sister was (her sister
killer herself and had bipolar disorder), but
she noted how bipolar can change with time.

So you have to constantly watch, learn
and plan for the worst but hope for the
best. That’s why when you look at my courses




You will notice that I try to cover every possible
situation. For example, the violent person, the drinking
person, the non violent person. The person who wants
to go to the doctor, doesn’t want to go. The person
who gives permission for you to talk to his/her doctor
the person that doesn’t.

I do this because a person with bipolar disorder can
change and you need to have a strategy if he/she changes
and not just say, “Man, this stinks, they weren’t suppose
to do that, they never generally did something like
that but now they did and I don’t know what to
do…this isn’t fair. What the heck???”

That’s the kind of thinking my dad has. Not so
much any more. BUT my dad still is too dependent
on me as my mom’s supporter. I am working to
stop this and shift more responsibility to him.

Anyway, I have to run and will catch you tomorrow.

Your Friend,


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  1. I can not tell you, David how very, very much I apreciate all the work, and research you are doing to help us ppl who have Bipolar Disorder. I forward every email I get from you, to my sister. We think that her daughter, and my neice is Bipolar. As well as my oldest son. And I too have Bipolar Disorder. And even my sister is very, very grateful for all the information she is getting. Please do, keep up with all the word you are doing. The more information that gets out, thanks to you, the more ppl can understand. I myself have had bad mood swings, and one just recently. Thank God I was alond when It happened. And it happened on Memoral Day Week-end. I was suppose to go to my sister’s to help dicorate the graves of our lost family member’s. But I was not able to go. I do wish however, that I could join your BipolarInnerCircle, But I can not afford the price up front. I am on a very fixed icome, and just can not send the whold amount all at once. That is almost half of what I get a month.
    I also belive that my oldest one has Bipolar Disorder. We used to be able to talk quite often on the phone. But, he had his phone change to an unpublish number, and he does not anwser any of my emails. Even though I also forward your emals to him, as well as my sister. But, I just want to say, again, thank you so much for all the hard work you are doing, and May God Bless You. Thank you
    Sincerely;; Sherry

  2. I don’t know how you stay sane, yourself, trying to run several businesses and deal with a huge crowd of bipolar folks and with us, their supporters. Besides all that, you have been in pain lately–probably from over-exercising to keep strong and stave off the effects of stress.

    I hope you are not in danger from the man who threatened you, or anyone else. I read your manual on obtaining health care for our loved ones, with all the tips on affording care when it seems unaffordable. You are a huge resource and support system for so many. Please be careful.

    Now our youngest is showing some signs of irrational behavior. I hope you and your ideas will be around for a long time.

    Sincerely, C.

  3. This one was really timely for me too. I’d grown accustomed to pretty severe depression and decided the manic episode in December was cocaine psychosis, when whammo a call from the social security people raised her stress to the point that it triggered a manic episode. ARGH !! It’s like trying to hold onto the tail of a cyclone and I’d been having the talk with myself that my whole approach and trust, etc etc has to change ’cause bipolar-Susie is a force to be reckoned with !!! SO thank you, thank you for reinforcing that Dave.

    lol, now its ME who wants to hide under the covers and hope the crash isn’t too bad. She’s semi-medicated, but there’s a med that needs to be added when she’s manic that she’s been off. At one point, she said “maybe this is why the psychiatrist said, if he was a family member he’d be pouring this stuff down my throat.

    She’s disappeared which always makes me nervous, but going to try to take care of me today… a novel concept.

  4. I have a boyfriend who is bypolar. He never shown signs of violence until recently. It started about a month ago when his doctor decided he wanted to try a different medicine so he could go off to college. Well the medicine never took effect or resulted in him spinning into a hypomanic episode. He was very rude, calling me 15 times a day, calling all my relatives at work or at home it did not matter what time of day. He got paranoid when my sister got scared from him calling her too much that she turned off her phone. He told my sister to stop being an immiture jerk, and called her a b word, and other words i don’t like to say. So he really rubbed my family the wrong way. Now they want me to distance myself completely from him. However i am a legal adult and can do what i want too. He showed violence by punching a wall which resulted in hurting his hand, and burning his cast with my car charger. Thats how i new he was in trouble. So my parents made his parnets to persuade him to check him into the hospital. So he’s still manic but hopefully he’s getting better. Thanks for all your support.

