Don’t Jump The Bipolar Gun


How’s it going?

Having a good day, I hope.

Listen, I was reading a ton of posts on my blog and thinking about how many times people with
bipolar disorder get excused of all kinds of things that they don’tdo.

In other words, “Don’t jump the bipolar gun,” so to speak.

Look, I have an organization that has done great because most of the people that are running it have a mental illness.

Believe me, this is on purpose.

I’ve had problems in my business before.

Now, don’t jump the bipolar gun and assume it was with people who had bipolar disorder, or other mental illnesses!

In fact, it was just the opposite!

The biggest problems…

The biggest disappointments…

The biggest personality clashes…

The biggest losses of money…

ALL came from people who did NOT have a mental illness!

It’s kind of amazing, actually.

I can totally count on the people with a mental illness, but many times I can’t count on those
without one.

It’s a sad fact, but true.

I am actually amazed myself.

Long ago, I found out that the stable person with bipolar disorderis truly incredible.

I talk about the ways to get stable
in my courses/systems below:



But as long as the person is taking their medication as prescribed and not having any problems with it, they can be stable.

And as long as they are seeing a doctor, psychiatrist, and/or therapist on a regular basis, they can be stable.

Couple that with some other things, like the right amount of sleep, exercise and a healthy diet…

Very little stress in their lives…

Balance between work/school and/or volunteering…

Being productive, yet also spending some leisure time (and also having a social life so they don’t isolate)…

Having a daily routine…

Being balanced professionally, personally, in their family life, socially, physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and financially…

Having a good, strong support system…

And if they have a good relationship with their supporter…

Then they can have stability with their bipolar disorder.

Good, solid stability.

And THOSE are the people who make the best leaders…

…the best employees…

And those are the people who work for me.

Do you know why?

Because somehow stability with bipolar disorder gives them certain qualities (maybe some that they had before, but they seem to be heightened either by their bipolar disorder or by
their stability):

1. Creativity
2. Intelligence
3. Productivity
4. Attention to detail
5. Loyalty
6. Flexibility
7. Independence (don’t need
to be watched over)
8. Dependability
9. Proactive
10. Solution-oriented
11. Good thinkers
12. Can accomplish what they
set out to do
13. Good at setting goals
14. Good for company morale

That’s 14 things!

14 reasons why I hire people with mental illnesses over people who don’t have them!

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not prejudiced, and I do follow best practices when it comes to business – I will hire the best person for the job, whether they have a mental illness
or not, so let’s understand that.

It’s simply that I’ve found that people with a mental illness like bipolar disorder seem to try harder at their jobs than people who don’t have one.

Have you seen the same thing?

Does your loved one fall into the above category?

If you have bipolar disorder, do you have the characteristics I listed above?

David Oliver is the author of the shocking guide “Bipolar Disorder-The REAL Silent Killer.” Click Here to get FREE Information sent via email on how and why bipolar disorder kills

  1. Yes! I completely agree with you.I have Bipolar Disorder, have had it all my life, but was only diagnosed approx. 5 years ago. I am now almost stable, pretty much so except for problems with my other half, therefore I am not as emotionally stable as I would like. But I do take my meds regularly without fault and see my pdoc fortnightly. I have all the attributes you have mentioned and given a chance beleive I would make the best employee, I just cannot find a job that would be suitable to my needs or anyone who will give me a go without me having to pretend to be someone I am not. I prefer to be honest about my misgivings than to pretend and have to cover up my downfalls.
    I love reading what you have to say everyday and look forward to your comments daily. Thank you.You have given me a lot of inspiration and strength.


    from Australia down under

  2. Hi David, Just wanted to say that just because a person has not been diagnosed with BP or any another mental illness doesn’t mean they do not have a mental illness. And the ones who have no diagnosis, also have no meds and whatever the mental illness is could be very devastating to you, your co., and all others involved with their lives. Have a good day and thanks for the emails and info.

  3. Dave,

    I hate to sound critical, but it seems to me like you are putting polish on bipolar disorder. I’ve thought this before, but after today’s email, I have to say something.

    Bipolar has little to do with job performance. In fact, if you have found that so called normal people are less productive or less creative, well then I’d say you are looking at the wrong person.

    Perhaps you need to step away from all of this and do some soul searching because I think you’re giving people the wrong idea. Perhaps you are slightly biased towards people with bipolar because of your situation with your mother. Being bipolar myself and dealing with my mother who is also bipolar, I understand this completely.

