I’m hiring and the 11 letter magic word for bipolar disorder

=>PLEASE FORWARD TO FRIENDS, FAMILY AND LOVED ONES <= Hi, How’s it going? I hope you are doing well. Last night I had to speech. I was late.
Shame on me. Anyway, I am just so pressed
for time going from one thing to the next.
If you saw my schedule, you would think
I was in a super manic bipolar episode.

Last month, I did over 10,000 minutes
on my cell phone.

I have so many things to do today.
I have multiple doctors that want
me to do an interview with them concerning
bipolar disorder.

Plus I have a number of things to related
to my other businesses.

I have been recently putting in 18 hour work
days. It’s crazy.

The reason is, I have three businesses
that have been around and I have great people
running them. These don’t’ take much time
but some time. Obviously you have to check
in make some decisions, watch over some things,

With this organization for bipolar disorder,
I am really struggling to keep up. I really
have to get more help because it’s taking
up so much of my time.

I know there are great people on my list
that can help.

I actually am hiring a new marketing

I have to write up a complete job description
for people to apply but in the meantime,
if you are interested, send me an email
and a resume.

I am looking for someone who is
creative, good with computers, know
marketing just a little (you don’t have
to know it a lot, I will teach you), is
organized, punctual and a hard worker.

I think this would be a great job for
someone on disability.

If you are interested send something
about yourself and/or a resume to:


Also, since this organization has grown
very fast, I have had to hire a bunch of newer
people. Unfortunately a few are not working
out and are going to have to go.

People who don’t show up, aren’t dedicated
to the cause, etc. make me really mad. It’s
a MAJOR disappointment. I have had to
do the work of multiple people because of
a few people not doing what they are suppose
to do.

I was talking to someone with bipolar disorder
that works for me and does an incredible
job all the time about why in the world
we have some slackers on the team.

The person explained it might be because
they just don’t understand the cause. Hmm.
I guess so.

Anyway, I will be replacing these people.
The odd thing is, I find that those without some kind
of disorder to not be very hardworking or
dedicated. So I will be sending out
an email over the next week or so
for a person to work in “operations” and
be an administrative assistant.

I am looking for someone who is VERY
organized, smart, a great problem solved,
super dedicated and is accessible.

Both these jobs are going to be home based.
Everyone should have internet high speed,
a phone line and the basics of a home office.

I will be posting this job in about a week or

What happen is this. I have hired two people
that simply are not consistent. The aren’t
ever really accessible and have a multitude
of excuses as to why they haven’t done

I can’t sit around and wait that’s for sure.
If this was like the post office where nothing
new is ever happening, it would be fine. But
since this grows really fast, there’s no room
for undedicated, not doing what their suppose
to do people.

This is a major benefit of hiring people who
happen to have one or more disorders—they generally
if stable are 100% committed and super hardworking
because they understand the cause—which is to
help people who are dealing with various disorders
like bipolar disorder—both supporters and survivors.

So if you know anyone, let them know. I just haven’t
had the time to write a complete job description and
get it posted. Andrea has so many projects that I am
hiring a new webmaster to help handle some of the
work load.

I don’t think people realize how many people are working
in the organization and how hard it is to keep track. This
is why I need more people in operations.

Also, I obviously am paying people—which requires
money. Where does the money come from? The lottery?
Grants from the United States? The universe? NO,
it comes from sales of my courses.

For everyone who gets mad at me selling things, they
have no idea how an organization really works. You take
revenue and then turn around and invest it in a whole
bunch of things and people.

Anyway, let’s talk about today’s topic.

Today I want to talk to you about:


Now, I know I’m always telling you
there are no magic words when it
comes to bipolar disorder, so before
you get out the rocks and start
stoning me, let me explain!

You will want to hear about this
word, believe me!

And you would never guess this
11 letter word, so I’ll just go ahead
and tell you what it is:


Bet you’d have never guessed that
was the word, huh? But this one
word is magical in the sense that
when it comes to bipolar disorder
it carries a lot of power with it.

Just like the story of the tortoise
and the hare, and the lesson that
you learned about “slow and
steady wins the race,” you must
then follow it with consistency.

Consistency in the thesaurus
uses other synonyms for it, like:
symmetry, clearness, uniformity,
agreement, connection, tenacity,
and conformity.

I think I would add another
word to that list: balance.

In my courses I talk a lot
about having balance in
your life:




One of the definitions of
consistency is persistence.

So if you put all that together,
you get someone who is
persistent in their goals,
who has a real connection
and conformity to their

You see where I’m going
with this?

You need to be consistent
with your treatment to be
successful at managing
your bipolar disorder.

