Major warning about disability and bipolar disorder

=>PLEASE FORWARD TO FRIENDS, FAMILY AND LOVED ONES <= Hi, What’s going on? Hey, I wanted to send this out last week
but I forget. Sorry. Sometimes I forget
things. Shame on me.

Anyway, I have been doing a lot of thinking
about disability and bipolar disorder. I am
coming out with a new course on how to
get disability. I have many people who
work for me who are on disability so I have
to think about it a lot.

The thing is, there is a MAJOR problem
with disability and bipolar disorder.

I mean major.

Let me tell you what it is: There is a
belief that when you are on disability and
have bipolar disorder you cannot or
should not work.

Okay, first let me say something.


I am NOT a doctor, therapist, lawyer,
financial advisor and I am NOT and I
repeat NOT offering and medical, legal
or financial advise.

With that said, I am going to tell
you my opinion which comes from having
over 225,000 people sign up to my newsletters,
having worked with more than 30 people who
were on disability, having lots of friends
on disability, and meeting and personally
talking to people from Social Security.

If you’re on disability and have a disorder
like bipolar disorder, and you are stable,
and you don’t work or do something, you
generally get worse.

No one ever says this to people.

I don’t know why but I am going to.

Let’s look at a few things I said. First
I said if you are stable. So the person who
is not stable should not be working.

Second, you have to make sure your doctor
and/or therapist is okay with you working.

Now let’s look at why you or your loved one
with bipolar disorder would get worse.

1. Disability is supplementary income.
You can’t make it on just disability. You
need some other kind of income to deal with
bipolar disorder. It just doesn’t pay enough.

2. The old “idle hands are the workshop of
the devil.” If you are on disability, have
bipolar disorder and don’t have anything to
do or focus on, you wind up getting bored,
and having way to much time. Lots of extra
time on your hands leads to bad things in
general. This is just the way it is.

I know doctors will read this and say that
there are not 22,000 studies to back up what
I just said, but I don’t need studies – I
can see with my own eyes.

With my own mom, when she had nothing to
do for many periods of her life, she got
worse eventually. And she wound up having
more depressions and more manias. There
were many more.

These days my mom works, volunteers, goes
to church regularly and her schedule is
filled and busy. She said to me, “I
don’t have time to have episodes, I am
too busy.”

3. If you are smart, creative and really
intelligent, you need to exercise your
brain. Let’s assume you agree with me
and the person with bipolar disorder is
indeed smarter, more creative, more intelligent.

IF this is the case, if a person just sits
home and does nothing and is on disability
don’t you think that’s going to have a
negative affect on this type of person?

Of course.

The problem is, the social security department
and many doctors even forget to bring this
up. Everyone is so focused on getting people
stable that they forget about the second
part of the equation which is keeping
someone stable.

I have never met someone who has bipolar
disorder and is on disability who is not
doing something regularly–working part
time, volunteering, doing something
productive in society.

Also, let me define work. Work is generally
part time and can be paid or volunteer in

I am not talking about working 85 hours
a week in a super stressful job trying
to make 82 million a year. Know what I mean?

In my courses/systems below:




You’ll hear that the people on disability,
actually work part time or volunteer. You’ll
hear that many bipolar supporters used to be
opposed to their loved one working because
they felt working created stress which triggered
episodes. But you’ll hear those people say
how they learned the hard way that a person
who has bipolar disorder has to do something
productive or they get worse.

The success stories all learned the hard way.
You’re lucky you can tap into their knowledge
and not learn the hard way like they did.

Hey, I just looked at the clock and I have
to run. Does this make sense to you?

I sure hope so.

Your Friend,


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