    However, I am not trying to give people advice and guidance. Maybe you are too close and too wrapped up in the bipolar world to realize that you looking at this disease through rose colored glasses. But I think maybe it’s time for a reality check. I know many people without bipolar disorder who exhibit all of your 14 qualities. In fact, many of your 14 qualities for great employees with bipolar go against many of your supporter recommendations.

    Stable or not, don’t you tell supporters to make sure they are still taking their medication and to watch for signs of episodes…well that hardly sounds like independence to me. Also, even those who are stable and medicated can have episodes (granted they may not be major). But I know that when I’m not having a good day and I can feel my moods swinging, I certainly wouldn’t call me dependable. Those are days my husband has to miss work because I’m not sure I can handle things at home.

    So please, take a step back and look at what you are telling us day after day. If you have found people with all those qualities, you are very lucky, bipolar or not. But to say that people with bipolar have a tendancy to have more of those qualities than people without a mental illness, maybe you need take a look at your own perspective and see it for what it really is…biased.

  4. Dave, I would like to recieve the Master course on trial, but there are several difficulties:

    I live in South America. The address I would give you is my sister´s address in Fla. She would see how she can send me the course, but it may take from 1 to 2 weeks, and if want to return it, it would take the same time.

    But let´s not worry about that. I will, as soon as I can, send her the money to order the basic course. You are a person who loves to do good and help others. Thank you. May God bless you, your loved ones, and all the wonderful people you are helping.


  5. Hello David,

    I want to thank you for the advice,encouragement and knowledge of what you know and have experience in your life with bipolar disorder. I had a boyfriend of two and half years and I learned that he had BD after a year and a half of dating, by this time, of course, I do love him. Since we’ve been dating, he’s had one episole and right now as we chat, he’s on one now. He’s one that won’t take his meds at certain times of his life and he drinks heavy. Right now he’s on a very angry rage with everyone. We broke up and he won’t even talk to me. I want to help him and don’t know how to get close to him to help and yes I do miss him very much, but most of all, I want to know if he’s eating and taking care of himself. So right now I feel so helpless and don’t know what to do. Any suggestions/advice?

    Also, I think you are doing a wonderful job sharing your story, because it has helped me to understand this disorder and you are right, when a person is taking their meds, they can be very good and consistent, hardworking people.


  6. Hi there, Now your new blog is why I find this website inspirational- my daughter(who has Bipolar) would probably disagree with you right at this very minute Dave – but- I know that she has all of the qualities you have mentioned waiting to reassert themselves – because she had them all before her first episode.
    People in general are so scared of mental illness that they react badly in the presence of someone who has had a mental illness or is in the middle of one and that includes those in business.
    The thing that I find really fascinating is if one was highly intelligent before the onslaught of bipolar they are still going to be highly intelligent during and after recovery that is a fact.
    The numbers of people I know and (that includes doctors and nurses family friends) who think otherwise are very high and that is very disappointing.
    When all about me are miserable and negative and at a loss, a blog like yours that reflects promise and positivity is a Godsend

  7. You are so right about this observation. I have members of my family with Bipolar past and present, especially my son, and maybe even myself. But I understand where you are coming from. I find that people who don’t understand Bipolar or any mental illness, and those who haven’t had some type of therapy, group or individual , do not have empathy for those of us who have had that therapy. We share, observe and support those people who need us at any and all times. The “sane people do not.

  8. I pretty much identify with the 14 qualities you have listed. I have always been a good employee when I am taking my meds like I should, etc. I am not working right now, due to other mental problems, such as, social phobia. I hope to find a job that I can do here at home. As of right now I am having to ween off of one of my meds and I find that I am having problems staying on task. It is not my idea of weening off of it. It is the fact that my insurance will not pay for it and I don’t have the income to afford it.
    I appreciate your emails and what you have to share about Bipolar.

  9. I SEE.
    A backflip. Opp. statements to what I read Yesterday.
    Hence I hath not bought any of “your books.”
    Make up your mind psych. Puppet.
    Troy from Down under.
    Do you mean on the meds you actualy have thought?
    On “antipsychotics” I have zero thought, it’s so lonly, depresssing…..
    I cannot even read on “medication.” None I know can either.
    I have nothing left when I am force fed the Toxic; Mind, Boby, & Soul, Family destroying Rot.
    Sorry a mistake. ’bout 100 years ago, some Genocidal FOOL psych, told the World Man has NO Soul.
    As psychiatry Translates to : The study of the Soul. Hence the NAME is also FAULSE.
    As that idiot told the World long ago, we have no soul, as I guess he & all pdocs have none either…
    The list is unending.
    None however to psychiatry yo be of any good.
    Davo the Debate Mate?
    Though you can do backflips just like our “Best Polititians.”