Actually, I’ll take it a
step further, and talk to
supporters – you have to
be consistent as well,
with your own “program”
your own regimen or
routine, so that you can
be successful as well.

Someone famous said,
“If you believe it, you
can achieve it.” But
you cannot achieve it
by sitting at home just
thinking about it.

You CAN achieve it by
and persistency, though!

Your Friend,


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  1. Hi Dave,

    They say persistance pays off and that is so true. To all the supporters out there I want to back you up and say “Be Consistant with being persistant with your friend, co-worker, loved one who has bi polar disorder so that they can achieve balance in their life. It is a 24 hour commitment to achieve results that are favorable and we all have the natural talent to be able to do so. Sure some days are rougher than others, but how boring life would be if there were not some mountains to climb or hills to roll down. Thanks for all the great information and keep it rolling. Always know that your work is keeping us on the level we need to be at.

  2. Dave,
    I’m glad to know that there is someone else that knows you need to use consistency and persistancy. If I don’t use those two tools as I call them, I would have more problems than I already have. I have two children that I use this with. One has ADD and the other has the ADHD and Bipolar. If I let them have a little slac, I’m DOOMED!! I’ve been tols that I’m hard core, but is I don’t stay consistant especially, I have got to play catch up to get back on the track or we will riding a real rollercoaster. So, I totally agree with the staying with the consistance and persistance. Keep up with the good work!! Robin

  3. Thanks for that information Dave. I will certainly pass it on to my daughter who is bi polar. I used to be bi polar myself. I was on disability for 2 years. I decided not to let bi polar control me. I decided to control it. I went back to school and received my degree in administrative secretary. Furthermore, I went on and got a certificate in computer operations. I utilized these skills and got myself a job. I now work for the government at the Register of Deeds office. I have been here for 9 years. So persistence and consistant are definitely attributes to bi polar. I am a living witness. Sure, there are some days I have problems, however, I don’t let bi polar control me, I control bi polar.

  4. Dave, I just wanted to let you know that your work is greatly appreciated. I bought your course during one of my son’s super manic episodes when he had thrown all of his medication away and absolutely refused any help. Between your course and the crisis center, we got him back on track. I am gratefully thanking you for your dedication. Kay

  5. I am very much understanding the cause. I am bipolar and am working on a workshop for my area to teach students and teachers about bipolar. I also am trying to deal wlith a son who has major problems with it. I have a daughter who was diagnosed and is doing better now. I would like to apply for a position as soon as you have one online. Your suggestions are good for my children. I had alot of problems 10-15 years ago and learned to work through them. Hope it works out.

  6. It bothers me that so many people with Bipolar Disorder either do not take their medication at all or only take it until they “feel better.” CONSISTENCY. A person with Bipolar needs to remain on their medications for life. It is also helpful if they sleep and wake on the same schedule every day. There is responsibility if you have Bipolar. Responsibility to take care of yourself in the best possible way. Follow your doctor’s directions. Don’t listen to what non-professionals say. Get counseling to help work through problems. Be CONSISTENT in your patterns.

  7. Thanks again Dave! I am glad I could make your day go a litte better. I will check with you later about the job postings.

  8. hi dave,

    ive been diagnosed with bipolar just recently… actually for five years now…i live in th philippines, manila and dont know much about my sickness…we do not have support groups here,,, i am jobless and intersted in your job offer…but i still dont understand what it is i can do to help your organiztion…i am so bored already with my daily routine,,,of having breakfast taking meds… sleeping till lunch time eating lunch taking meds… the n watching tv or dvd the rest of the day or crosstitching…my family is very supportive and loving…they understand me when there are times that i alienate them…u are right in saying persistence is the key…i need to have a goal of some sort…i dont know what else to say i am speechless…
    thanks for replying to my email
    amanda b vera cruz 🙂

  9. Not only is being consisitant important but haveing things around me being consistant very important. Is a trigger point for me when things are not.

  10. Dave – Now I KNOW what is meant when people call us “crazies” un-balanced! It is crucial that we are consistent with taking our meds, sleeping, and following a treatment plan. But – there is one other thing we MUST do, and that is being PERSISTENT in reading your daily emails!

    Believe it or not – and I have read it here several times – your emails talk about SOMETHING that is happening ALREADY to us on that particular day! “Timing” is one way of putting it. So is “serendipity,” or “coincidence” if you will. There is something in the “ether” that CONNECTS ALL of us on BipolarCentral to you and each other. I sincerely believe that if I weren’t offered this opportunity to contribute to this blog, I would be so much WORSE off as a person with bipolar. I can learn AND teach through this blog. And – that is supremely IMPORTANT for ALL of us, to have an outlet where we can vent and share our lives with others.

