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Here is the current Bipolar Disorder news. There
is some really interesting stuff. It costs me a lot
of money to put it together so I URGE you to read


There’s some really interesting news stories this week.
Take a look at them. Also, write me some feedback by
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Here are some of the headlines:

Clinical Trials Update: June 20, 2007

Paxil Mixed with Depression

Excessive gaming, a mental illness?

Mental health unit for new mums opened

Special Report: Bipolar Disorder

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  1. hello dave and all,

    i could use some words of encouragement or something…. its only been six months and i dont think i can do this. i truely care and love my boyfriend but its so damn frustrating. what do you do? i cant seem to make myself leave and its killing my ego to stay…please some insight

  2. HI everyone just wanted to ask a question.why do i wake up crying someday’s and a monter other days?it is awful i can’t even stand myself like today i got up started crying and still crying.but i also have c.o.p.d.and the both is driving me self estem is so low, i need help

  3. First of all, I’d like to address the two above bloggers who are enduring depression. You should seek a good therapist, and take your medications as ordered. Katt, I’m sorry your confidence is going down because of your boyfriend, but if he’s no good for you – you HAVE to leave. And I’m sorry, Sparkles, that you are so sad you can’t function. The same above applies to you – seek a good therapist and do what s/he tells you to do.

    Now, to address the “Too mentally ill to vote,” article. I was on jury duty in 2001, and when asked if I had been declared mentally ill, I hesitated. I explained to the judge that I had been remanded to the State Mental Hospital 30 years ago. He asked me if I were maintained on medications and therapy, and if I could function normally enough to make a good assessment of the trial. I answered him in the affirmative, and was allowed to stay on the jury.

    When I first went to the Clerk’s Office to apply to vote, there was the question, “Have you ever been declared mentally incompetent?” I told the Clerk about my hospitalization, and she said because it was voluntary, it would not count. I believe ANY ONE who is maintained by meds and therapy, and lives out in the world as a functioning member of society OUGHT to be allowed to vote.

    There are countless thousands of us who have been diagnosed with a mental illness who, because of the legal and societal stigma associated with it, are not brave enough to admit it. It’s because of STUPID laws that prohibit the mentally ill to vote, that they do this. I have voted in every election since 1972, and never been questioned about it. I think everyone who is stable enough to understand the political process of voting, should HAVE that privilege. We ARE, after all, the Land of the Free.

  4. Hi Dave
    I have been receiving your Emails for quite some time now and have wanted to contact.
    I was diagnosed with Bi Polar with child birth over 30 years ago and have been involved in a support group in Perth for 20 years.
    The group is Even Keel.

  5. hi Dave

    my episodes is far different from your mom.everytime my boyfreind collapse its a nightmare on my side and the worse part is my son he is only 2yrs he does’nt understand.When i visit him at hostpital i wish to vanishe due to i dont know how he look like because i will find him beaten up everyday.And its traumatising my mind just to think of it i can’t sleep at night.

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