  10. Dave;
    What I ment is you do not. Ever stick to your Guns.
    Theirfore you prove you do NOT know. I you can/will not back it.
    I see going each way. As a POOR salesman does.
    “diagnoses” 9 Years ago September.
    How is it Dave of ALL ever to see a psych.
    OVER 99% Never recover? Merely get FAR Worse, Like a psych.?
    Have you read Carpenter, Layer, or Champie yet?
    NO as they PROVE Drugs are NOT the answer.
    As you are a Drug Pusher…

  11. Dave I see you R just like the spoilt little rich kid.
    When I try to Post fact.
    That which PROVES psych. WRONG.
    AS ALL Science Medical & otherwise does.
    It disapears.
    You take your Bat & Ball & go home in Defeat.
    So soft. So psychiatrist like.
    Mother always told me:
    “If you can’t take the knocks, don’t play with the Big Boys.”
    Yes no Sympathy, motlecoddling. (However that’s spelled).
    You do well, you sicken me. As those you serve do.

  12. Thank you ,Thank you, Thank you for that latest imformation. I agree with it all. My daughter is a very special person and when well she helped so many disafected people. Sadly she is ill and won’t accept help from me ,her mother. She is angry with life and all it has thrown at her,
    I keep on hoping that she can get help and accept that it is the only way she will recover.
    Bipolar is a terrible thing and it is very difficult to try and be positive when a loved one is disintegrating before ones eyes.
    However I know it is easy to be despairing and one has to live in hope

  13. I can unilaterally state that I am NOT the person I was BEFORE I had my first full-blown manic episode. I can’t even concentrate long enough to read a novel, something I did consistently all my life. I was a voracious reader; now, all I can manage is the morning paper and gossip magazines, because, under the meds, I can’t concentrate enough to follow the plot! This is VERY discouragig to me, and also indicates that I CAN’T hold down a job at ANY time.

    My therapist says I can NEVER work a 9-5 job, with my susceptibility to stress. With the “mixed episode” I’m in now, I find it difficult to stay on topic and say what I want to say in response to Dave’s emails. I’m almost of the same mind as Troy (Heaven forbid!).

    I’ve been “medicated” since 1968, 41 YEARS without respite, and had 3 “nervous breakdowns” that required hospitalization. Now that they’ve upped my meds, I feel “zombie-like” and “useless.” My therapist said I have to take the additional meds while I’m going through some of my stressors because it will make me “calmer” and more able to “handle things.” Although deep in my soul I believe her – it’s NOT fun not to be able to “think” straight and at least be my old bipolar self.

    I see my shrink tomorrow, and we’ll see if the medications need tweakig again. I can only hope she’ll take me OFF some of the meds so I can at least THINK clearly again. I do work on the computer, but at this point, I can’t even do THAT work – I’d call in “sick!”

    BIG HUGS to all bipolar survivors and those who love us. May God bless you real good. I pray for my country.

  14. Thank you Dave for presenting the positive side of bipolar. I do believe bipolars are gifted with creativity. To Amy Lantz I would have to say get over yourself. A person with bipolar has special challenges a non bipolar will never understand. The flip side is a special gift of seeing the word differently from “regular” people. You’ll never have that opportunity so don’t judge. The key IS stability. I work in a creative field as a designer of landscapes. The swings from high to low have programed my mind over 4 decades to be able to hold the big picture of plant life. I can see all at once a landscape through every season, with every change of color, flower, berry, and the coming and going of foliage and seasons. It swirls around and all I have to do is be well enough to put it down on paper (or computer) as fast as possible. As to the other 13 – I have them all. Lucky me on a good day.

  15. What a breath of fresh air, I am 73, and the supporter, actually the husband of Mary my wife who has been bipolar all her life. She is 74. She has always had a very head strong will of her own. Most of our 50 years of being married, it always seemed like I was the scape goat for all her problems, what I did or said had to be looked at skeptically, I wanted to do right, and that sharpness has had some very good qualities that for most of the times I miss-understood as not fair. But praise God, after I decided to respect her no matter what she said. Here all at once she started to except me. And did not just use me as a floor mat to step on. At this time we did not know about Bipolar. And she did not want to admit she was mentally sick either, till one of our sons, already married and with teenage children, checked himself in at a Mental Institute and was diagnosed with Bipolar. This has drastically changed Mary’s acceptance that this is her case too. But she is allergic to most anything she tries. So she is scared to try any medication.

