Repeating the Same Bipolar Behavior


How are you today? I hope you’re having a good day.

Remember those old TV shows that had robots in them? (This was before we had the current

computer generated imaging with its perfect robots that don’t make any mistakes or anything).

I’m talking about like back when the show The Jetsons was on, if you can remember that far back, or have seen reruns on TV.

So what I’m getting at is if something went wrong with the robot, and it got “stuck,” and it would just keep repeating the same thing over and over again, like a broken record. And everyone would think it was hilarious!

Well, we know that nobody’s perfect. But we’re not robots, either. And when someone goes into a bipolar episode, they don’t just keep repeating the same phrase over and over again, now, do they? That would be ridiculous. But they CAN repeat the same bipolar behavior over and over again.

Over time, you can learn what your loved one’s episode triggers are. Triggers are situations or events that can “trip” or cause your loved one to go into a bipolar episode. Like the Jetsons robot I referred to at the beginning of this post. A sort of “glitch” that can get them caught up. A trip wire, so to speak.

Like, say, your loved one does not do well around crowds. If you take them to a family reunion or a big wedding reception, this could be a trigger for them to go into a bipolar episode. Or stress could be a trigger to an episode for your loved one, so you need to avoid situations or events that can cause stress for them.

Lack of sleep is one of the biggest triggers to a bipolar episode for people who have the disorder, so it’s especially important to maintain a good sleep schedule.

So it’s very important not only to know your loved one’s bipolar episode triggers, but to watch for them. But it’s just as important to be aware of their personal signs and symptoms of episodes.

There are general signs and symptoms of bipolar depressive and manic episodes that everyone should know, but not everyone with bipolar disorder will experience all of these signs and symptoms. So you should be aware, over time, of which ones your loved one exhibits when they are heading for an episode.

In other words, what might look like just “tired” to someone else, might signal a bipolar depression to you, since you know your loved one so well. And, knowing their pattern, you can help them do something about it before it goes on too long and gets out of control.

If they seem confused or disoriented, or their thought patterns unusual, you should know that this could be a sign of a bipolar episode for them. It might not be for someone else, but if it is for them, you should be able to jump into action and know what to do to avoid a full-blown bipolar episode for your loved one.

Sometimes, it’s normal to have a burst of energy. It’s great sometimes – it helps you to get things done. But for your loved one, it might indicate the beginning of a bipolar manic episode.

Over time, by studying their repetitive bipolar behavior, you will learn that. You will know which is episodic behavior for them and which is not.

Yes, a burst of energy may not be indicative of an episode. But in another case it might be. Only you can know the difference for your loved one because of their past repetitive behaviors.

Well, I have to go!

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  1. Dave, it has been years since I had the proper care for my Bipolar. In Ohio, I was in an area Canton/North Canton Proberly one of the best area’s for Mental Health. I worked my way off medicine,started flying again.And started a Law enforcement carrer and was of the top 5 in large dept., Then my Mother came dome with cancer and moved to south Georgia.The worst set up and care for any bipolar person. We are lucky to see Doctor, some are only MD. No counciling, no therapy,which works wonders on me. With therapy I didn’t need medicine. I have hit a low since 15,now57.

  2. I don’t have any problem seeing specialists, or getting the best medication required for any illness I may have.
    The doctors are free, as well as all medication. I live in Canada, and our health care is excellent, and free.

    It is my step daughter in the UK I am worried about. Perhaps no need, but I have worked in the Mental Health Field and have had many arguments with psychiatrists and other doctors in regard to their prescribing practices. Primarily with more complicated diagnosis than this. Psychotropic medications mainly. I have never asked her what medication she takes, that is too intrusive. What I need to know, is what IS the best medication for a female, aged 39, with two young children and was just married three days ago. I had asked this question when I first emailed you.

    So, what, in your opinion, is the best medication these days. And, I want to know the side effects of the meds. Not the usual dry mouth etc etc., I mean the side effects that defeat the purpose and cause the person to become suicidal or fall into a deep depression. What medications, given to people who have been labeled “bipolar”, have these negative effects?
    If I could get a straight answer on this, as you profess to know a great deal about it, I would feel better about asking her what she is taking. She has always had many boyfriends and serious relationships. Case in point, the father of her children…but they never married or lived together. After a series of boyfriends she suddenly …in 2 years, via FaceBook, met a Canadian man, who has been married twice. He has sold his home here in Canada and moved to the UK. In April of this year, it turns out he cheated on her with a g/f from his home town. That put the wedding off, but did not put it off more than 3 months. I am concerned about her. As I had said initially.
    Any help/info on this matter would be most appreciated. If what I am asking is not your area of expertise or interest, I will look elsewhere.
    It could be the best thing that has ever happened to her, or it could be a disaster waiting to happen. BTW, he took her last name rather than the other way around. She needs to keep her name as she is a well known artist…but that can be done without having the groom take her last name.
    What are your gut feelings on this matter?
    Thank you

  3. I have looked into getting help. The only help I found, wants me to have not smoked weed for atleast a month. OK! I smoke to stay calm. I guess the right thing to do is flop on the shore like a fish out of water. Suffering, before I can get any meds.

  4. Thx. for u’r comcern dave,at the momment i’m trying to get a gp,but since i’m from another province they wont talk to me or ecept me as a patient, my sister is trying to get her doctor to see me, but i’m back sam’e and going to try some mood-stimilators,i wont take percription anti- depressents! thx. for u’r concern, i’ll let u know how it goes!! cheers

  5. Hi everyone, I got married to a guy who is Bi-Polar last month. Everything was going fine until a week a go and he became Clincial Depressed. He hardly talks and sleeps most of the time. I realize now he should not go to any social funtions because it can bring on a manic episode . Anyway, it has been very boring and I was thinking of an annulment but really afraid what he might do if I do. I wasn’t going to leave him but don’t want to cause any problems if I did go through with it. I didn’t realize he was that bad. I just figure whats the point. I worked in mental health for about 11 yrs. but didn’t have a whole lot of info until you come along. My family does not come around because they are afraid of Bi-polar and will understand it, help…Bren

  6. I have been w/a guy for over 2 yrs who was diagnosed 3yrs ago w/bipolar. I have moved out for the second time. He had lost his job in january and went into a depression and manias…mixed episodes. He is telling me he is going to get his life together and work on being healthy. He doesn’t want to loose me and he tells me how much he loves me. I’m afraid to get my heart broken again. I guess I’m not sure to trust him. I have put boundries on our communication…we onlt talk or txt via phone. I have faith in him and I know his potenial, but I don’t trust him. Just curious if anyone has insight…
    This has to be the hardest since I’m so in love with this man! Bipolar is frustrating!

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