  5. I just found out last wk. that my son could be Bipolar. The Doc put him on meds, but he hasn’t been taking them as he said he wanted to go to Detox first. He went to Detox Wed. @ 1 p.m. & came home Fri. @ 11 a.m. He’s taking the meds now & going tonight to an AA mtg. My son went to a hotel Tues. & called that nite to say he was thinking of jumping from the 5th floor balcony. He has said he would end his life several times over 20 yrs. when he’s drinking heavily. I’m sure he’s an alcoholic & he keeps overdrafting @ the bank & paying big bucks. He’s never been able to handle money or keep it in his pocket. I’ve spent thousands on him over the yrs. & it’s not fair to his brother & sister, but they’re married & have families & Mike hasn’t been married but his relationships always end due to his drinking. Thanks so much for all of your helful info & I hope your mom will work this out with your help. Sheila

  6. I agree that a bipolar’s anger can crop up any time. Normally, I am non-violent, but can recall a couple of times when, in a mania, I struck out. Once, I had to hold back my hand from sriking my mother while she was calling my personal therapist names I can’t even spell. THAT scared me.

    I have also gotten into 2 physical fights with boyfriends (both when manic). The first was in the University psychiatric ward, when he grabbed me off the counter, threw me on the floor, and dislocated my shoulder. I tried pushing and kicking, but a tech finally intervened.

    The second time, I was sooo angry that my boyfriend was leaving me, that I attempted to kick his guitar case down my front stairs (there were 22 of them!). He fought back, and it was only when I got him in a vise grip, that he just walked away.

    I think THREE times in 59 years is some kind of record! NOW, I would never THINK of harming anyone, not even my pussy cats. I’m a gentle “maniac,” and usually went quietly to the mental hospitals I was signed into.

    I do much better with friends, but prefer my “alone time” living here by myself with just my two cats. It’s peaceful, and I can do whatever/whenever I want. I feel I am a highly functioning bipolar, and don’t need violence/temper in my life. I just this morning amicably broke up with my boyfriend of over a year; there were no tears or recriminations – we just grew apart. But a sadness remains…

    Thanks for ALL your help in your emails, Dave. I hadn’t even remembered my violent “past” until I read today’s article.

    God Bless You.

  7. Hello,I am a bipolar and I freely admit to anyone of my disorder. To me why should I ashame are others ashamed of having diabeties ? (4 example)But it has back fired on me before. My Boyfriend with whom I’ve cohabitated withn for three years, has and does use my illness to twist every thing around. I am normally and a passive person, what i mean is your cool and I’m cool to you. If you give aggression my defenses go up and I become defensive. Now he tells me i need to take my meds or go see a Dr. that i am becoming unstable. When we are “arguing” he starts calling me names telling me that i am worthless or a pig. I am a very messy person, I try to organized my clothing and spend three four hours doing it and then as i change clothes or laundry time it’s back to being a big mess. I can’t do the maintenance part of it. Back to what i was saying when the name calling ang aggression is given to me I in turn start defending myself which I am accussed that i am manic ,don’t “normal” people also defend them selves when they rae being verbally attacked? Yes I do become manic he knows how to triggar it and then sit back and act like a victim. I REALLY believe HE IS or HAS some type of disorder, which totally denies and will say to just cause you have it doesn’t mean I do. But HE will spit it at me tell me he wants to smash my brains in and do you know why? he’ll ask me , because YOU DRIVE ME THERE. yeah it’s my fault he wants to kill me. Well how would a “normal” person react to this? I should leave? huh? I know I should but $$ I have none To Sherry I too can not afford the INNER Circle but David’s emails and THIS BLOG page and my support group here in my community helps me make it through it all. I’ll be honest I am more open and honest HERE on This Page!! than w/ my help group. You know why? because I don’t know anyone here in a personal level we don’t really want to reveal to ones we know very well, how Messed up our lives really is! So Sherry if you ever just want some one to email to you can write to me I will give a my emaul and it’s my “OTHER” email Let_Freedom_Ring@q.com hopr to chat w/ you bye everyone take care and remember we’ve made thru another day and most important we are continueing to learn and accecpt waht we are and what we CAN BECOME!!!

  8. Dear Dave, thank you for taking the time to send so many emails to me, it is with great delight i read all your information. It is with great sadness that i read of so many peaople who are emotionally affected by bi polar. I have been prone to many recurrances of depression and suicidal thoughts constantly throughout my life. I admit to crying alot and also feeling trapped inside a body and mind that i know is not me. My life has not been a picture of happiness by any means and until i reached the age of 40 did not understand most of what was happening in my brain. My father committed suicide when i was four years old. My mother tends to be bi polar mixed with attention deficit disorder. I have four sisters and one brother and can clearly see an inbalance in the thought pattern and behaviour of all my siblings. However our upbringing with a mother who constantly belittled, abused and took no responsibility for her children has made it hard to change the negative thought pattern to positive. I have found that a bi polar person can be drug free and in many cases are much better off. even when the chemical imbalances become so severe and the suicidal thoughts drain me I know that by staying poitive and finding a happy thought and by retraining the brain it is possible to overcome this dreadful disease. Most of my life i was locked into the unhappy little girl state so wanting my mothers love. When i feel this situation i remind myself that i am a grown woman with 2 beautiful children. One of the most important lessons in life I have learnt is to recognize your behaviour, dont excuse it, you must not learn to live with it, you must learn to control it and always be humble enough to say sorry to the ones you hurt, let them know you are trying to do better, you are not perfect and dont have all the answers. My children sometimes remind me of hurtful experiences i caused them and of how good I am these days. they dont see me as bi polar just a mum who made many mistakes. We copy our parents and sometimes it takes a long time to learn a better way, but there is a better way. Dave it is wonderful you care enough to pass your information on to these many people. I say to all, life is what you make it. every time a negative thought creeps in to your head channel it out with a positive one. like learning a language you must retrain your brain to be happy. leave your past behind, smile for the future and let go of all the baggage that accompanies you. Life can be wonderful it only takes a smile and that can make all the difference. Love to you all. Mandy

