Need help explaining bipolar disorder to people?


If you need help explaining bipolar disorder, please take a look at this link:

I made these booklets actually for my family so I didn’t have to keep on explaining what bipolar disorder is.

It’s designed for the most hostile people and get them to be brought around to it being a real illness and serious. Actually it was first given to my brother who it actually worked on. It was much easier for me give him a little yellow booklet than explain what bipolar disorder is verbally.

Anyway take a look if you need help.

The link again is:


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  1. So sorry to hear about your house and the water bill. That is a terrible thing to hepapn.I never heard of the word fubar, but hosed meant having sex in my time. I’m sure that’s not what they meant now. Is your daughter being bullied in school? Kids are very mean that’s when I was diagnosed bipolar because my daughter and her best friend were being bullied by the three most popular girls in school. Two of them were twins. It was just terrible what they were doing and I felt myself reliving my past where I was bullied and all the other times I was abused. I’ve decided now to not talk to my daughter anymore because the last conversation was like talking to my husband. They can’t forgive me for being sick. His views are hers because I won’t ever go back. I’m sure she feels abandon to but, what could I do, die over there. I’m hoping someday she’ll get it and if she doesn’t I can’t help that.

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