    Please let me know the job descriptionn (I don’t have a resume, as I ceased working {except for occasional mystery shops}in 1990), so that I can think about applying. It would be so NICE to have a CONSISTENT paycheck, if you like. I just don’t know how much I can earn and still stay within the guidelines of Disability.

    You do soooo much good for those of us who contribute to these blogs. I want to take this opportunity to thank you VERY much for what has to be a “grind,” putting out your daily emails that are sooooo helpful. You are a godsend to me and the others. PLEASE take care of YOURSELF – 18-hour days are NOT healthy, even for someone like you who ARE in good shape! TAKE A BREAK for your OWN sanity, I beg you!!

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love us. God bless you real good.

  11. DAVE, We are all worried about you over-doing it. You are doing a lot of good helping people, but you need to look after yourself too. You need balance in your life like everyone else. Many bipolar people and some others (including me) manage on very little sleep for a couple of weeks until it catches up on us, and then we want to sleep for a whole day. If you were my husband I would probably nag you to get some rest (lol). We all appreciate what you do. Please look after your own health.

  12. DAVE, We are all worried about you over-doing it. You are doing a lot of good helping people, but you need to look after yourself too. You need balance in your life like everyone else. Many bipolar people and some others (including me) manage on very little sleep for a couple of weeks until it catches up on us, and then we want to sleep for a whole day. If you were my husband I would probably nag you to get some rest (lol). We all appreciate what you do. Please look after your own health.

  13. Although we have never met, I feel as though I know you. To have someone who understand what its like to have Bipolar Disorder (Manic Depressant Disorder) is truly a blessing. For a while I felt as though I was in this ordeal alone, like nobody could possibly understand how I feel or what I am going through. I cannot remember exactly how I came across your work, but I am certainly glad I did. The emails I get from your organization are full of information I need to know and the encouragement I need to hear. Thank you so much for the work you have dedicated yourself to doing for others. Thank you for accepting the gift, the charge GOD has given you to help others.

  14. In addition to the post I just did, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself such as when I was diagnosed with the disorder and what brought it on. I was diagnosed 11 years ago as a Manic Depressant, a term which I had no idea of what it meant. I had never heard of specific names for mental illnesses. Anyway, I had just loss my mother to a massive stroke and though I was just suffering from severe grief, but deep down in my gut, I knew it was much more, that something else was wrong. I was prescribed medication, which helped me to sleep. I don’t know if it actually helped me, all I know is if I slept, I would not think about losing my mother and I would not feel the pain. I kept all the blinds closed so I was in darkness every single day, My oldest children at the time, just pre-teens took care of me and their little sister who was 2 years old at the time. I was in bad shape, Dave, I experienced the highs and the lows of having this disorder and I felt at times that I was going crazy, literally. Years later I realized what was going on with me so I immediately seeked helped and medication. Shame on me because I have not been consistent or persistent in my regime as far as taking medication and taking care of myself the way I should have. I call my highs and lows, Episodes. For the last several months, I have been in episode and I did not even know it because I stopped taking the one medication that would keep me out of trouble. I know, I know, shame on me and now realize it is imperative that I stick to medication tightly because seeing the expression on my Therapist’s face when I was telling her how I was feeling, really scared me because I have severe anxiety at the mere thought of being away from my kids or CPS trying to take them from me because they think I am not suitable to care for them. Just these thoughts alone drive me into an episode. But you know what, I am determined to succeed in life not only for my children but for myself as well. I owe them a lot just for loving me and being understanding in knowing regardless of the things I do or have done, I do love them and they are my life with every fiber of my being…I love my children

  15. Keep hanging in there Sherry! At least you know what you did wrong, so beat up on your self. Just get back on track and stay there. Good luck to you.

  16. Amanda just keep coming here and get the support that you need. As you can see you are not alone. It’s great that your family is supportive too! Dave is great. I come here daily to get some inspiration.

  17. Hello Dave,I have corresponding with you for a while about my 18 year old daughter who has been diagnosed with being bi-polar.I went to the doctor yesterday and was myself with being bipolar,so the info I have learned from you concerning my daughter has been very helpfu,now for myself also Thank you Melanie p.s I am looking for a jpb also.I am interested

  18. Dave,

    It is so hard to be consistent but somethings are worth consistency and staying healthy is one of them.

    Thank you for being so good to people with Bipolar!

  19. hats off to your work..to your dedication..i always look forward to hearing from you.
    thankyou for all your help david

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