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Please read the article below on the millionaire with bipolar disorder that died. It’s sad.

Here’s the current bipolar news.

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Here are some of this week’s headlines:

Risperidone With Standard Therapy Reduces Relapses of Bipolar …
DO> Kind of a boring article but good information

Fourth Annual Bipolar Education Day To Be Hosted at Stanford
DO> If you are around, you should attend.

Partially Shared Genetic Profile Between Schizophrenia And Bipolar …
DO> Interesting article. What do you think?

A cure for bipolar may not be that far away, local doctor says
DO> Hmm. What do you think about this.

Software millionaire died in fall
DO> REALLY sad story. What a waste. This story is REALLY sad. Everyone should read it. What a shame.

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  1. Subhash Phatak to David
    show details Jul 23 (2 days ago)

    All that you are interested is in making money for yourself. I understand that there is no such thing as Free Lunch, but everything you do is for money only. I am really disappointed.

  2. You are not fighting flesh and blood But spiritual powers in high places.
    How does this blend in with your thoughts???

  3. Hey Subhash,

    He’s just selling a program – very reasonably priced (not to mention all the free stuff!) My Mom (my biggest cheerleader) just joined the site and thinks it looks great – she has a Ph D. I’m BP and will buy David’s 7 secrets (money back guarantee) as soon as I get my finances straightened out from my resent episode. I’m stable now and things are looking good. What’s your story?

  4. Yes this is a very sad ending to yet another creative soul. I have 3 college degrees, all in the health sciences, and have recently been dx with some gradation on the bipolar spectrum, etc. This man’s dx, clearly has schizophrenic overtones if not an out right dx. The “ploice” state that he was bipolar, etc. Who dx him ?, and how accurate was this? Running through the streets, maybe, durring a manic episode… running through the streets, upset about the war, and “paranoid “about aliens, the goverment, etc., come on! bipolar is broad, diffuse and difficult enough to dx w/ out people being in complete denial and or ignorance about the symptoms, etc. Sure there are shades of grey and dual or overlaping dx, but it sure looks like plain old paranoid schizophrenia to me…
    thank you Gary G

  5. I’m sorry to hear that someone else has failed to survive bipolar illness.I can understand how it happened and can sympathize with all those people he left behind.I’m sure that they’re all asking themselves what they could’ve,should’ve, or would’ve done had they known he was suffering.The funny thing is,most of us don’t know we’re “suffering” through it.Most of us don’t realize that we’re causing someone else to “suffer” either.It’s either “all about us” or it’s “all about everything but us.” It depends on which stage our illness is in,manic or on the down-side of depression.
    I’ve tried suicide,(seriously attempted it) and failed,even at dying.I was tired of living from one extreme to the other.I couldn’t make anyone else understand,what I couldn’t even understand myself.Then there would be a moment of “absolute” clarity and I would hate myself even more,for all the trouble I’d caused those who REALLY did care and tried to help me and those that got “lost in the aftermath of the storm.”
    The truth of the situation is, YOU CAN’T HELP,you can only stand by us,see that we take our medication and hope for the best.We’re NOT going to get “BETTER”,there is “NO MIRACLE-CURE” .Our life is just a series of managing and micro-managing our lives,to try to keep it at a level that we all can live with.Sometimes it works for a while and sometimes it doesn’t.God Bless us all.

  6. The story about the millionaire software developer being found dead in Hawaii sounds very suspicious to me. I live in Colorado and we heard a lot of news about him while he was said to be missing. I did not buy his wife saying she was worried and concerned about him. She really did not appear to be telling the truth, at least she did not appear to be sincere, to me. They were saying he suffered from Bi-polar disorder and refused to take his medication and as a result, he went missing in Hawaii. He may have been bi-polar, and possibly was not taking his medication, but I am certain that is not the reason for his death. Someday, the truth will come out.

  7. I found the article on risperdone interesting, Ifound it worked best for me. however they won’t let me have it as it raises my prolactin levels very high. Does anyone know what the dangers are, ,for high prolactin?

  8. I am very sad to hear of someone with so much potiential dying. It said he was recently diagnosed with bipolar. My impression is that most bipolar disorder doesn’t just happen but that have triggering events that make what probably existed for a long time apparent. Various stresses and pressures can cause the symptoms to become manifest. My daughter was diagnosed w/bipolar disorder as a teenager but seems to be doing much better now. as a parent I hope it never is apparent again but would be nieve to think it is no longer something that she and I need to be aware of. My daughter lives in Boulder but neither she or I knew Steve Thomas I don’t think.

  9. Hi.
    Please, no more sad news.

    Let’s see a good one: try “The Reconnection – Heal Others, Heal Yourself” by dr. Eric Pearl. The comments I found about this book are excellent.
    I shall experiment this.

    Another good one, even it’s not new: The manner you start to do no-matter-what says itself if you will manage it.
    …Of course you can correct while doing it.
    I mean, if you just complain yourself and wait others to help you or just wait for compassion, you don’t solve the problem.
    It’s about that “ACTION”…

  10. I must say it’s a very sad story, but people have to understand that not all the medication in the world can heal you, sometimes things will change in the body, but many times one has to be ready physically and mentally for what is happening in our lives. Our coping mechanism never taught us how to deal with the ups and downs of life, but as we grow we learn how to keep occupied and exercise to keep our bodies and minds functioning in the right way, and also keep the company of friends that will keep us happy and joyous, also read good books listen to good music. all these things will keep us with a positive attitude, so we would not have to be so dependent on the drugs. Especially when when you live in a drug society.

  11. Um…. I live in hawaii where this guy fell, and newsflash… people fall off the cliffs all the time. tourists and locals drown, fall, etc. what makes his death sadder than anyone else’s? and why should we focus on it? his bi-polar didn’t cause his death. likely loose rocks. hikers fall to their demise here pretty often. the pali (cliffs) are the fastest eroding coastline in the world, and often people are looking at the beauty rather than their footing on the gravel.
    at least he died quick, doing something he enjoyed. hey, no one here gets out alive. he lived a life of luxury. would y’all prefer he died of prolonged illness after a lifetime of struggling with bi polar??

  12. I have a son who is 22 who has Bi-Polar Disorder but has never exhibited any psychotic behavior. However, my Mom’s oldest sister had paranoid schizophrenia. I wonder if someone with untreated Bi-Polar is more likely to experience say, a psychotic episode, than someone with proper treatment. We have friends who have a son who had a psychotic episode following several nights without sleep during final exams at college. He has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder and is now on medication to treat it. His mom’s sister had Bi-Polar but has since killed her self.

    Angela H

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