The Truth About Supporting A Loved One With Bipolar Disorder

I wanted to send out a quick note today about the truth about supporting a loved one with Bipolar Disorder.

The truth is that most people will have some amount of bipolar episodes in their lifetime.

When a person goes into mostly a manic episode you’re most likely going to face: screaming, yelling, threatening, manipulating, lying, etc.,

Therapists and doctors never tell you this. I have no idea why. They should. Because if you don’t know this, you will never create a plan on how to deal with this before it happens.

The bottom-line is you need to know this if you don’t already and you have to prepare for it.

If you need help, I have a report titled:

“How to Instantly Deal With Anger, Irrationality, And Mania In Your Loved One with Bipolar Disorder”


People are going to get mad at me and say that I am negative but I am not. I am just being a realist.

Anyway, hey I have to run.

Have a great day.


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