    I printed out your e-mail today where you comment on the usefulness of those diagnosed with bipolar. Usually she is not interested in anything I have to offer her to read, but this article she right away mentioned that this would apply to our youngest sons situation. With whom she sympathizes deeply. He has a nice job now, where he is very good at. I agree. He is on medication now, and many people have a high regard for him, except some time he himself does not.

    Thank you David, for all you have applied yourself for the sake of those who suffer from bipolar. It is especially hard to take when other people don’t understand what they, the ones with bipolar are going through in their life.

    Hey,I wouldn’t mind having a job too! I was laid off from work about 6 month ago, and have a little debt to pay yet. Otherwise I am retired.

  16. Correct.
    You are correct. There are several gifted creative people that are BP. We are out here 🙂 and have
    amazing qualities. It just takes educated employers
    to see us. Their loss if they don’t.

  17. Suzanne;
    You are GREAT PROOF these “psychiatrists” are merely of detrement.
    Over 99% of ALL people ever to see a psych. have merely got worse. FACT!
    I am yet to recover, though after 4 Years whithout “Antipsychotics” I am much better, still FAR from MY NORMAL self…
    Only take 250mg Li daily now. No I am not in the “Theripudic range. I will quit that soon.
    Li good to Harden Al…
    After so long on the Crap you will need a long time to taper off.
    Psych can and do control your “Episodes.”
    Also as when most are released, they stopp meds suddenly,from say 30mg Olanzapine PLUS to Zero. Then BANG. They have a WHITHDRAWAL.
    The quacks call this an episode, & state it is “proof” the person “needs” the KRYPTONITE.
    They claim:
    “It corrects chemical imballence.” ROT.
    “It’s likeInsilin for Diabetics.” ROT.
    What other claims have you heard?
    Why does the CRAP do the OPP. of what I am told it does?
    ALL psychiatric “therapies” ARE PROVEN:
    BY MEDICAL SCIENCE to CAUSE Brain Damage (Of which I know to be True, I have 1/2 the Mind I had, IQ down to 130).
    Yes 5 Point Harness, force injected, physical assult, 3 Weeks in the dark, silent padded cell. The Cell was fine, be better if I had my Mind for company.
    Slap a 5 Point on a Paronoid dude, if you wish to ruin him… ALL “therapies” are designed for RUINATION.
    Dark, silent inert rooms are great to improve IQ…
    They do their utmost to antaganise….
    Did they give you LSD?
    Great get The Lad trippin, show him to his Folks, they will believe he is NUTS.
    Give The Lad 1 BAD TRIP, you have a “consumer” FOR LIFE. As he is F’d. He will NEVER escape psych. clutches.
    Davo: Why did they stop using LSD, XTC…?
    Did it improve the “consumer?”
    The damage CAUSED & the areas Affected:
    The Frontal lobe, the Cerebrium, the Hippocampus/ (or is it Campi…)?
    Such BD CAUSES ALL the Behaviours listed in the SELF WRITTEN(Yes NO-ONE in ANY Field of Medicine would write it, thus back them on it).psychiatry Bible, the DSM.
    psychiatry is GENOCIDE.
    Hitler was driven by a psych. TEAM.
    Karadzic is a psych, student of Rascovic. Serb leader,in the Yougoslav Civil War.
    Bin ladens Chief adviser:
    Aymanal-Zawahari. Mastermind of 9/11.Studied behaviour,psychology & pharmacology. Got his ticket in Cairo. Also enlisted fellow psych. Abu Hafiza to plan th Madrid Train Bombing. 11 March 2004.
    The drugs stop the Womans Cycle, if on the “Therepudic dose.”
    If on less & she gets Pregnant, it is disaster to the Fetus…
    The Featus; is as psych want us inferior in all ways.
    They cannot handle the FACT we are FAR Superior to they in ALL ways.
    I cannot read on even 2mg of Risperidone. Or 10mg Olanzapine, Seroquel 20mg, Zeldox 60mg bd…..
    If you cannot read, how do you obtain further education?
    Employment is out of the question as you have, well I have NO Mind on it…
    A Zombie.
    My GP tells me there all the same. OK their are anticonvulsants, still tranquilizers, arn’t they?
    As I know from FORCE use they ALL do the same.
    However studies have PROVEN the newer ROT causes far greater Brain Damage.
    I know; they tell us there “Much better.” FOR WHO.
    QEBONO: The one to make the “diagnosis” & the Drug Cartels & Genocide they serve.
    The psych. industry has NOT a leg to stand on.
    P.S: Do you suffer Tardic Dyslexia?
    I could send you the Force Drugging Defence Package?

  18. What is the address and procedure for returning David Oliver’s bipolar course for refund?

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