Loved One With Bipolar Refusing To Take Medications?


If you have a loved one with bipolar disorder who is refusing to take medication or doesn’t want to take it, I have a new resource for you. For more information please visit:

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  1. It is very true that anyone with bipolar can live a productive life if they take their medication faithfully, and have the desire to be successful. I am aware of a surgeon that is Bipolar and has episodes, but also takes his medication and lives a very productive life. This is very true, however, what if they are a 44 year old 250 lb male, that won’t take their medication, won’t try to be self efficient, and always wants the parents to take care of them when the parents are getting old and have a hard time even taking care of themselves? The parents won’t live forever, and may be in poor health themselves. How can you make the Bipolar person become self efficient, when they refuse to follow the program? This person has destroyed two apartments, and has a poor record of paying rent, and no one wants to rent to him, and he can’t seem to keep a job because he sleeps in and forgets to go to work. Isn’t there a time that a parent has to finally refuse to help?

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