How to use “the past” for success with bipolar

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How’s it going today?

I really have to go quick today because
I got up late.

Anyway before I get started on today’s
topic, I wanted to let the people who
have written me about various new
courses and projects, they are coming
just as fast I can.

Several people have asked me about
this or that program and when it’s coming.

I wish they were all done right now but
I have learned that like getting better
with bipolar disorder, it takes time.

Here are the things that I am releasing
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I have been working on this for one year.
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I was going to charge for it but I am giving
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Anyway, this is coming really soon. It covers
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schizophrenia to the ones that are called
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It’s been reviewed by multiple doctors,
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-pilot program for getting low cost,
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-A new guide, for free, 101 tips on
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This year alone I have more than 20
projects that will be completed and launched.
I will try to keep you posted.

There will be links sent out via email
as to where you can get these things when
they are ready.

Okay, with the new year just around the
corner, I thought it would be a good
idea to talk about new beginnings.

But you can’t have a good discussion
of new beginnings without dealing
with the past first, now can you?

There are people, though, that will
literally argue about this –

Some people think you should
never think about the past at all,
and other people think you should
remember the past.

Ok, here’s what I think – I think
you should be somewhere in the
middle. Here’s the way I see it:

Santayana said: “Those who do
not remember the past are
condemned to repeat it.”

Well, that’s true. You do want
to remember it in that way, that
you want to learn from your
mistakes, so that you don’t
repeat those mistakes.

But on the other hand, if you
dwell on your past too much,
it could send you into a bipolar

So, like I said, I think you need
to come out somewhere in the
middle – there should be a

Just like everything else I
teach in my courses and
systems, there should be a
balance to everything so you
can stay stable:




Once you have dealt with your
past in a healthy way, however,
(which is what I think you should
be working out in therapy), then
you can look forward in a positive

Then you can start your “new

And this is the perfect time for
new beginnings. New Year.
New Year’s resolutions. A new

Every day is what you make it.
If you have a negative attitude,
you’ll have a bad day. If you have
a positive attitude, you’ll have a
good day. This isn’t rocket

Let’s all look forward to the new
year with a positive attitude; a
good point of view. Let’s all
have a great new year!

Your friend,


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  1. Dear David,
    I am in agree with you also I think that not only for someone who is carring a BPD is important to keep a clear way for the next year.Clear means in my opinion to put away what is not going on in the past time. I know that many people in our world never have had the possibility to look inside then selfs.It is not easy for someone to accept the mistakes and rewiev the not going on periode from their lifes. I know that but the thing that you are trying to give everybody it is one other you want to bring the best in the daily life for verybody and keep going the good way.The safe way of living!
    Only ones is the most important to want,if you want you will get, if not, you will be able to accept that others will take the decision for you.

    I am wishing you and your tiem the best for the New year 2008!


  2. thank-you, so much for e-mailing me iam presently seperated from my wife who has bpd-8 mos.-already just what little bit i”ve learned from your expereance, it looks like there may be a chance!! i am in a finacial desaster right now!! i plan on purchesing more material just as quick as i can afford it again thanks david, and god bless ya!!!!

  3. May everyone have what they need and get what they want in 2008!

    I definately use the past to gauge the future, but accept that sometimes the past can slip into the future. As long as I remain vigilant to know the difference I’ll make it.

  4. My past surely comes back to haunt me. I sometimes have recurring dreams/memories of my experience when I was hospitalized in March of this year, which was traumatic for me. When these memories start to continue to affect my daily life, I find it helpful to put things down on paper. I am very visual person so I make a visual representation of what I am seeing/feeling. I call it a road map. It may come in the form of a road showing the experiences along the way or a wall between me and someone else. At any rate, I find it very helpful to get things out this way. In the past I have written in a journal and that was good for that time, but this seems to help me more now. I also find it very healing to share my map with a trusted friend like my mentor or with my therapist.

    Hope this helps someone. It has made an incredible difference in my life. Wishing you all have a fabulous New Year.


  5. Dave – I can positively say that I HAVE learned from my past mistakes to the point that I THINK I WON’T repeat them. However – anyone with a chronic mental illness CANNOT be ABSOLUTELY certain that the symptoms will NOT recur.

    That is what I tried to say in yesterday’s blog – my FEAR of the hypermania turning into mania – when I start to feel good about the present moment, and excited about my future. It all starts the same way – exhilaration about my positive attitude; success in what I am doing (politically active); popular with the men; need for sexual stimulation; and “feeling on top of the world,” as if in an “entitlement.” Now – you SEE why I’m SCARED??!!

    “Those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it,” has been a mantra for me. But – as much as I am in denial about the bipolar, it still has the POWER to overcome me.

    Fortunately, I have “support units” in place. Not only do I have Region X Community Mental Health Center to monitor my symptoms, but I have a steady boyfriend who REALLY cares about me, and has done extensive research about bipolar disorder, enough to notice if I “go off.”

    But – my therapist only sees me once every two weeks – and I can “go off” between times. All my boyfriend sees NOW is that I’m getting healthy physically; therefore, I SHOULD be healthy mentally. Although I’m feeling good right now, there is an element of anxiety and panic that is with me ALL the time. I assume this is the FEAR…

    TERE helped me with a concise and knowledgeable way of counteracting the fear; look at how I overcame the setbacks, and SURVIVED. But – I cannot NOW afford to “get sick” and lose EVERYTHING I’ve worked sooo hard to accomplish. People expect me to be a certain way – if I deviate from that, they worry (and so do I!).

    Although my last (and hopefully final) hospitalization for mania was 30 years ago, I have had several outpatient recurrences of hypermania, treated by Region X. I guess I should make my New Year’s Resolution to be – RELAX, and “don’t sweat the small stuff!”

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love them. My prayers are with you. Stay sane, and enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebration – remember, “party responsibly!”

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