  9. Thank you David for all the work you are doing. This write up really scared me, as I have been diagnosed with Bipolar. I am a gentle soul and don’t wish to hurt anyone. I pray to God that I never get the violent stage. I took myself off to the Dr. and He said we don’t normally get sufferers coming in complaining about the symptoms. I wanted help, but ran into problems when they discovered I was also psychic. If they medicate me it will take away my psychic abilities and 4
    psychiatrists didn’t want to do that as they said I was helping other’s with my gifts and they didn’t want to take those gifts away. So they advised me to go to a spiritualist development group for support, and maintain my contacts with the spiritualist church. Apparently being psychic can be one of the side effects of Bipolar disorder in some cases. He said I wasn’t insane. I said you should see it from my side sometimes. I have entered a phase where I am having nasty panic attacks, and read that carbon-dioxide can trigger panic attacks in bi-polar sufferers, as they tend to be sensitive to it. I had several years where I was calm and nothing would shake me now I have to try and control anxiety and panic disorder. I’d be glad if this phase goes back to calm again I hate this feeling of impending doom. My daughter also suffers with bipolar even though she was diagnosed 9 years ago she refuses to believe she still has it and is homicidal with it as was my mother. She and my mother have both physically harmed me and others. My mother has since passed on, not without creating havoc in the whole family with lies and deception. two of my children have no contact with me and the other I’ve just told you about has minimal contact as she knows I know she has bipolar. Well thank you once again. I hope I never become violent as I ab-ore violence.I take eye q. which is helping. But the winter is taking its toll. I always seem to be worse in winter and when I’m sick. J.T.

  10. I have just had one tough weekend my partner suddenly had a episode, I saw it coming but all I could do was hope and pray I don’t make matters worse unortunately decrating had to be done and bringing in a 2 + 3 seater into my home was required hell broke loose I was critised no matter what I did and things went from bad to worse I had enough and went for a walk his attititude changed quickly after that unfortunately my cage was so rattled I felt I was ow having an episode. Today his episode began building up again this time he said don’t talk to him as he feels very edgy I had a much better day as i left him be to fall asleep and carried on myself decorating. he seems ok hardly spoke and i’m exhausted. We made it once again, I’m grateful that i am not taking it so personal this time as I know that is the road to disaster.

  11. Ha yes violence can strick at any time. My husband is usually a sweet gentle man. However, on two occasions one within the last 3 months the other 12 years ago, we have needed a new bedroom door because he knocked it down.

  12. Hello David, My companion and I share an apartment together. He has been diagnosed with Bipolar years ago. We have lived together over a year now. It is so odd for me to even think that he has this disorder because he works hard everyday. He is a mason which of course involves heavy masonry work. He does have an enormouse amount of energy, even after 8-10 hrs of work a day. He is usually polite,respectfull and kind. He is adoment about paying all bills on time although he goes on spending sprees like there is no tomorrow. He is extremely particular about things and extreme cleanliness is one of his major priorities. His sexual appitite I believe is abnormal. His flirtation with other womwn is abnormal. It is pretty bad when his boss has come to me to complain that he himself is embarrassed of my companion Daniel’s insessant behavior. I stand to correct myself he does show many symptoms of this disorder that I now can recognize through your generous help. Worse yet he has given me a desease “Hepatitis-C”. When I mentioned that I should leave him, he became very angry and had the need to yell and scream and pushed me. He has not hit me as yet but he has slapped dishes out of my hands. I am afraid somewhat. When I was married before my husband then was very abusive. I’m not sure what to do about any of this. At times Daniel treats me like I have never been treated before, very kind and loving and can’t do enough for me. I must appologise for I am in tears as I speak with you. Please if you can help me. Oh yes, I would love to purchas you literature but I cannot afford right now to do that. So in the meantime I look forward to your e-mails. Thank you Cheryl Seney

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