Bipolar Supporter? Important Announcement


If you are a bipolar supporter I wanted to let you know about my “Supporter Secrets to Success, Volume I” that I have just released after more than a year of working on it.

Basically this program is all interviews with bipolar supporters that had the worst possible cases and turned them around and their loved one’s now are doing well.

I call it the worst to the best cases. I never wanted to find cases of people already doing well and have those because you don’t learn anything.

If you are a bipolar supporter you have probably run into this problem–how do you meet successful bipolar supporters to learn from. It’s hard.

If I didn’t have my site, I would never have found one in over three years locally. I don’t know one person locally. The only people I know who are doing well with bipolar disorder have it. It’s hard to find supporters. This is why I worked so hard on this project.

If you are a Bipolar Supporter you need to get “Supporter Secrets to Success, Volume I.”

I am even offering a Free Trial so you can get it sent to you for free. I want lots of supporters to get it.

Get all the information by visiting this link:

See you tomorrow morning.


David Oliver is the author of the shocking guide “Bipolar Disorder—The REAL Silent Killer.” Click Here to get FREE Information sent via email on how and why bipolar disorder kills.

  1. Dave,

    I do not know where to post this. so do hope you are able to respond via email. I am extremely excited and interested in the posting referencing the “Adminstrative Human Resource Professional.”
    What is the deadline as none was indicated from all I read.
    My apologies for not knowing your own blog site, but I tried sending email to the leverage login, and was not able to receive a response.
    Thank you.
    Laeh Honick

  2. I’m sorry, But I don’t have any money to buy any of your books. I would like to have them, my parents are taking care of me and I can’t ask them for anything else. One day I will get the books to help me understand what has happen to me and how to help myself. Thank you for the papers you have sent me they have helped me alot.

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